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  1. The ending of The Long Good Friday wraps up everything by focusing on a silent Bob Hoskins' facial expressions, the emotional content running the spectrum from surprise to resignation.
  2. Not rewritten but suppressed, censored, redacted and in general kept hidden. To rewrite means the original existed and was changed.
  3. History can't be rewritten and the 'outraged' Twitter crowd is not as large as the media plays it up.
  4. When a character prefaces nearly every sentence with "Saaay" (in this movie the lead reporter), I'm ready to leave. It's a really bad movie with visually interesting sets and a lead character who becomes a repulsive homicidal maniac. I haven't seen the two remakes. Eddie said Wright was too old to play Bigger and I agree 100%.
  5. I met the producer of Devil Doll, Richard Gordon and we briefly talked about the film. I like the off-kilter world that's presented in a very matter-of-fact way in the script and in the visuals. The soundtrack is very different compared to most horror film music.
  6. Unlikely this will happen but I'd love to see Noir Alley program some European noir. Belmont, Delon, Jean Gabin, Christian Marquand and Lino Ventura all made outstanding noir films in the 1950s.
  7. My favorite moment in Witness To Murder was at 1.16 when Jesse White did the dum-de-dum-dum main title theme from Dragnet and said a line similar to what Joe Friday would say. The story went off the rails for me when Sanders spouts Nazi rhetoric and rants in German. Instead of being a gaslighting ladykiller, he's now a super-villain. The music seemed similar to the Edward G. Robinson flick Vice Squad (1953). Sure enough, it was by the same composer Herschel Burke Gilbert. He did the famous theme for TV's The Rifleman. The ending also didn't work for me. Where did all these people come from in
  8. Darker Than Amber with Rod Taylor and William Smith. A few of Eddie Constantine's Lemmy Caution films. A wide-screen of Hammer's The Lost Continent. Quality prints of I, The Jury and My Gun Is Quick.
  9. I haven't seen it in years. We watched it tonight on TBS and there's a female narrator describing the action. I don't remember ever hearing this voice over before. It's almost like a version for the visually impaired. She even reads the end credits. There's nothing on the web about this or who the narrator is. Does anyone have any info?
  10. I've tried to like Madhouse a few times because I'm a big fan of Price, Cushing and Quarry. The badly written script is incoherent and the acting aside from the three principals is TV level. Linda Hayden is given nothing to do except play a stereotyped sexpot for a few minutes. The two useless Scotland Yard cops help to make the movie even more irritating and even more of a unintentional spoof. The last ten minutes are incomprehensible. Price's Dr. Death makeup is awful. The fake Dr. Death's skull mask much better. I did get a kick seeing Quarry in Count Yorga makeup during the party. Ove
  11. As noted here, Margheriti's Nightmare Castle has terrific atmosphere. Tormented is a good ghost flick the MST people trashed because that's what they do. Richard Carlson's performance was the glue that anchored the movie. Bava's Hatchet For the Honeymoon is a giallo that switches to a ghost story midway through the film.
  12. Darker Than Amber with Rod Taylor and William Smith
  13. One of photographer Harrison Marks' most popular models.
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