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  1. JUst saw a Dewey Martin double feature on TCM: "Prisoner of War" and "Men of the Fighting Lady." I've always been a fan of Dewey who usually played the archtypical tough American kid next door with a hefty dose of smart-**** in his make-up. Really enjoyed his performance in "The Thing". Any other Dewey fans?
  2. "Arrrrrround the rrrrrugged rrrrrocks the rrrrrrragged rrrrrascal rrrrran" "Sinful Caesar sipped his snifter, seized his knees and sneezed." " Cheerful Chester chomps on chewy chives. He chooses them as he chews them..." STOP ME!!!! ARRRGGHHH!!!!
  3. I had something similar. I sent away to Camel a coupla years ago and they sent me this device that was about the size of a Zippo. You unscrewed the "match" part from the fluid tank and then struck the cotton covered, fluid soaked, steel end against a long flint, which was mounted on one side. But it wore out after just a coulpe of months.
  4. "Moses supposes his toeses are roses but Moses supposes erroniusly." From "Singing in the Rain"... sorry... Hey, If I were any more Goofy, Disney would sue for copyright infringement.
  5. FRom "Bad Day at Black Rock" Walter Brennan to Dan MacCready (Spencer Tracy) "I'd like to help ya but I'm overcome with apathy."
  6. Moviejoe; "Panic in the Year Zero" is from 1962 and features Jean Hagen (the unforgettable Lina Lamont in "Singing in the Rain") as Ray's wife and Frankie Avalonas his teen-aged son. Forget who plays his daughter... Good luck trying to see it though. May have to rent or buy it. I has been released on VHS. PS Bracken: there is one good scene in "2 Headed Transplant"; Where Rosie tries to explain to his VERY annoyed wife how this angry white man's head just happened to get grafted onto his body.
  7. Was anyone else as distressed as I was to see Ray Milland in the dreadful "Incredible 2-Headed Transplant"? Such a fine actor, and he apparently was not being offered roles up to his abilities. I know that aging is tougher on actresses, but here's a clear example of what "not being in the loop" can do to an actor as well. Another film he did for AIP, which was noted for it's schlocky pictures, is the surprising good " Panic in the Year Zero." This is a realistic film about what might happen during and after a nuclear attack.(One of the few serious films ever made on the subject i.e. no mutants or giant bugs.)Ray is wonderful in this character study of a civilized husband and father who finds that he must break with the old code of "Civilized" behavior in order to protect his family. An excellent, nuanced performance.
  8. ganavon you could be right as I have never seen Alan Burke. But the scene in Brotherhood COULD fit Joe Pyne as well. Or maybe it was a fusion of the two. In any case I enjoyed the film immensely.
  9. The film is "Invasion of the Saucermen." Only one guy died from the claws because he was ALREADY drunk. Everyone else just BECAME drunk. Which is why none of the adults would believe the kids...they were all drunk! Neat movie.
  10. I GOT it Moira. I feel the same way about Tina Louise. I sure wasn't watching "Gilligan's Island" to see the Professor build a radar set from palm leaves and clam shells. (Funny how he could do almost anything but fix that 6 inch hole in the boat).
  11. Geeze Fuster, what kind of barbarians do you run into that the experience of having a reasonably well-dressed man ask you a question in a civilized manner gives you the "vapors"? Actually since you could tell his socks were argyls means either that he was dressed in "flood control" pants or that he was wearing his belt up around his armpits. All kidding aside there has been a shocking decline in public manners. If you ask someone politely to desist from obnoxious behavior it usually results in EXTREME verbal abuse from the loutish oaf. I once asked a jet skier to kindly obey the sign posted at an inlet beach about no take-offs or landings in the area due to heavy use by bathers. He got in my face and let loose such a torrent of foul,abusive language that I was SORELY TEMPTED to head-butt his ugly, stupid mug. But I managed to control myself and he left... which is all I wanted him to do in the first place...
  12. I'm reminded of the 3 Stooge exchange: Larry: "Why there hasn't been a gentleman in my family in six generations." Moe: "Quit braggin'!" Breaks a huge celery stalk over Larry's head.
