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  1. Hey All, just wanted to say Limelight is on and it is for sure i feel Chaplin at his vey best (besides his comedic stuff) Beautiful movie hope u all watch and enjoy.!....my Chaplin fav for sure...its very surreal...very close to the man himself.. Ty Ava
  2. Hypno, A s alot of you know i am one of the first to conplain about TCMs programmer i think the changes TCM has made truly have just LEFT the true concept of what TCM has always been about, but as far as Thats Entertainment i dont mind that they put it on, i dont think they should have done it all night...lol.....but honestly it was an appropriate choice for tonight i felt and shoot its a NEW YEAR NO BITCHIN tonight!! heehee HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! AVA!!
  3. Hlyd!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! How is it in Hollywood tonight, my old stomping ground??Crazy i bet!! Ava
  5. Hiya Celluloidkid, OLA!! lol......very cool hello there! Ava
  6. casablacalover, I dont understand why you are putting questionmarks by sparkiings post? They just got here, u asked why arent they talking about there favorite movie? They mentioned there fav actors, i dont get it? Thye JUST got here....lol....
  7. Hiya Still Sparkling! (cool name) Welcome...i like your list of fav stars some of mine are on there to! Welcome! It is a great site for all of us classic junkies...lol..enjoy sharing!! ty Ava :-)
  8. Chip, thank you for that information but STILL thats only one night they could have put it in the line up today....somewhere and i remember watching it on TCM on xmas before...i STILL think there choice for xmas stuck..including today and last night....with all the movies they had to choose from....UGH! Merry Xmas to you.. Ava
  9. Kingharvest, I respectfully disagree you actually think those movies were a good choice for XMAS eve...of ALL the CLASSIC xmas movies they could have shown.....Yuck, first off i thought they werent such good movies to begin with without it being Xmas eve, but exspecially xmas i gotta tell ya i personally would have much rather been cuddled up by my fire watching Its A Wonderful Life, NO dought....but to each his own i guess.. Ty Ava
  10. Hey All, This is not exactly on the topic of this thread BUT.....How come HOW could TCM NOT play Its a Wonderful Life over XMAS Sometime...YOU have got to be kidding.....ALSO what THE heck is up with there lineup this year...XMAS DAY all day UGH!!!! 4 hour religous movies.....Yikes, but how the HECK does TCM not have this GREAT, CLASSIC...heeellooooo movie on XMAS....eve or day.... Saying that, MERRY XMAS ALL!! Ava :-) Message was edited by: AvaG92260
  11. Prince, I am a bit suprised that you said you voted for Hilary Clinton in the primaries because so did I.... lol.......and as you, after she didnt get the nomination,i had to consider Obama.... i never for a second consiidered McCain, saying that i have to add it took me a little longer to just jump on board with Obama then it sounds like for you and honestly i was completly taken back by Obama NOT choosing Hilary for his V.P and i STILL say and so does MANY Hilary supporters and as well some Obama supporters that he SHOULD have picked her!... Even Joe Biden himself said shortly after
  12. Hey all, Im not a real political person but as everyone else who felt they had to put there input in so do I. As far as Obama is concerned i will start by saying i did vote for him BUT hes not who i wanted. As far as heis great speeches flash alert ALL politicina s say EVERYTHING that he did when before they are elected then they get in and dont do a thing. That is a fact! Obama got elected for 3 reasons, first the nation wants BUSH and all REPULIICANS out that is ovious not just from he winning the presidency but the senate and congress, DEMS have won it all, also because he is BLACK
  13. Hey All, I LOOOVE Kirk, he was a great actor and sooo sexy, mysterious all those things that make a great actor, star if you will.....I recently enjoyed watching he and another VERY sexy great actor Robert Mitchum on TCM in Out Of The Past, one of my all time favs and of course the beautiful Jane Greer. Heres a little trivia for yall, the remake of that was done many years later, 1986 with Jeff Bridges and the gorgoues Rachel Ward in another one of my FAV movies, Against All Odds!! They took that movie from Out Of The Past and i must say updated of course but still a GREAT movie..well d
  14. Hiyya Celluloidkid! Thank you much for that repotiore on Ms. Ritters wonderful carrer, wow she made alot of films, i knew there was alot but seeing them all from year to year really puts it in place for me...thank you for that. And i dont think its a stretch at all to say that she was a genius at her craft!! I have to say again how much i enjoyed watching her work yesterday one great job after another! Thank you again, Ava :-) Message was edited by: AvaG92260
