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  1. Darker Than Amber with Rod Taylor and William Smith
  2. One of photographer Harrison Marks' most popular models.
  3. Darker Than Amber with Rod Taylor and William Smith. A movie TCM programmers ignore.
  4. Michael is the Joe Valachi of the White House.
  5. My takeaway was that it's all a dream that begins when the car crashes into the water. That scene when Herk turns around in the doctor's office was very effective. He's not a psychiatrist and says this to her earlier in the movie.
  6. Murder Is My Beat aka Danger Is My Beat has a terrible script and is a lesser known Ulmer film but there's something about it that I found compelling. It was Barbara Payton's last movie. She doesn't get much screen time even though she's the main character.
  7. I'd be surprised if TCM removes it from their schedule. HBO's JO executives can do what they want on their channels.
  8. I enjoyed Battle. It was different and fun.
  9. This thread is poisoned. The board needs a moderator.
  10. Richard Johnson (Bulldog Drummond in two films), Clive Owen, Kerwin Mathews (two OSS 117 movies, The Viscount), Stanley Baker,
  11. I watched it and despite all the rave reviews, I was bored.
  12. I finally caught the ultra-rare, very overlooked Two Gentlemen Sharing, a well-acted British "swinging London" racial drama made in 1969. Robin Phillips and American actor Hal Frederick are Oxford grads sharing a flat and their love interests are Judy Geeson and Esther Anderson. Things don't work out well. It's like the flip side of To Sir With Love, Geeson's first film. Two Gentlemen was not distributed in Great Britain and there was never an official DVD or VHS release. The BFI finally recognized it last year. It's currently showing on Amazon Prime and I believe it would be a good p
  13. Hollywood shaking that flour sack to get just a little more flour. The Two Jakes failed. Why would a prequel be any better? As for Mason, I'm happy watching reruns and Warren Williams' films. Too bad Robert Downey Jr can't play Mason as was planned. That might have been interesting.
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