  13. "Funny? Funny how? Like I'm a clown? I'm here to amuse you? Why am I so F-ing funny?" From "Goodfellas".
  14. Ganavon, my favorite part of "Brotherhood of the Bell" is when Glen Ford goes on a Joe Pyne-like TV show and the faux Pyne stars ring a bell and calling him a "ding dong."
  15. "Dark of the Sun" 1966 MGM. Re=pairing of Rod Taylor &Yvette Mimieux from "The Time Machine."
  16. It's ok Stoney, but if tell me ya also had a crush on Rick Jason (Lt. Hanley) from "Combat" I may be forced to call you a "ninny"!
  17. Next stop Altziemers! I forgot that I had already decided that that was the connection, Liz. Morteville. Time funs when you're having flies.
  18. Hoagy WHO?? Man this guy Fuller has really got the ol' estrogen bubbling. I hadda check this guy out. He has a HUGE web site devoted to him; bigger and better than many genuine STARS have, so you ladies aren't alone in your sentiments. After checking the photos, I see that I sorta,kinda, remember him. No biggie...just "On yeah, him."
  19. I don't have a problem with Waters spoofing middle-class morality. It's an easy target. What makes this country great is that people can make the most outrageous criticisms of our society which are not only tolerated but rewarded, provided one has the vision of a John Waters. Think of the totalitarian, or Islamic fundementalist nations, where the slightest hint of deviation results in a trip to places that make "Mortville" look like a four star hotel room at Disney World. BTW I love the name "Mortville". Would love to know whom or what Waters is kidding with that. Mort Sahl????
  20. "Dr SL" Capt. Lionel Mandrake: "What do you think all this is in aid of? Colonel "Bat" Guano: I think you're some kind of deviated PREvert! I think you were leading a conspiracy of preverts and General Ripper found you out... After Mandrake enters phone booth to call the Pres. : "Don't you try any preversions in there!"
  21. I too find myself in the bathroom after seeing Bette Midler... it's to perform an act I call the "Singing Lunch." Ugh!
  22. Hey youse mugs, I'm gonna take a powder. I think the fuzz is hep to our jive. 23 skiddoo!
  23. Paul Newman's debut film, "THe Silver Chalice" is a hoot.It is set in about the 60's AD, during the reighn of Nero. Among it's many charms is a blonde, teenaged Natalie Wood who becomes an adult Virginia Mayo with Mr Spock eyebrows. Among the stellar cast is Joesph Wiseman, best remembered as Dr. No. He plays the leader of a super secret revolutionary group...the Sicarii. Their costumes would be right at home as the uniforms of Bond villians. A matching pants and shirt set complete with nifty cummerbund with horizontal stripes (see Dr No , Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice..etc) with the only nod given to it's 1st century setting are the sandals and cape. It's always good for a secret society to wear a universally recognized uniform... so they aren't confused with the Shriners or the Order of Water Buffaloes. The main villian is Jack Palance as Simon the magician, who does all his "Miracles" with the aid of trick photography (remember this is before "Special visual effects.") I especiaLLY LOVED the disappearing snake trick: He has the snake, they stop the camera, take away the snake, restart camera; poof !!! snake gone. Impresed the heck outta the Romans. When he gets drunk and sings a few bars is it Jack singing like a drunkard? No, they dub in an Operatic bass singer!!! Tears of mirth! At the end Simon builds a 300 ft tall tower with a contraption that will make it look like he can fly. But on the spur of the moment he decides he CAN fly and plumets to an unfortunate death. He is wearing a wonderful red leotard with fake wings and little spermatzoa? cut outs on it. Stop me! Then, since Nero is worried that the crowd will be disappointed that they didn't get to see Simon fly, he has Virginia THROWN off the tower, this being so much more entertaining than JUMPING off it. Can't go on! See this movie!
  24. Well Moira, I think Perry Como: "MR RELAXATION" comes close. Or as I called him "Mr COMOtose." I agree with you how on Hoagy's ability to inject emotion into a song without histrionics. He even made "Lazybones" a bit sad and wistful.
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