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  1. Saw "Arsenic & Old Lace" recently for the 1st time. Not impressed. Used the same "mistake of fact'" type plot I've seen a hundred times b4. The problem with success is that you get copied ...a LOT! I'll bet that this type of dialogue and plotting was fresh when this film came out. Little can be done resurrect stale humor, but at least drama has more durability. "Psycho" probably has little "shock" value after "The Exhorcist", "Last House on the Left" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.",but we can still marvel at it's mood, lighting,music, and cinematography etc. I had to turn off "A&OL" before I heard one more shreik of "CCCHHAAARRRGGGE!!!!!!!"

  2. Or MAYBE it was careless, sloppy writting...pgm80s, when I saw this in the theatre I looked around frantically to see if anyone else was as nonplussed as myself and all I saw were slack-jawed faces rythmically chewing their popcorn cud. I would like to believe that I'm not the only person who knows that a person can't hold their breath for more than a week... in sub-zero water no less! If only the passengers on the Titanic could have known this technique...

  3. I'd like to ask Indiana Jones fans to explain to me how old Indy was able to hang onto the Nazi sub's periscope when it submerged in the Med off the Egyptian coast and didn't resurface until it was in the Artic Ocean which was a short 1500 miles away. To quote Jim Hutton's character "TV" in "Where the Boys Are".... "What Lungs!"

  4. Tracey, tell your son to be careful. Those ballet dancer guys can be some pretty tough hombres. Why just last year I told dancer from "Cats" that the ensemble he was wearing was just too "busy" and that his accessories were on the "flouncy" side. Whereupon he screeched "We all know where YOU'Ve been!" and proceeded to slash my gorgeous new taupe chintz curtains and melted all my Bette Middler records in the microwave!

  5. Best known as the gladiator trainer who was drowned in the soup by Spartacus and as Robert Blake's father in "In Cold Blood", McGraw was able to carry a film as well. He played the lead in a good number of late 40's noir films including "The Armored Car Robbery" and "The Narrow Margin" which I happened to catch on Flix last week. I have never seen him mentioned on this forum and was wondering if anyone else enjoyed his gravelly-voiced performances. BTW way, he could have served as the model for the "tough-guy" graphics the TCM often employs as it's logo.

  6. Ok folks, you have forced me out of my summer coma! Several people have said that Mel forced "The Passion of the Christ" down people's throats. Did the the Spanish Inquisition reappear while I was suffering a hangover, complete with Cardinal Fang and Bishop Chainsaw forcing people into the local multiplex, and strapping them into their seats? What??!! They went in willingly...paid money to see it??? Oh I see, they couldn't tell from the title that it was about the crucifiction of Jesus. I felt the same way when I saw "Old Yeller" and it wasn't about some crabby senior citizen who hollered at the kids to stay out of his yard. And I was SO disappointed that "The Full Monty" wasn't the complete and unabridged works of those madcap Brit TV comedians. "It's only a flesh wound!"

  7. After watching "Johnny Guitar" for the first time recently, I am reminded how much I have enjoyed the quirky acting and career of Sterling Hayden. He was great in the Kubrick films "THe Killing" and "Dr Strangelove". His General Jack D. Ripper is supremely scary and frightening at the same time. The only comparable performances are Mitchum in "Cape Fear" and Joe Peschi in "Goodfellas". (" Funny? Funny how? I'm here to amuse you?")And he was unforgetable as he corrupt NYC police captain in "Godfather". Even his military career was quirky. He won the silver star as a Marine commando running weapons to Tito's partisans in WWII. His brief flirtation with Tito's brand of communism, created ramifications which haunted him after he recanted and testified before the HUAC during the red scare. A hugely underated actor.

  8. Leo, I guess that I'm just going to have to break into your house in the middle of the night and use your remote to turn on the "mute" function on your TV. Then I'm going to crazy-glue the button so that you can't turn it off. That way ALL your movies will be silent! Nothing personal Leo, my friend, it's just something I HAVE to do... :)

  9. Ahh yes. "Clutch Cargo"....Spinner and Paddlefoot. Even as a kid I thought this was wretched dreck. But I watched for TWO reasons. 1)It appeared on the same show that also showed the Stooges.2)at that time there were a whole THREE channels to choose from.

  10. Finally saw the 1934 version of "Imitation of Life" and it made me CRINGE!. Ignoring the other outrages, Delilah made the pancakes, owned the "secret ingredient" to the pancakes, had her picture on the box of pancake flour, and Claudette & her manager offer her a BIG 20% of the profits!!! And what is Delilah's concern? That she will own her own house and not be able to "take care" of Colbert and her daughter....up to and including rubbing her feet! One can't help but get the feeling that the production felt that this was very generous because given the times and prejudice therein, the Colbert character could probably gotten away with giving her 5% or even NOTHING!!!

  11. Back to the Stooges! Our favorite trio is a society party trying to pass as "gentlemen." As they re introduced to the ladies they each try to be suave and debonaire. To the Countess: Moe: "Delighted" Larry "DEvestated." Curly "Dilapidated" To Mrs Gottrocks: Moe "Enchanted" Larry "Enraptured" Curly "Embalmed."

  12. Just to show I'm not just about the Stooges I offer this gem from "Duck Soup" and the Marx Bros... Rufus T. Firefly: " I say we give him 10 years in Levenworth. Or maybe 11 years in Twelveworth." Chico: "I'll take 5 and 10 at Woolworth."

  13. I've always thought Moe Howard's parodys of Hitler compared favorably with Chaplin's. Moe is impersonating Hitler, spewing psuedo-German in a towering rage, when his fake mustache flies off and lands on a Nazi. He reaches over and retrieves it, speaking in his regular voice: "Hey Buddy; couldja let me have my personality back?" and resumes his tirade. Shemp to tough guy: "Them's FIGHTIN' words in MY country!" Tough guy: "Well???" ..."Well we're not in my country." Larry in an old west saloon orders a glass of milk. When the bartender and other patrons smirk at him he snarls: "And put it in a dirty glass!!!" as Moe and Curley pat him on the back. Larry to Moe in a haunted castle "I'm not scared. I'm merely aprehensive." Moe: what's 'aprehensive'?" Larry: "That's scared with a college education."

  14. Bing!!? That lousy, orange juice pushing so and so why I...no no no. I actually thought Bob was a show biz great! I only fear that young people having only seen him when he was in his 3 decade unfunny period will think that if they watch his old movies they will just see a younger guy trowling out the same corn. He was a GREAT comedian. NO ONE could make cowardice into a humorous art form like Bob. OMG "Paleface" ... I'm smiling as I type....:)

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