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  1. TOM honoring William Smith would definitely be appreciated by his fans.
  2. I'd like to see Sven program White Zombie. One of Bela's best and very eerie. Next weekend is The Black Cat with Bela and Boris, also strong stuff.
  3. I like Michael Caine's work but Pulp is terrible. It has a few interesting scenes but they don't redeem the movie. It's satire, parody, mystery and thriller all rolled into a surreal stew with no suspense or tension. This was Caine's and director Mile Hodges' reteaming after Get Carter. Scott's scenes were chopped down so she has little to do in the final cut. Caine drifts through the film. There's some repulsive and real animal abuse footage that may have been an attempt to make a statement about fascism but made the movie even worse.
  4. Warning Shot is a mediocre, overblown TV movie shot in widescreen with effective crime jazz music by the great Jerry Goldsmith. There's more going on in any episode of Barnaby Jones or Mannix. The last 15 minutes doesn't work. While an efficient, minimalist actor, David Janssen played the same character in everything--namely himself. He'd look sullen, guilty and suspicious ordering a dozen bagels. When he encounters the various guest stars, such as Eleanor Parker close to reprising her role in the more interesting An American Dream, he just stares at them and doesn't speak. In their intro,
  5. Hollywood can't make good remakes of sci-fi classics with the exception of The Fly and The Thing with Kurt Russell. (Not the worthless Thing prequel to the Russell film) The Day The Earth Stood Still. Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Planet of the Apes. I Am Legend. The Time Machine. Tom Cruise's War of the World. Rollerball. All garbage remakes.
  6. I love his performances. Greatness in every show he did. TCM recently programmed one of his more obscure films, Street of Sinners with George Montgomery.
  7. Escape From New York has a lot of garbage covered streets.
  8. The ending of The Long Good Friday wraps up everything by focusing on a silent Bob Hoskins' facial expressions, the emotional content running the spectrum from surprise to resignation.
  9. Not rewritten but suppressed, censored, redacted and in general kept hidden. To rewrite means the original existed and was changed.
  10. History can't be rewritten and the 'outraged' Twitter crowd is not as large as the media plays it up.
  11. When a character prefaces nearly every sentence with "Saaay" (in this movie the lead reporter), I'm ready to leave. It's a really bad movie with visually interesting sets and a lead character who becomes a repulsive homicidal maniac. I haven't seen the two remakes. Eddie said Wright was too old to play Bigger and I agree 100%.
  12. I met the producer of Devil Doll, Richard Gordon and we briefly talked about the film. I like the off-kilter world that's presented in a very matter-of-fact way in the script and in the visuals. The soundtrack is very different compared to most horror film music.
  13. Unlikely this will happen but I'd love to see Noir Alley program some European noir. Belmont, Delon, Jean Gabin, Christian Marquand and Lino Ventura all made outstanding noir films in the 1950s.
  14. My favorite moment in Witness To Murder was at 1.16 when Jesse White did the dum-de-dum-dum main title theme from Dragnet and said a line similar to what Joe Friday would say. The story went off the rails for me when Sanders spouts Nazi rhetoric and rants in German. Instead of being a gaslighting ladykiller, he's now a super-villain. The music seemed similar to the Edward G. Robinson flick Vice Squad (1953). Sure enough, it was by the same composer Herschel Burke Gilbert. He did the famous theme for TV's The Rifleman. The ending also didn't work for me. Where did all these people come from in
  15. Darker Than Amber with Rod Taylor and William Smith. A few of Eddie Constantine's Lemmy Caution films. A wide-screen of Hammer's The Lost Continent. Quality prints of I, The Jury and My Gun Is Quick.
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