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  1. Well, I was away this week and I came home to good news and bad news. The good news is I did see the first part of the documentary, and it was freaking great. Unfortunately, all the stuff I meant to tape after that, TiVo didn't pick it up. I think I had too much other stuff tape during the week afterwards that caused it to clean out some space. ARGH! Hopefully TCM will replay some of those silent films before too long!! With all that said, I've only seen 1/7th of the overall miniseries, and it's already a classic. GREAT STUFF, TCM!!!
  2. I'd seen this one...I blurted out Mike Leigh (instead of Nichols) incorrectly like a dope, and I had no idea on the director of Tom Jones, but I felt good about getting Robert Wise correct. Of course, then later my lady got the Final Jeopardy that no one on the show, nor I, did. So once again, I'm defeated.
  3. I'm 100% with you on "A Clockwork Orange". I have one that I'd go even further with though, although I don't believe this has ever aired on TCM. "The English Patient", which won Best Picture for 1996, and about 7 other awards. This film just did NOTHING for me and to this day I don't understand how this was better than "Fargo" or just about any other film of that year.
  4. Few films can come close to being considered perfect, but "Eve" is one of those films. Part of that reason is the casting. Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders et. al. were all born to play the characters in this film as they did. A true masterpiece, one of my all-time favorite films, and a movie that every cinemaphile should see.
  5. What a great night for some real history, the documentary was a humdinger and the films bookending it, such as "Night Nurse" playing now, are real eye-openers to both those familiar with movie history and those who aren't. It's truly shocking to see what early Hollywood was churning out!
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