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  1. I have seen a few of her roles (*Oklahoma!* and *It's A Wonderful Life*), but the ones you suggested are ALL new to me! Thanks a lot for the recommendations! I'm always excited to see something new! And, I ADORE film noirs!
  2. 41 (Man on left) "Eleven...twelve...thirteen...FOURTEEN! It's fourteen, sir" "Are you sure? I could've sworn I was able to do fifteen wrinkles on my forehead. Count again."
  3. > {quote:title=pastman wrote:}{quote} > Darn.. I went with Doris' 1924 birth year. Threw me off. So much for speed reading. > > Congratulations, unclecharlie! You know what. I thought she was born in 1924 too, but I double-checked just to be sure. IMDb lists her birthday as April 3, 1922. But, I just checked the TCM Leading Ladies book and they list her birth-date as April 3, 1924. So, now I am very confused. But, I think TCM probably has the more reliable source...I'll go check their database. Sorry, if that is indeed misinformation!!!! UPDATE: This is turni
  4. Yes, Uncle Charlie, you are right. She played Doris Day's sister in *"Young At Heart"* and then played her fathers girlfriend/wife (never specified) in *"The Glass Bottom Boat"* . In the latter film she was actually supposed to be old enough to be Doris' mother. Elizabeth Fraser was born in 1920. Doris Day was born in 1922.
  5. This actress who once played Doris Day's sister in a film, later played Doris Day's father's girlfriend in a film. Despite the fact that she was only two years older than Doris Day. I hope that makes sense!
  6. *39* (From Mongo at the Candids thread.)
  7. > {quote:title=molo14 wrote:}{quote} > Hi ILoveRayMilland, > > My goodness that is a tragic tale. Hopefully the third time *will* be the charm. When you watch them I hope you will post your thoughts here. Isn't it! I definitely will post my comments, but I am quite certain I will only be "reposting" thoughts about GG. > The Coop girls are a crafty bunch but I think they are probably off the hook on this one. Just let me know if you see any mysterious women wearing dark glasses, long coats and floppy hats hanging suspiciously around your library! Omigosh, co
  8. So, a little update about the films, which sadly I have had to reorder ONCE AGAIN! This is a truly tragic tale: They finally came in again (it took awhile) and then pretty much all of my state was hit with a freak snowstorm. By the time the snow had melted enough to get to the library...the holds had been canceled. So, I have put them on hold...once again. But, hey third times the charm. I just wanted to make sure you guys didn't think I had ditched Gloria. -ILRM P.S. I don't think the Coop girls had anything to do with it this time, but one never knows...
  9. I'm sorry, I may be an idiot, but are you saying this person is still alive?
  10. > {quote:title=molo14 wrote:}{quote} > Hi ILoveRayMilland, > > Do you have a person for us to guess yet? Omigosh, I am SO sorry! I thought that was just a little thing Pastman was doing until Dan got back. I thought I wasn't supposed to do another one!!!! Otherwise, I totally would have...it's the first time I've guessed right! Terribly sorry if I held up the thread! -ILRM
  11. Wow, I feel so lucky! LOL! Here goes: This actor, who died of a heart attack, last complete work was a public-service announcement for television about spotting the signs of a heart attack and going to the hospital to have a doctor check it out.
  12. Just a guess, but I think I remember them both being on the the AFI's "Greatest Heroes/Villains" (or something like that) list? James Bond as hero and Darth Vader as villain?
  13. I am gonna jump in here really fast to post a comment that comes from the mind of a very strange person: FF, I love Fred and Gingers roller-skate number! Although, whenever I watch it I can never stop thinking of the "backwards and high heels" saying. Because technically she was wearing exactly the same thing Fred was...hahaha I am so weird! Carry on all! -ILRM
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