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  1. A tremendous actor. His performance in Return From The Ashes, often shown on TCM, is one of my favorites.
  2. How about it TCM? A day or night of Edgar Wallace German Krimis (thrillers) from the late 50s and 60s. They used to run constantly on local TV stations in the States but no longer (along with AIP films, Mexican horrors, Euro-spy). There were dozens produced in West Germany by Rialto and CCC with Karin Dor, Klaus Kinski, Gert Frobe, Joachim Fuchsberger and many other Euro stars. Cable TV stations like TMC and Sho will never program them--they're happy with the modern junk they endlessly repeat.
  3. When I saw this evening scheduled, I was hoping Mank would have Mamie as a guest during the screenings to talk about her films and life. A great opportunity not fulfilled.
  4. Thank you TCM programmers for showing Bye Braverman, a hard-to-find, wonderful, underrated film with a top caliber cast.
  5. Let's have a big hand for TCM's programmers--one film was missing that would have completed the evening: Mel Ferrrer's 60's remake of the Hands of Orlac with Christopher Lee and the underappreciated Dany Carrel. A really wonderful piece of B&W Euro-sleaze that belonged in this line-up.
  6. For running a widescreen version of The Green Slime after years of full screen broadcasts!
  7. I love this movie with Brando, Niven and Jones and have been waiting years to see TCM showcase this forgetten comedy. It was released on VHS but never on DVD in the States.
  8. Steve Reeves' birthday is January 21. How about planning a tribute day to this great man on TCM? Some titles to consider: Hercules Hercules Unchained Duel of the Titans Thief of Baghdad The Trojan Horse Sandokan The Great
  9. I'm having problems with the basic Forum search button. I've tried different browsers.
  10. The king of cult movies Maneater of Hydra is due for an Underground showing, maybe paired with Dog Eat Dog co-starring Jayne Mansfield.
  11. Tony Anthony: A Stranger In Town The Stranger Returns (The above were last shown on TCM in 2008) The Silent Stranger Get Mean (Super rare Tony Anthony "Stranger" follow-ups) Audie Murphy: Posse From Hell Lee Van Cleef: A good quality widescreen version of Captain Apache
  12. I'm still excited about the upcoming Tarzan's, especially Scott's best, Greatest Adventure and The Magnificent. Looking forward to Jock Mahoney's two and Mike Henry's films. This is really great. Thank you TCM. Now if some company would release Ron Ely's TV show...
  13. A fine actor, a long life. He succeeded. My favorite film is one of his lesser known pictures, 633 Squadron.
  14. I'm hoping TCM will show the best of the Scott Tarzans, Tarzan's Greatest Adventure and Tarzan The Magnificent. Exceptional films. I'd also love to see them program Tarzan Goes To India and the Mike Henry series.
  15. I beg TCM to air three hard-to-find films by the author of Ice Station Zebra and Where Eagles Dare. They are When Eight Bells Toll, Puppet On A Chain and Fear Is The Key.
  16. I saw Kremlin Letter during its original release (I remember sitting through it twice) and I don't remember a scene at the opera.
  17. I grew up watching Mr. Morse's movies and always wondered why he stopped making films after 1970. There's one I'd love to see again, the very bizarre "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad." I was 12 when I saw it and it completely went over my head. I would love to see this movie again as an adult but it's forgotten and impossible to find.
  18. What will it take to get TCM to rebroadcast The Kremlin Letter? It's never been officially released and only TCM and FOX have aired a widescreen unedited version.
  19. This is a great film I saw in a theater. Since there have been no DVD or tape releases, it's even more sought after. While it's played many times on TV, it's still the perfect movie for TCM. It has that TCM "feel." One of Schell's best performances.
  20. I've seen this short before on TCM and it still gets me misty-eyed.
  21. The picture freeze-framed at about 1040pm when Jason Evers was drugging the model and when it returned to normal, Landis and Osborne were in mid-chat. Did anyone else experience this watching The Brain? I'm in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Message was edited by: jameselliot
  22. The print of Contempt that TCM aired never should have been used. It would have been better to have scheduled something else in a pinch. I have never seen a worse print in 40 years. It was an insult to Goddard, shocking because TCM's staff is supposed to hold to the highest standards. I recently rented the Criterion DVD from Netflix and it was perfect in all ways.
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