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  1. They do not make movies like this any more. It has an excellent plot and characters. If it was remade today they would have to add violence, nudity, profanity, special effects etc. which would do nothing to further the plot.
  2. drednm, I could not agree with you more about today's audiences. All they want is special effects, outlandish chase scenes, sex and bad language. A movie with a good plot, characters and interesting dialog would go begging at the box office.
  3. Well I am not a complainer but if I were I would say that I do get tired of some of the really old, old movies they show. Some "new" blood is needed every now and then. I seldom watch a movie that is older than I am and that goes back pretty far. Message was edited by: annagram
  4. Thanks for the beautiful picture of Liz.
  5. How about "Two Mules for Sister Sarah"? I am not a big fan of either Clint Eastwood or Shirley MacLaine but I really love them in this movie.
  6. GWTW is my favorite movie of all time but many people don't like it and think it is too long --- yadda yadda yadda - but what do they know............
  7. hee hee I had forgotten that line.......thanks for reminding me. Wish they would show it again.
  8. People were very upset with her after her third husband, Mike Todd died and she took up with his friend Eddie Fisher who was married to Debbie Reynolds at the time. People thought the Fisher/Reynolds marriage was a story book affair but actually they were having a difficult time of the marriage. She was labelled a home wrecker and then, of course, when she took up with Richard Burton it only made matters worse. They were in the papers and on the news on a daily basis for a very long time. I have always felt great sympathy for her.
  9. Well they could still use Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder in the new High Noon, but sadly Madeline Kahn has died. Mel Brooks could pull this off though............
  10. She was also very good......and beautiful in Ivanhoe and Raintree County. Her mother pushed her into show business as very young child and these young stars always have difficult lives -------- look at Judy Garland just to mention one other one. She was a beautiful child in Jane Eyre as another poster mentioned!
  11. It probably didn't do well at the box office which is why I liked it. It was something different than the ordinary run of the mill tripe Hollywood has been offering.
  12. Has anybody out there seen th is movie? It was put together by Steve Martin and Carl Reiner. It is composed mostly of film clips from early black and white films with Steve Martin as a private detective interspersed between and pulling them together. I thought it was quite good and unique.
  13. She took over the part in "Elephant Walk" from Vivien Leigh who got sick and couldn't complete the film.
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