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  1. I saw this movie on TV when I was young (maybe 12) and thought it was one of the best movies ever, but for the life of me I can not remember what it was called. So after some fruitless searching of the web with 'sword fight movie court' as my search criteria I ended up here (not a bad place to be I might add) with the hope that the below very basic description might send of a light in someones head. It was black and white ( i think, but i maybe wrong) It was generally about some guy who watched his father die in a sword fight, then knowing he couldn't beat the guy went on to train in fencing. It turns out the guy who killed his Dad was a member of the court and so each day, that the court was on, this guy (now not a bad fencer) would go into court and challenge him to a duel. Everyday however this old Dad killer was not there, so the son would give him a bit of verbal trash talk (everyone in the court would laugh) and he'd go home (I presume) and return the next day to do it all again. That's about all i have... reading that it seems very vague but you can but ask sometimes or be cursed to scroll the google results in the hope that something, however unlikely, jumps out. Thanks James
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