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  1. *TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE* *WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 5-11, 2011* *SUNDAY ? SEPTEMBER 5, 2011* _GILBO_ 6:00am: *Love* (1927, MGM) ? Greta Garbo, John Gilbert 7:30am: *A Woman of Affairs* (1928, MGM) ? Greta Garbo, John Gilbert 9:15am: *Flesh and the Devil* (1926, MGM) ? Greta Garbo, John Gilbert _DATE WITH THE DEVIL_ 11:15pm: *Faust* (1926, UFA) ? Gosta Ekmen, Emil Jannings - PREMIERE 1:15pm: *The Devil and Daniel Webster* (1941, RKO) ? Edward Arnold, Walter Huston 3:00pm: *Bedazzled* (1967, Stanley Donen Films) ? Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Raquel Welch _RAQUEL WELCH
  2. My week is for *July 1-7, 2010.* *?13? as Theme: First PG-13 films* July first was the date the MPAA started marking qualifying movies with a ?PG-13? rating, so for the evening theme I scheduled a showing of the first three films to be labeled as such, followed by the two films that pushed the ratings board to establish the logo. The bulk of my premieres were drained on this night, a testament o their classic status *Star of the Month: Larry Olivier* I was disappointed with this years? birthday tribute (it should have lasted a week, with my favorites on a loop) so I decided to mak
  3. *SCHEDULE: JULY 1-7, 2010* _*1 THURSDAY*_ *SOAP OPERAS* *6:00am:* The Love of Sunya (1927, Gloria Swanson Pictures) ? Gloria Swanson *7:15am:* Torrent (1926, Cosmopolitan Productions) ? Greta Garbo, Ricardo Cortez *8:45am:* One Night of Love (1934, Columbia) ? Grace Moore, Lyle Talbot *10:15am:* Svengali (1931, WB) ? John Barrymore, Marian Marsh *STOLEN GOODS* *11:45am:* Arsene Lupin (1932, MGM) ? John Barrymore, Karen Morley *1:15pm:* Trouble in Paradise (1932, Paramount p/s) ? Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall *2:45pm:* Jewel Robbery (1932, WB) ? Kay Francis, William Pow
  4. The work he did was really extraordinary; his name is in the credits of many of my favourite films. Do you think TCM will have a tribute?
  5. From the Guardian newspaper online: Jack Cardiff, the Oscar-winning British cinematographer who began his career in the silent era, has died at the age of 94. The man who went by the nickname "Jack O'Lantern" shot films for Alfred Hitchcock and John Huston and was once hailed as "the best in the world" by Marilyn Monroe. Born to a family of music-hall entertainers, Cardiff began his career as a clapper-boy and production runner in the 1920s, before finding fame as a cinematographer for Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. He brought a sensual, otherworldly glow to A Matter of Life an
  6. Count me in! I was just thinking the other day "isn't the next programming challenge soon?"
  7. *TCM Programming Challenge ? Week of April 1-7, 2010* *THURSDAY APRIL 1, 2010* *LON CHANEY BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE* 6:00am: The Ace of Hearts (1921, Goldwyn Pictures) 7:15am: The Penalty (1920, Goldwyn Pictures) 8:45am: Oliver Twist (1922, First National Pictures) 10:00am: The Phantom of the Opera (1925, Universal) *A SPECTER IS HAUNTING TCM* 12:00pm: The Uninvited (1944, Paramount) ? Ray Milland 1:45pm: The Canterville Ghost 1944, MGM) ? Charles Laughton 3:30pm: Blithe Spirit (1945, Cineguild) ? Rex Harrison, Margaret Rutherford - PREMIERE 5:15pm: Hamlet (1948, Two Citie
  8. *My week runs the first through seventh of April next year (since this year was set and scheduled)* *Star of the Month:* Wallace Beery to mark 125 years since his birth *Essentials:* The Women (1939), the co-host of the essentials in 2010 is Charles Busch (pancakes_barbara's idea, I ?borrowed?, but wouldn?t he be great?) *Month theme:* Royalty in the movies *Interview Program for Challenge*: Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland get together, make peace, then watch their Oscar winning performances *Silent Sunday:* John Barrymore in The Beloved Rogue (1927) *Import:* Ma
  9. > {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote} > and finally, _my vote for my favorite schedule_ goes to *pancakes_barbara*. (What does your sister know, anyway?) She knows good movies!
  10. My vote goes to *Fedya* for the song themes, inclusion of some of my favorites (Tennessee Williams birthday, 49th Parallel, Trouble in Paradise) and the scheduling of *Grass* which I've been wanting to see *movieman1957* almost had me with *The Bacon Grabbers* but after seeing *A Place in the Sun* under "Don't Leave Me This Way" I had to go with *Fedya*
  11. I rarely watch the Imports but I will be up for this one, I like Bardot for no reason other than her films are fun fluff. Godard I'm not such a fan of...early in my film watching days I rather enjoyed the idea of him/New Wave filmmakers and I liked Band of Outsiders....but like I said, early in my film watching days...
  12. N-O! Although his uncanny resemblance to Cary Grant cannot be denied.
  13. I love Marlon, he's one of my favorite actors and it's no secret *A Streetcar Named Desire* is my all time favorite movie, hands down, no competition. I don't know how to post photos, but I look forward to anyone who can exercise their ability to do so in this thread!
  14. The *Sleuth* set that's a good one, but I think the clutter would get to me...a place to visit though
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