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    Classic films, favorite movie eras: Silent era and up to and through the 50s. Pre-code, gangster, sci-fi, classic horror, Japanese, mystery, thrillers, b-movies, cult, are my fave classic film genres! All so I'm a web addict, amateur photography buff, gamer, blogger, love cooking and collecting recipes, animal lover, love the Paranormal, I also love reading horror and supernatural novels but also recently getting into literary classics like Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Anime, Italian food, candles, rainy gloomy days, Gothic stuff, cemeteries/skulls type things are just a few more things that interest me. And I'm not religious.
  1. just updated my profile here and my interests. haven't been in the forum for ages! and i can't believe i joined here back in 2008! Seems i been here forever! Plus just noticed this status update :P

  2. thank u kinokima and roberta109! i agree! tcm plays a variety of movies. like roberta said: to like their programming 24/7 is unrealistic. and in fact i do what roberta does. i tape movies on my dvr from the channel all the time. if theres something on that im not for i will watch what i recorded. i for one aren't for musicals BUT im not gonna complain cause i know alot of people like them! MyFavoriteFilms disagreed with what i said about dont complain. sorry if i didn't elaborate. u can complain all u want, but heres how i feel: tcm is the only channel that plays classics we'd never see anywhere else! of course every1 doesn't like every movie genre. but this channel has something for everybody who enjoys classic films! thats what makes this channel so great! where else are you gonna find all these movie genres in one place. i think they do a great job how they do their programming! something for everyone. and like someone said, there wouldn't be msg boards if everyone agreed lol. and i didn't mean that in my previous comment. different opinions do make life interestin i was just writing how i felt about the channel.
  3. i cannot believe that this is a thread!! man you dont know what ur missing!! i love mickey rooney films, silents and foreign films! i dont believe that they are putting too much of a subject together in a month! I LOVE IT! + i find when they have a star of the month that i haven't seen alot of movies from, i get to see some great films i wouldn't of seen otherwise! same goes for the silent and foreign programming. i think instead of not putting tcm on at all during those times like u said The Cid, U SHOULD! cause you'll find your pleasantly surprised at whats on! if any1 has any problems with tcm, then just dont watch! dont complain and ruin it for all of us that love their programming! i also wanna say i love tcm!! i have no problems whatsoever with their programming!! keep up the good work! your the only channel that delivers superb movies, and hard to find movies that we would of not seen anywhere else!
  4. i for one love that they're playing alot of silents this month! i love silents! theres an art to silents thats lost! tcm doesn't play silents often. so for someone like me this month has been fantastic! it was silents that started the movie industry. and by watching them its like going back in time! i find it funny that this thread is on tcm boards. i know some ppl find silents hard to take. but tcm is the only channel that does show them! so for the people that dont love them....let us have this! cause very soon we'll only just have silent sunday nights. and for the record i love silent sundays programming! its just nice to see more silents throughout the week.
  5. hi! i was talking with my mom and her friend of how great fun abbott and costello's movies were and it came up that they should have a day of their movies! i remembered this msg board and told them i would ask about it. their movies are loved by so many people and i know others would like to see a whole day of their movies too!
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