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  1. Ooops I see Moira made the same point. In the immortal words of Emily Litella "Never mind."
  2. Mongo, these discussions are fun. But, they're sorta like: Which do you like best : Steak or lobster? It all depends on what I feel like tonite. Most times I'll go with "steak"(Bogie). But other times ya can't beat lobster (Cagny). Is this clear? I didn't think so...
  3. Thanks Fuster but Mark has it. Thank you sir. I only saw it once but the IDMB data base reviews confirm for me that the first half was pretty doggone good but that it deteriorated once you saw how "klunky" the robots looked. I sure would like to see it again, but my chances of finding it are probably zilch. All the rental outlets around here only carry 6 million copies of each of the latest dreck releases.The Blockbuster nearest me even insists on wasting valuable shelf space on soda, popcorn, chips ect. even though there is a 7-11 next door that sells this stuff cheaper. When I pointed out the idiocy of this to the manager and the fact that a small selection of films(about HALF the titles Blockbuster used to carry) gives me almost no reason to come in at all, he stated "corperate policy." Which is why, I guess K-Marts in Arizona sell SNOW tires!
  4. I have wanted to see "The Informer" ever since I read the great Liam O'Flannery novel. TCM soon?
  5. Let me just mention "Witness for the Prosecution". A wonderful performance by Charles Laughton. *Spoiler* I defy anyone to Catch onto Marlena Dietrich's secondary role until it is revealed .
  6. "The Caine Mutiny" "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" "The African Queen" and "The Malese Falcon" In that order. Am I the only person who HATED "Petrified Forest"? I thought the dialogue was silly and surreal, and while Bogie is ok as Duke Mantee, Leslie Howard's simpering performance made it hard for me to watch.
  7. Another honorable mention is Gregory Peck, for TWO Capts. I always thought he was terrific playing against type in "Moby Dick".. He was very convincing as the obsessed Captain Ahab. When he defused the St Elmo's Fire on the harpoon and said "and now I extinguish the last fear." I BELIEVED. I don't think he ever got enough credit for this amazing performance. There is not the LEAST trace of Atticus Finch here! I guess people didn't like seeing old Greg this way. I mean he wasn't even good looking in it. #2 I VERY much enjoyed him as "Capt. Newman M.D.", the compassionate army psychologist,although this film is also under-appreciated today as well.
  8. Thanks guys but, I am familiar with "The World the Flesh and the Devil" and "The Monsters are Due on Maple St." is my second favorite "Zone" episode. This was definately a mid 50's, B film.
  9. Honorable mention to Jimmy Cagney's Capt in "Mr Roberts". "I hate all you bright college guys! It started when I was working as a bus boy. ' Oh BOY! My friend seems to have vomited. Clean that up boy!'... People poking you with umbrellas...'Careful with that luggage boy' For YEARS I took it! Well I don't have to take it anymore. YOU can start taking it for a change!"
  10. Fuster: didja notice Benita DID get a mention in Stalag 17 when the POW who did the impressions called her name when he did Ronald Coleman? I also like his Gable: "Now listen here Scarlett! I gave you kisses from breakfast,kisses for lunch and kisses for dinnner. Now I find you've been dining out..."
  11. Aha! Capt. Queeg! Playing with your balls again!!! He's my favorite too. "Then there was the strawberry incident. I proved with geometric logic that there had to be a duplicate key to the wardroom..."
  12. There is entirely TOO MUCH controversy on this site. No actor or actress is better than any other actor or actress. They are all equally WONDERFUL. No movie is better than another. They are all equally WONDERFUL. No film personality's off-screen antics should ever be discussed here. After all these shy, retiring, people have a right to their privacy. Besides, they are WONDERFUL people; all of whom are incapable of doing anything mean, cheap, or immoral.People having different opinions causes controversy, which is to be avoided at all costs. If everyone will just agree with me that everyone and everything is WONDERFUL, we can all stop posting here. Except to talk about NEW movies, as they are released, and agree that they too are WONDERFUL.
  13. Jpo; George Costanza was in the airport lobby buying a magazine because there might be a "blurb" about him in it. On the cover was a photo of a deranged-looking man with the heading:"LA Strangler Captured". George bought the last copy as a marshall brings in the handcuffed lunatic. George gloats over his purchase as the guy tries to coax George into letting HIM buy it. The guy says : "You wouldn't dare do this if I weren't in handcuffs! Butcha ARE!! Ya ARE in the handcuffs!!!". Later as George passes the lavatory on the plane the guy drags him IN.
  14. I remember this one from childhood. The premise was that "invaders from space" had taken over Earth and several people who were clueless as to what had happened were wandering around a deserted city and ran into each other, finally forming a group of 5 or 6. The only other detail I can remember is that none of the cars would run. The aliens had removed a part from all the engines. (distributor?)I remember a '55 Pontiac so it isn't any earlier that that. I thank you in advance for any help.
  15. Alleycat you just feel bad 'cause Cat is your uncle. BTW I don't think we need to use the *spoiler* warnings here. If folks can't figure out that "Most tearful film ENDINGS" will give the finale away........
  16. "You wouldn't do these terrible things to me if I weren't in this wheelchair!" But you ARE Blanch, ya ARE in the wheelchair!!!" Seinfeld did a GREAT parody of this scene.
  17. The absolutely SCARIEST Arch Obler bit wasn't on film. It was a radio sketch called "An Afrternoon at the Dentist". If you hear it once you will take it to your grave.
  18. "Do you understand the principle Robbie?" "Yes Morbius...a simple blasrer."
  19. I started to post under "Tearjerking Films" but this is more appropriate. The end of "The Last of the Mohicans" always makes me tear up, maybe because I am part Native American, Leni Lenape, which are Algonkins or Delawares, closely related to the Mohawk and Mohican. But, I think it must be sad also for anyone. At the end, Chingachgook, who has just seen his only son Uncas, the final hope for restoring the nearly extinct Mohican tribe, killed offers a prayer: "Great Spirit, a warrior goes to you. Straight and swift as an arrow shot into the Sun. Welcome him to the council fires of my people. He is Uncas, my son. Tell them to be patient for they are all there-save one. Chingachgook, last of the Mohicans." In these few words the tragedy of my people; those who first settled, explored,lived on , died on yet never OWNED this continent, is presented simply, and without rancor or self-pity.
  20. Gilooley; noun, a person who takes a blunt instrument to the knee cap of winter sports athletes;verb,to strike in the manner of a Gilooley: if you don't shut up I'll Gilooley you one right in the chops. Adv, the state of having been stuck with a blunt object; Ben & Jen were sure Giloolied after they came out with that wet flatulence "Gigli". Gilgli: a senseless waste of film;see also "Heaven's Gate, "Ishtar"
  21. I agree with you BOTH. Signed: SlappY
  22. Johnny {" I can play anyone but a guy capable of holding a regular job") Depp???
  23. Rios you are mistaken...Star's theme song is "I Ate Too Much."
  24. Isn't "I want Too Much" JLo's signature song?
  25. Paty, that's because "Lassie" was actually a MALE collie. Otherwise old Vince may have had a grand slam.
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