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  1. You are correct Finance, the thread is yours!
  2. that's correct but you missed something, what's his connection to Citizen Kane? It shouldn't be too hard now, you're half way there!
  3. Considering this American actor's background it would have been impossible to guess that he would have chosen a career on the stage and screen. Among his ancestors there were settlers, governors, and other politicians of the state where he was born and raised. This wealthy and well-educated actor also played supporting and character roles that were his polar opposite. Not only was this man an actor he was also a political cartoonist and conservationist/preservationist and one of these links him to the inspiration of something that is featured prominently in the film "Citizen Kane". Name the a
  4. Robert Cummings. "Dial M for Murder" and "Saboteur"
  5. I'm leaving the thread open to any one that wants it
  6. Betty Field in: Of Mice and Men, Kings Row, The Southerner, The Great Gatsby, and Picnic?
  7. You are correct Miles, the thread is yours
  8. This actor with a very famous sister was better known for his scandalous lifestyle that included alcohol, drugs, and womanizing, than his acting in mostly B pictures in which he was portrayed as a wholesome American young man. Even during his stint in the military during WWI he came up with a scheme that helped rich young men pay bribes to avoid military service as well as providing women for officers. True to his womanizing ways this actor was married three times and all three times to actresses that had once been Ziegfeld girls. One of his wives met a tragic death during a second honeymoon
  9. ok, sure. I'll be back on in a few minutes with the question.
  10. just a random uneducated guess, is it Barry Fitzgerald?
  11. you're correct Lavender, the thread is yours
  12. I'm a really big fan of Joseph Cotten This academy award winning actor made his breakthrough to major roles with his portrayal of the titular character in a 1940 film. According to a technical consultant for the film who had personally known the man the film was based on the actor not only resembled the man he was portraying, he also spoke like him and had many of his mannerisms. In 1972 the actor even converted to the same religion of the man he had portrayed 32 years earlier and 140 years after the character's own conversion. Name the actor and the title of the film/the man he portra
  13. Joseph Cotten, Venice Film Festival Award for Best Actor for his performance in Portrait of Jennie
  14. -ignore this- Edited by: OdessaSteps88 on Dec 16, 2009 5:06 PM
  15. You are correct Lavender! The thread is yours
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