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  1. A solid, working actor without the BS and drama that attracts the tabloids, "entertainment" TV programs and sleaze websites. He had a major role in Deadwood and last year was in a lot of Agents of Shield episodes. Anyone remember Phillip Marlowe Private Eye? His Marlowe was called the best by reviewers.
  2. Can you obtain a print of The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart, MGM counterculture drama and Don Johnson's first movie? Never released on VHS or DVD.
  3. My favorite columnist. And beer spokesman. "it's not just beer. It's good drinkin' beer."
  4. I've emailed many times about TCM showing this. It's the kind of 60s comedy the programmers seem to like.
  5. There's something different about Messenger that I can't describe. It has style. Another John Huston film that never runs on TCM is Freud, a film I really want to see again.
  6. Two of his most memorable films for me are Lilith and Mickey One.
  7. It's also the distribution of a film. Batman vs Superman was in approx. 4200 theaters. Moonlight is on approx.1000 screens, La La Land on 3200 screens. So there are less exhibitors showing the Academy favorites. The demographics of the theater going audiences have changed. They're younger now. The older crowds go for cable, DVD or pay per view and the nearby second run theaters that charge less for a ticket. Most people I know won't travel too far to see a movie anymore. When I was a kid, my brother and I took a bus to a neighboring town to see The Green Slime with Robert Horton. If you look at the top 100 grossing films in history, there are few Oscar winners and most of them won for technicals. Avatar at #1 was nominated for 9, won 3 for art direction, cinematography, visual effects. Box office has never been an Academy factor, although those pictures have kept Hollywood going.
  8. Lisa Petrucci of Something Weird Video writes: AGFA's new 4K transfer of THE ZODIAC KILLER invades TCM Underground. Many thanks to Joseph A. Ziemba and Sebastian Alvarez del Castillo for the countless hours spent working on this new version of the movie, and their support of Something Weird! Special thanks to TCM's Millie De Chico for programming ZODIAC, and automatically scarring millions of civilians in the process.
  9. I've never had the opportunity to see Mr. Ricco and thanks to TCM, I was able to watch it last week. The revenge-based script is weak, the cinematography and other technical aspects are good but not excellent, the acting from Dino's supporting cast such as Denise Nicholas and a pre-Miami Vice Phillip Michael Thomas is capable, and Dino is at his most subdued. A weak car chase and an unbelievable fistfight between Dean and the always excellent Thalmus Rasulala adds nothing and detracts from the picture. I was very disappointed in the film (but not in Dean) and in the bizarro ending. It wasn't the kind of movie worthy of Dean's last starring role considering all of the excellent films he made.
  10. Above Suspicion...read about it. Never saw it. Thanks.
  11. I've seen High Anxiety a few times over the years. The Birds spoof is my favorite moment.
  12. I've enjoyed all the films mentioned, thanks. Several times. And they are all well-done. Moment To Moment is the elusive one. Ive read on other boards over the years how difficult it is to see. It seems like a perfect fit for TCM and they have the connections to get a quality print. By the way, does anyone from TCM ever reply on this forum?
  13. If anyone from TCM reads this, I'd like to see the station program Moment To Moment, a 1966 Universal release starring Jean Seberg and Honor Blackman. It's not on DVD and the VHS is very expensive. It's a quasi-Hitchcock thriller with a glossy style like Woman of Straw. I don't remember it being shown on TCM.
  14. Black Sabbath (1963) was shown after midnight on Friday the 13th appropriately enough. What they programmed was the re-edited AIP import that played theaters and not Bava's original version I Tre Volti Della Paura/The Three Faces of Fear. It was an excellent print, beautiful color and audio. No scratches, spreckles, just perfect. I tried to copy it to a DVD but my provider ATT puts a block on TCM.
  15. Did TCM ever run an Omar Sharif day or evening? If not, I'm disappointed in the programming dept. They moved quickly for Christopher Lee.
  16. The Tiger and The Pussycat with Ann-Margaret and Vittorio Gassman. It used to run on broadcast TV in the 60s and 70s when hundreds of foreign and obscure films filled the airwaves.
  17. One of the Dogville shorts was shown last week after Movie Pests. It's difficult now to find any history about these shorts. The link in this thread has been deleted and other sites have eliminated pages. I can appreciate the concern about how the dogs were treated (or not) but trying to erase history is too 1984 for me, especially when a lot of the public today is apathetic about all of the Islamic atrocities committed against people around the world as well as against cats and dogs in Asian countries, like the Yulin festival.
  18. My impossible wish list for next October would be the three Japanese "Dracula" films shot in the 1970s.
  19. Lawrence and Zhivago are TCM go-to films but I can't remember any kind of special TCM scheduling about Omar Sharif. I hope they run some of his other films besides those two and obtain at least one sub-titled Egyptian film. Youtube is full of them, all pirated though. Their film industry was an economic force in the 1950s. He'd have made a great Captain Nemo. The last film we saw at a theater was Mr. Ibrahim in 2003 and he was subtly brilliant in it.
  20. A repeat of my 2011 appeal to TCM programmers. A Stranger In Town The Stranger Returns (The above were last shown on TCM in 2008. I just bought Warner Bros.' DVD-R of The Stranger Collection. Quality is not so good and no extras.) The Silent Stranger Get Mean (Tony Anthony "Stranger" follow-ups) Lee Van Cleef: A good quality widescreen version of Captain Apache
  21. I only watch a movie on TCM 4-5 times a month. How many times can you watch The Maltese Falcon and Scaramouche, as great as they are. Even the foreign films are repeats. I guess their budget is tight.
  22. Please obtain a print of Darker Than Amber. This movie is impossible to find on DVD. It has one of the most brutal fights in movie history. Rod as Travis McGee vs William Smith. I think Eddie Muller would approve.
  23. I hadn't seen this in years. Terrible print, yeah, but that added to the creep factor.
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