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  1. I Really like this movie too, I'm sorry I missed RO introduction to the movie. I hope they show this one again soon. I loved the dark, atmospheric, lighthouse,and "bumbling" detectives!
  2. Thanks for your reply, yes, you get the idea! and yes, as you said, maybe,more of the movies we love will become available on DVD. Thanks for your positive response.
  3. That's not exactly what I meant.. It would be helpful to have a category,heading or legend that specifically states that these films are featured on TCM. I realize they can't offer movies that are not available on DVD. But it sure would save a lot of time just to "click" TCM choices, or movies featured on TCM.
  4. Hey, thanks everybody for all the great info on this episode, I knew I could count on YOU! Thanks Again.
  5. I LOVE this movie! Julie Harris was so fantastic in this film as she is in all her films. This film is a real "tear-jerker",I love Ethel Waters in this role she's so endearing,and the little boy, so lovable. I'm so happy it's available on dvd.
  6. I don't understand why this episode is never shown on The "Chiller" station? It's one of my very favorite episodes. Does any one remember this one? I even bought the show on DVD,but it's not even on those episodes. Is it considered politically incorrect, because of a white little girl playing with a black doll,that becomes real? I can still remember the name of the "doll" NUMA, I don't know if I spelled it correctly. I really loved this episode. I wish I had a NUMA DOLL,she was beautiful. The little girls father bought the doll in New Orleans, she looked like an African American version of Patty Play Pal if my memory serves me correct.
  7. I love Musicals, especially with lots of dancing! Fred Astaire, Cyd Charise, in THE BANDWAGON,All old Disney movies. I remember being very sick as a young girl and watching The Wonderful World of Disney,Professor Ludwick Von Drake was on I couldn't stop laughing. I also remember having the Chicken-Pox,and the Mumps and watching Peter Pan with Mary Martin, oh how I wished I could fly! Now that I'm all grown-up, when I'm sick, I like The Thin Man, I love Wm. Powell. Any Bette Davis movie, especially, NOW VOYAGER. But I must admit I still long for THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY!
  8. The Wizard Of Oz,Mary Martin's Peter Pan, Cinderella(Leslie Ann Warren), Laurel And Hardy.Some times going back to your childhood, when times were simpler,can really get me out of the "Dumps".
  9. Does any one remember an old blk/wht movie where the main female character wore "diamond" earrings shaped like a"Lyre"? I saw this film when I was very little,and never saw it again. But, those earrings really stayed in my memory all these years! I wish I knew the title of this movie. If anyone knows I'd really appreciate it,thanks fellow "Movie Lovers".
  10. That is not the photo used for the cover. And the photo on my cover has half of Alec Baldwins' body cut off.Yes, it may be the first color cover,but it's poorly done, and as I said very unflattering, no matter what ages these two actors are. And yes you're correct, Robert Osborne is the exception to the rule!
  11. The scariest setting to me would be an abandoned Mental Hospital,a Mall closed after hours, A dark country road without street lights,and of course an old Cemmetery with red glowing candles! Message was edited by: DOROTHYGALE
  12. Yes, you're right, you shouldn't cancel because of a bad cover,but the contents aren't that gratifying anymore either. I don't regard Gene Wilder, or Alec Baldwin as classic actors. I enjoy stories of classic actors,actresses,and movies.
  13. What a horrible cover! It's not even centered properly! And it's certainly not flattering to Gene Wilder or Alec Baldwin! The inside cover of Hedy Lamarr would have been a better choice,and more the style of the T.C.M. We,ve loved so much. Who ever shot this cover should never do another cover for T. C. M. again. I like the sophisticated style of Hurrel, blk/wht, or sepia. I actually canceled my subscription after this issue.
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