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  1. It's not made clear if Tally survives the attack. The typical ending of the rescued girl clinging to the cop is absent. The ending of The Strangler is abrupt.
  2. I tried to watch it and gave up. I'm sure it was his labor of love. The POV footage of hands picking up Welles' sketches and paintings and showing them to the camera created the effect of two people just rummaging through his possessions.
  3. The Poppy Is Also A Flower 1966 is a TV movie produced by Telsun (a United Nations production company) and financed by Xerox. The crime/spy thriller is packed with huge stars. E.G.Marshall plays his only action role, directed by Terence Young of 007 fame. I caught it recently on Amazon Prime, a repository for obscure movies.
  4. It would have been appropriate if George Segal was invited to sit with Eddie Muller and talk about the films they programmed last week. It was a lost opportunity. Or they could have done it by webcam if not in the studio.
  5. So was Tomas Milian who made it big in Italy with westerns and cop films, and came back to the States and did smaller roles.
  6. Rider On The Rain. A huge hit in Europe. Some other favorites: The Valachi Papers, The Mechanic (the remakes with Jason Statham were junk) Once Upon A Time In The West and I liked seeing him reunite with James Coburn in Hard Times.
  7. It's true, Adams did so much, made tons of westerns, worked constantly, yet Black Lagoon is the film that everyone wrote about when she departed. She was the only actress to fire Lucas McCain's rifle and even played a baddie in that episode of The Rifleman. Re: Capitol. She and Ed Nelson played wife and husband on Perry Mason (The Case of the Missing Button).
  8. Blood and Black Lace started the giallo movie craze in Italy that lasted into the late-70s and was a major influence on Dario Argento. Argento made nothing but super violent gialli after his first success, The Bird With The Crystal Plumage with Tony Musante.
  9. Comcast in South Florida dumped MGM HD last week (and sadly Decades a few months ago). I liked MGM but I hated their practice of chopping a film in half with commercials.
  10. No one played suspicious and shady better than Janssen in his series. He looked guilty in every episode. He once guested on Naked City (as a businessman) offering Paul Burke a job and he was terrific.
  11. Jack's followers used to hang out by my high school and give out the tracts. I may have saved a few. Meant to terrify impressionable minds, there's a kind of warped appeal about them.
  12. Blast would be a great choice for Sunday Noir. (Strangers in the City, a grim film about a Puerto Rican family disintegrating in NYC, is close to being a companion piece.) Two more worthy neo-noir movies that TCM should program: Murder By Contract-Vince Edwards Helllbound-John Russell (from the Lawman TV series)
  13. Bill should stick to his two favorite subjects: Donald Trump and Ann Coulter. And he would have enjoyed talking to Stan Lee on his show had he been invited even once instead of the many political consultants you never heard of.
  14. No one at TCM reads message boards posts. I agree, Ricardo is way overdue.
  15. I thought it was repulsive. Not a good Underground programming choice. Florida exploitation regulars Thomas Kerwin and Brad Grinter have small roles as cops and Kerwin's brother Harry was the production manager. What was a Sunshine State trash flick without them? Wayne Crawford went on to bigger things in the 1980s.
  16. Not Hollywood but in The Revenge of Frankenstein, the Baron (Peter Cushing) wins.
  17. If you like the angry 1960s/1970 Burt, before the porn mustache, Get TV is running Hawk and Dan August on weekends.
  18. This story error has been written about endlessly since 1982. Also how does Khan recognize Chekov? I've read that Meyer knew it was a continuity error before shooting but pressed on anyway and Walter knew but didn't want to lose the scene.
  19. Burt blew mega-cash living the movie star life plus huge settlements to Loni and Pamela, his girlfriend after Loni. Even with Charles Bronson style action films like Malone [1987], he was getting a nice 3 million dollars. It's unreal what movie people spend.
  20. I was disappointed they didn't make a western. City Heat was tough to sit through.
  21. West Side Story is scheduled right after Bean. Coincidence? Intentional? Tab Hunter auditioned for the role of Tony but he and other actors lost out to Richard Beymer.
  22. I know Eddie a long time (when he was writing Grindhouse with Daniel Faris) and I'm happy for his success.
  23. Terrible movie and a lousy closing showcase for greats Stanwyck and Taylor but excellent music by Vic Mizzy (The Addams Family).
  24. Interview with Johnny Sheffield. He and Weissmuller were like father and son off-the-set. http://www.tarzanmovieguide.com/sheffint.htm
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