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  1. How has this thread gone 3 pages w/o a mention of "Can't Stop the Music" that Village Idiots errr...Village People vehicle with Bruce Jenner and Valerie Perrine? I'll bet that I could have stopped the music!!! Even if it took a bazooka and a flamethrower!
  2. Prof, here in N.J. we aren't ALLOWED to pump our own gas. This results in lower prices! In Pa. & Del. the gas prices avereage at least a dime more a gallon at any given time. Last I paid was $1.42 for regular unleaded. But you still gotta wash your own winders.
  3. Here's another. In "Vacation" when Chevy Chase tries to find the gas-fill door on his brand-new "Family Truckster" and tears the license plate off and accidentally flings it onto another car.
  4. Cf it looks like you were writing your "Mad World" post while I was writting MINE! Yours wasn't there when I started.
  5. Prof, we're DYIN' for new topics and this is a good 'un. For me the classic gas station scene is in "Mad Mad etc World." Winter's is hysterical. Random quotes: "So 'move the bicycle so people won't stumble over it in the dark'? Well they'll be stumbling over YOU in the dark!!!"... "He's got a HATE complex!"... "Dr Dilman! Dr Dilman!!.... " He's nuts! He' really nuts!"... "We're gonna have to kill him!" And of course the last wall quietly colapsing. Another favorite gas station scene is the one in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" where the attendant secretly slips a coupla pods into Dr. Mi
  6. There were TWO blondes : both annoying. Don't forget "Barbra". LOL
  7. Stlgal...I LOVE the irony of the fact that although he was pushy and obnoxius, Harry Cooper was RIGHT! If they had gone down into the basement like he wanted them to, they'd have all survived. Kinda neat how they make the audience identify with Ben who was dead wrong and got EVERYONE killed.
  8. Hope you enjoy it Joe , but as I said , they never intended to make an actual horror film so no "Ed Wood" type laffs. All they intended was a quick buck. What is annoying about this is their choice of this piece of filth for "Monsterfest" when there are so many GOOD horror films that are rarely seen: the 1960 version of "The Haunting" and "Dawn of the Dead" come to mind. For some reason the original "Night of the Living Dead" (which is great IMO) as well as the dreadful re-make and the mediocre "Day of the Dead" are seen quite often. "Dawn" which is superior to three quarters of the junk you
  9. A new low! Looks like AMC is going to show "Motel Hell" as part of their yearly "Monsterfest". This movie is truely wretched and awful. It's not even good for a laugh because it tries to self-parody itself thus killing any unintentional funny moments. Rory Calhoun would have added morer dignity to his career by appearing in a basement porno film. "It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters." Yuck-O!!!
  10. Is anyone ELSE sick of seeing people being kicked in the privates ? This act, usually in mostly witless movies has replaced the pie in the face and pants falling down as the ultimate cheap "laff". I mean how many times do we need to see this? You just KNOW that the writers are out of ideas when you see this stuff!
  11. A few months back when AMC first went to hell they had a web poll asking "How do you like the new AMC?" By the result, thousands of people e-mailed them. " I just LOVE it, except there aren't enough commercials, oh and could you heavily censor the movies so that vital info is left out because my mind is still in 1958? And could you chop out dialog when you break for commercials. And please add a few more John Wayne films to your schedual. Last month you went 8 hrs without a Duke flic. BTW , keep up the short rotation because I LIKE seeing the same movie 3 hrs later. And kudos on your web sit
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