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  1. 1956 is a toughie for me because several of the candidates were really good. I just watched Anastasia again and Ingrid Bergman was amazing. I really appreciated her multilayered performance, where she subtly showed confusion and vulnerability in the early scenes and then she showed a more ambitious side. The way she did it, I wasn't sure whether she was Anastasia or just a con. I do suspect that she was a con with a good heart; that would explain her running off with Yul Brenner. However, we also have Nancy Kelly who was amazing in The Bad Seed. She even managed to show how the events with
  2. Roman Holiday. It was a super boring film. I felt like time tripled when I watched it. Never could complete it (and I tried twice). It's Audrey Hepburn's worst. She did not deserve the Oscar. Gigi. It's cute and enjoyable but by no means a Best Picture worthy film. The Sound of Music. The first half was great, but the second half lingered a bit too much. I guess I'm not the biggest Julie Andrews fan.
  3. I'm very sad to hear this. I didn't realize she was such an activist. In my opinion, she fought for good causes. She was quite good in Kiss Me Deadly and Autmun Leaves although it's almost a bit part. I'm suprised I'm the first to reply.
  4. Jancie Rule is another one of those criminally underrated actresses. I thought her best performance was in The Swimmer. She had to show coldness and anguish for a very long scene. Only a few other actresses could have that much energy and command the audience's attention for a long time. Did you know that she replaced Barbara Loden (who was reportedly fired because she outshone Burt Lancaster)? Well, I think Janice Rule certainly held her own to Lancaster. She might have even outshone him. She was certainly more interesting than Janet Langrad. Also, she was so good that Joan Crawford apol
  5. I'm suprised that so many people responded. 5 seconds after writing this post, I thought it looked stupid. Thank god no one has remarked on my stupid post. Anyway, to clarify what I mean, I want a movie has deals with both stress and the illness brought about by the stress. So perhaps a main character or many important characters are suffering from any sort of stress and the physical and/or mental toll from the stress from which they suffer. I own Leave Her to Heaven and I suppose that Gene Tierney suffers from stress when pregnant. Do you think Cornell Wilde or Jeanne Crain suffer from stress
  6. Hi. I was wondering what are some good movies that the of the movie is Stress and Illness. I can't think of any off the top of my head. Any help is appreciated? thanks.
  7. I just caught Gloria Grahame in two TV shows; the fugitive and The Outer Limits. Her part was really tiny in The Outer Limits. She did the best she could, but the episode and the characters were a trainwreck. However, fans would enjoy her work in THe Fugitive because she has a meaty role. Just watch her for the first few seconds and you'll know she's so evil that she's a treat to watch. The name is The Homecoming (season 1 ep. 28). You can watch it on VEOH.
  8. Hi. I'm glad to see this forum is still going. Karloffer, I was wondering if you had a preference over the novel or the movie "In a Lonely Place?" This is one of my favorite performances of Gloria Grahame. I really thought she should have been nominated for best supporting actress and should have won!!!
  9. These are such interesting comments. I'm glad that there are a lot of comments about Crossfire. Although her part was small, it was meaningful. I especially loved the scene where she was confronted By Robert Young and Jacqueline White and the way she self destructs and is cruel to herself without hysterics and melodrama. She was sort of a sinsiter character. Both her and White were very memorable in their small parts and kudos to them for shining in a man's picture. I am also glad that she got an Oscar nod. Had her part been a wee bit bigger, I think she would wholeheartdly deserved to win; as
  10. I think so. Although Revere did a good and touching job in National Velvet, Ann Blyth and Eve Arden from Mildred Pierce were SUPERB!!! I think that especially Ann Blyth was robbed. She was so evil and sociopathic and even frightening sometimes. It is amazing the way that a girl her age was able to bring out so much meanness, especially the eyes. She was so charged in the scene where she knocks Mildred dowm after Mildred tears Blyth's cheque which she got dirtily. I also thought Eve Arden was witty as the friend. I even think Angela Lansbury was more deserving as the not too bright, misguided l
  11. You know, the Gable and Crawford boxset would be a good idea. That should be considered. They were popular and audiences still love them so I don't see why not.
  12. I would like the titles to be No More Ladies, Love on the Run, The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, Susan and God, and When Ladies Meet. They are overlooked and I would be interested in seeing them. What are your opinions?
  13. I just saw her in Sudden Fear. She was EVIL! That's her most EVIL performance I've ever seen her in.She was soooooo cold and heartless, it was creepy. Especially when it's just her voice on a record talking so matter of fact and practical about killing Joan Crawford's character. Ok, so it's more of a Joan Crawford vheicle, but Gloria does a good job.
  14. Jean Peters was my very first crush ever. I saw her in Niagara and I saw it when I was five. It was the first live action film I ever saw and I still love it today. Jean Peters was always one of the most beautiful women ever and unique.
  15. Although I really liked all the nominees, I think the Judy Holliday win was justified. It's one of the best comedic roles ever and no actress has ever been able to do a leading role so funny. I loved the voice, I loved her cracks, and she had impecible timing. So This was a good win.
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