  15. Hey All, One of my all time faaaaavs coming tuesday night 10 30 Eastern, 7 30 western......WESTWORLD!! Starring the very scaaaaary Yul Brynner as well as James Brolin, for those of you who have not seen it i HIGHLY reccomend it, and for those who have ENJOY!! I personally havent seen it for a couple years so it will be very cool to see it again. I want to be very carfeul calling this movie a cult classic because i dont really consider it that to me its just a classic...heehee...anyway ENJOY all! Ava :-)
  16. Hiya Chip, Sorry i guess we disagree on this point, I dont see her as a groundbreaker at all, and as far as her handful of crappy movies as you yourself so appropriately pointed out, well THATS just my point thats all shes done, and alas to me she is a comedian NOT a ACTRESS.....Its just to call her a GREAT actress from roles like Sister Act well i dont know to me that is quite a stretch ...and as far as her on the view......i never said anything about her political views....i dont even know what they are and i dont watch the view.....soooooo what made me first respond was seeing Whopp
  17. Hiya Film Fatale, I know i will be!! I just love Thelma Ritter, her timing was just PERFECT....she always makes me smile.... Ava :-) Message was edited by: AvaG92260
  18. Hiya All, I just wanted to say how happy i am to see TCM give the PROPER respect to Thelma Ritter that she sooooo deserves....even though some would say and i guess in a way she was a character actor.....MANY a time she stole the show....There wasnt one performance that she did that i didnt like...you cant say that about many actors.....charactor or feature.......thank you again TCM for this wonderful day with Thelma! Ava
  19. WhyaDuck, Though your points may be valid as far as i guess Box Office....to put Whoopi Goldberg anywhere near Sidney Poiter is mind boggling to me...i truly dont think Whoopi is a ACTRESS...she is a comedian and now shes not even a "actress"anymore..she just does the view....To me if we are looking at African American actors who are to me really GOOD and did something for acting...Halle Berry, GREAT actress, Denzel Whashington....of course Sidney Poiter...but to me Whoopi was never really a ground breaker for African american actors....she really is a stand up comedian thats it...and
  20. Hiya Celluloidkid, those things u put aare true about Frank..my father and he were freinds Frank WAS very much involved with the mob thats a FACT not fiction..i know beacuse my father as well dabbled he knew the same people Frank new, and they new each other a very looooong time......very interesting about Paul Mcartney and the Beatles music this i didnt know..... There is one thing left out though he adored my Ava :-) heehee ty Celluloidkid! (again) Ava :-) Message was edited by: AvaG92260
  21. Hiyall, I sure hope u all are watching the FANTASTIC Gene Kelly in An American In Paris.....the scene with the children and he danceing......MY gosh..this man could DANCE!!!!! I have to add my other favorite scene is when Gene is dacing to his freind playing the piano!! GREAT STUFF!! The best!! Ty TCM! Ava :-) Message was edited by: AvaG92260
  22. HIya Celluloidkid, I am a HUGE fan of Robert Mitchum as a matter a fact he is my faaaav actor.....besides Cary Grant......talk about SEX APPEAL!!!!! Just Gorgoues!!! And what a great actor.....theres another thing that i appreciated as well in Mr.Mitchum, not sure how many of you knew this about him but he was married to the same woman for years and years till he died....NEVER cheated on her.....had MANY chances and never thought of leaveing her....truly and amazing thing in this business NO dought...VERY faithful man.....and she had to be one secure woman for sure to deal with his suc
  23. Hiya Fred! ' I think your missing the point hun........being as they did do for Rita they showed Gilda.....you cant have a Ava Gardner movie tribute day to HER and not have The Barefoot Contessa...im sure MANY people have seen GILDA many times over. thats not the point it should be in the actors repitiore....not only that movie but NONE of the movies that made her famous are they going to be showing......The Batrefoot Contessa, Magmbo. The Snows Of Kilamanjoro, The Sun Also the BIGGEST SEX goddesses carrer? Go figure....anyway its very dissapointing because i love Ava and i love TCM.....lol.
  24. Hey Hamradio, DUH..i just clicked on the link....lol......VERY cool i would love to go i am her biggest fan no dought....i wonder if they have this every year or how often? ty soooo much for that! Ava :-)
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