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  1. The first 3 seasons were the best, hilarious in fact...but after Trapper went home and the writers thought it was smart to have Hot Lips turn on Frank and letting Loretta Swit morph her character into a combative shrill feminist harridan and letting Alan Alda morph Hawkeye into a totally unfunny neurotic, the later seasons became as funny as diarhea. Message was edited by: VonFrankenhausen
  2. Alot of the public are lifelong film & TV aficionadoes like myself and I THINK we deserve substantive staightforward answers as opposed to being patronized. Message was edited by: VonFrankenhausen
  3. that TCM will not show "God's Little Acre"?...which is now in the public domain. Are tcm programmers so damn lazy that they're not even willing to trouble themselves with getting a hold of a print??? I know that tcm programmers could get a restored print from the UCLA television & Film archive...all they would have to do is ask! tcm viewers deserve better from tcm programmers than apathy. Message was edited by: VonFrankenhausen
  4. NOW in the public domain...why is it not being shown???
  5. It says on the suggest-a-movie board that the tcm staff looks at it regularly...but yet they post their movie schedule months in advance..so just how much consideration do the tcm programmers actually give the suggestions that we all post there? Message was edited by: VonFrankenhausen
  6. I only really want to see 3 K. Gordon Murray vampire flicks and they are "The Bloody Vampire" With Carlos Agosti as Count Siegfried Von Frankenhausen (my namesake) as well as the sequel "Invasion of the Vampires" and "The Vampire's Coffin" with German Robles and Abel Salazar. Message was edited by: VonFrankenhausen
  7. Whenever I attempt to inject my few simple pearls of wisdom here, somebody almost invariably attempts to dismiss my simple views either by insinuating that I am misinformed or not knowledgable enough to comment. Now, as I understand it the story is that TCM stopped showing 'God's Little Acre" and "Hot Spell" because of legal issues? What about "Street Scene"? Why isn't that being shown? Legal issues? Sparse availability on the part of distributors? Come on. Am I really suppose to believe that a film's distributor would not entertain a request by one of the premiere cable networks in America (T
  8. what movies are good...instead of being guided by the voices of the public which people TRY to inject by means of public feedback on these forums. LISTEN TO THE PUBLIC. That's my motto. One of the main reasons, perhaps the major reason, the cable industry in America is in such decline today (aside from the monthly rates) is because in the past alot of knowledgable people who INTUITIVELY had a sense of the public's wants and desires have NOW been replaced by a bunch of incompetents WITH NO intuition of what the public wants to see and watch and who are actually ignorant enough to believe that t
  9. But TCM has shown both movies in the past...numerous times as I remember...I guess that was before the "rights issues" cropped up.
  10. When there are no good answers to spot on questions, those questions will naturally not be answered.
  11. This thread should be kept in the fore so people can see how it is never going to be responded to.
  12. Why do you no longer show the movies "Hot Spell" (1958) starring Anthony Quinn and Shirley Booth and "God's Little Acre" starring Robert Ryan? Why is it necessary for scroungers like myself to scower the web from one end to the other in order to find movie sites like cinemageddon in order to acquire movies like Carl Reiner's "The Comic" with Dick Van Dyke & Mickey Rooney or King Vidor's "Street Scene"?...both of which I just recently got off that site...and it's a FREE site! Come on, sir, but I think the public should come before the video sales market and DVD/Blu-Ray distributors. Mes
  13. "Hot Spell" (1958) with Anthony Quinn, Shirley Booth, Shirley MacLaine and Earl Holliman and "God's Little Acre" with Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, Jack Lord, Vic Morrow, Tina Louise and Buddy Hackett. Both movies WERE SHOWN on TCM years ago.
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