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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! Had already tried that. Had tried various search criteria such as "good wife" (get hits on the movie by that name), "instructional wife", "happy marriage", etc. Since we missed about the first 2 minutes or so of the reel, we didn't catch it's actual title or the intro. Just found it in (turns out it was Wednesday, not Thursday) in the Monthly Schedule listing. It was: *Short Film: I Love My Wife, But! (1946)* A short about the various types of wives that one can have and how to deal with them Cast: Dave O'Brien Dir: Richard L. Bare BW-9 mins.
  2. Is there any resource here, or elsewhere, to get info on the various little news reels, short-shorts, vintage instructional videos & etc. that TCM often uses as filler between movies? Particularly interested in hysterical (imho) short that ran last night (Thurs. 3/3/08) around 7:45CST (I think?). It was black & white and presented several short vignettes on what appeared to be an instructional video for women on how to be a "good" housewife...circa early 50's perhaps? Tried searching YouTube & others for it but came up empty. My wife & I were rolling in our chairs watching
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