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  1. Today marks the 100th Birthday for Carla Laemmle, niece of Universals "Carl Laemmle". Carla is the last living cast member of 1925's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and 1931's DRACULA. Wishing her a great day!!!!!
  2. scottman, Check into THE UNDERSTANDING HEART 1927, I believe it is also unknown/lost?
  3. Jeffrey, Yes, WIFE OF THE CENTAUR is unknown/lost and a few others that come to mind, if I am not mistaken, are THE TAXI DANCER 1927 with Joan Crawford, THE ONLY THING 1925 with Eleanor Boardman and THE GREAT DIVIDE 1925 with Alice Terry. I think these are also unknown/lost MGM's? I am sure there has to be many more?
  4. Finally had the opportunity to view Murnau's oldest surviving film, THE DARK ROAD 1921. Released in Germany as DER GANG EIN DIE NACHT, the film gives a great look into Murnau as the master of the dark set, leading up to classics such as his HAUNTED CASTLE and NOSFERATU. This was his 4th film working with the great Conrad Veidt, sadly the first 3 films are lost.
  5. Johanna, This really was a great film. The 14th century settings and costumes were very impressive. Two more Veidt films I have to watch soon are THE DARK ROAD 1921 and IMPETUOUS YOUTH 1926. His performances never disappoint!
  6. No Jorge, I don't believe so.
  7. An extremely obscure and forgotten film featuring Rudolf Klein-Rogge, a true superstar of German silent film. You may remember his performances in other silent classics, such as: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Destiny, Dr. Mabuse, Warning Shadows, Spione, Sigfried or Kriemhildes Revenge? The performances, along with the sets and costumes, is one of the greatest examples of classic expressionism you will find anywhere.
  8. Here is an all but forgotten performance by the great Conrad Veidt. He plays Hermann Gessler in this accurate portrayal of the infamous swiss hero of the 14th century. A very entertaining film that follows the storyline very closely.
  9. Released by Goldwyn under the direction of Albert Parker, I finally got the chance to see this film today with its all star cast. John Barrymore plays Holmes and is joined by Reginald Denny, Carol Dempster, Louis Wolheim and the very first film appearances of William Powell and Roland Young. Lost for many years, about 4000 feet of film was found and reassembled by Kevin Brownlow. The intertitles were discovered at the Eastman house and added, making this film almost as complete as when released. The film has survived quite well with no show of deterioration although some intertitles
  10. Ed, I think your best bet for that one would be SOMETHING NEW 1920, it was filmed in the Mojave desert!
  11. I am not sure where, but some scene in this film features an uncredited appearance by Margaret Gibson, aka "Patricia Palmer", thought today to be the real murderer of film director William Desmond Taylor in 1922.
  12. JackFavell, Good question? When silents gave way to sound, Santschi was already in his 50's and I doubt if he would have had much of a future in film. Not a big deal today, but back then age was a big factor. As for Billie Haines, he went up against the same "Shark" as so many others, including John Gilbert. Louis B. Mayer, by all accounts, seems to have been a person who's word was law, no in between, no compromise. In other words, he was simply impossible and it cost him some of his biggest stars.
  13. I am not sure if many of Santschi's films have survived, but two off the top of my head that are available on dvd are PATHS TO PARADISE 1925 with Betty Compson and also LITTLE ORPHANT ANNIE 1918 with Colleen Moore. There may just be some others?
  14. Barabra La Marr's nickname "the girl who was too beautiful" dates back to a court appearance she made as a teen, as I understand it. She makes an impressive appearance in THE WHITE MOTH 1924, but perhaps two of her most memorable roles are both lost. Opposite Lon Chaney in QUINCY ADAMS SAWYER 1922 and opposite Ramon Novarro in Rex Ingrahms TRIFLING WOMEN 1922?
  15. I have always enjoyed this film, especially with little Angelo Rositto running all over the place. The Italian subs have always left me clueless, now I can finally tell what exactly is going on!! This is great.
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