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  1. Would you consider making an exception if only for this thread? I really wish to include you in any discussion, and the little videos that I have lined up may prove to be quite interesting... (at least I hope so) even to one as intellectually diverse as yourself. In fact that is what the aim is, to stimulate all of us intellectually (in an entertaining way of course). And your insightful injections can be beneficial to all of us. Come on Sarge, don't just "go by the book" here. Show some of that initiative you displayed in Beau Geste when you fooled those Bedouins into thinking that the fort was fully manned, when it really wasn't...
  2. But you do have a PC and can access and watch the videos via the links here right???? The reason being is I have a string of hopefully "insightful" little 'Youtube' videos lined up (on a variety of subjects) that I wish to post (a little at a time, of course). And I was hoping to stimulate others (including yourself) to voice their impressions as well as adding their own to the collection in whatever tangent it leads them to do so.
  3. I figured you were using it on a "Smart" TV. Still, was hoping that you might inquire on my behalf? And then post back whatever the techies at Hulu told you regarding: ????
  4. Hi Lorna, For the last several years I have paid my TVSP big bucks just so I can access WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. When it does work it is great, however it frequently will not and that is purely a TCM thing. They (of course) are totally non-responsive to any query on their very own website, making subscribers wait and hope that whatever issue will eventually be resolved, but I (for one) am pretty fed up with that routine by now. You say Hulu has "about 86 titles" available from the past weeks live airing on TCM. I did a count last Friday and TCM had a total of 88 movies plus 10 shorts (98 titles) listed as available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. Unfortunately (for me) at my end only 16 of those would actually load and play, and as of this posting nothing that they have added since will load. I stream directly from my PC and have used Win 7 Pro and Firefox browser for several years with WATCH TCM. My set-up hasn't changed (aside from browser & Flashplayer updates) so the only thing that keeps screwing me (and many of us over) is the incompetence displayed by TCM. I am at the point where I plan to DC my current TCM access tier and just say adios to the frustration and put that money to better use elsewhere. That said, if I can somehow maintain my WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND connection through an alternate means, I may be to give it a shot, if it will work? So I have been listening to (reading) your HULU raves here and have tried to get the necessary info from Hulu or somewhere else, but so far zip. Yeah, I can sign-up for a"free" trial, but what's the point if it won't work with my OS. According to the hulu.com website their $7.99 mo plan offers access to their streaming library (minus the Live TV part). It "said" that they do offer TCM (in my area), and I would like to assume that also means full access to at least most of the WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND content, right? However, the only windows PC OS that they list is Win 10. And my OS is Win 7 pro (with Firefox browser). I have been unable to verify from any recent source whether I will be able to watch Hulu with Win 7? Since you likely use a "Smart TV" or something else, you may not be able to answer from personal experience. But you do have a Hulu account, so I am wondering if you may be able to find out the answer for me, if you would? Could you (would you) please contact Hulu and share that you know someone who is interested in Hulu ($7.99 mo plan) if he can have access to the same TCM ON-DEMAND library as yourself, and if it will work with the Win 7 Pro OS and Firefox browser? I don't know anybody else who has Hulu, other than yourself, and I have spent hours searching on-line with nothing relevantly current (a few older posts going back to 2010 or so, but nothing regarding Win 7 from 2018-2019). Anyway, just thought I'd ask. I'll check back to see what you say. Thank you for your time and hulu endorsement. Steve
  5. Neither, they are "a counter-clockwise arrow (not a buffering circle) and won't load." As described below. It doesn't "spin" like it's "buffering" and trying to load. The image is static. It is the counterclockwise arrow that shows up After a movie has finished playing. The kind you click to replay the movie over again. Same as slim pickins described in the OP to this thread. Oh I have long ago learned to never expect anything from TCM, least of all "tech (or even Mod) support." Granted, I get it that you and others are able to Watch TCM with different devices and various app's (which is quite a reversal from the otherwise dysfunctional TCM norm. More often the case has been various device and App conflicts being reported, and more often only persons using just their PC's with no apps have been able to stream from TCM, not so this time.) The few films that are left that still load are fine for me as well. But the rest just behave as if they have already played and the little counter clockwise arrow can't stimulate them to replay. (As said before, E. & W. coast "Live" streams play normally, but that is not WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND). It has been like this before, and someone at TCM central pushes some button, or clicks on some terminal, and suddenly these movies load normally again. But I really believe (because nobody at TCM apparently monitors the QA output on various devices) that TCM is not even aware that this is happening right now. Evidently nobody there is checking with a simple PC and Firefox browser to make sure things are as they should be downstream. The only other conclusion, is that "yeah they do know, but for whatever reason they just don't care." Or worse, they are trying to force all of their subscribers that wish to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND to acquire some add-on software or device that circumvents the user ability to reverse privacy settings after a movie has successfully loaded and begun to play. Making it impossible for us to stream anything without allowing their cookies and trackers to remain on board our systems indefinitely, via their app. That wouldn't surprise me one bit either. Back in late 2015, and 2016, I read every post within this forum seeking answers to the problems back then. I have kept fairly on top of this board ever since and made numerous "concern," "complain," and "troubleshooting assistance" threads and posts here. But I do appreciate that you are doing the same thing that I did long ago and reading what you can (looking for solutions) from those previous, often antiquated, threads. In the past, I and others here have sometimes managed a "work-around" that allowed us to watch movies until TCM got their act together. But often times it was just a wait and see how long it finally took them to make things work again. As said before, in my case anyway, 99 percent of the time the causal factor was TCM not the end user. Stubborn? Yes, Defiant? Most definitely. If I can no longer watch TCM ON-DEMAND with a simple high-end PC and no add-on apps, as I have for these last several years, then I will no longer watch TCM at all. No, I do not have a "Smart" phone, nor a "Smart" TV... I like my appliances dumb, deaf and blind. It is bad enough that my TVSP can access whatever I watch for marketing data via the telemetry receivers that we have to pay monthly rent on. No I refuse to surrender any more of my privacy to Google and Microsoft. And I deny Windows 10 spyware. Even if they have become the only software to work with TCM or anything else that I can live without. My plans are to retire my Win 7 pro systems for strictly off-line use. And implement whatever Linux operating system that allows me to do what I need or wish to do online with a level of personal security that I require. As said before, there are still non-invasive and far less invasive, options to Google and Windows search engines and software. And there are alternate browsers that (for the time being) work with users and not against us. You may think that I am "cutting off my nose to spite my face" with my attitude. But not so. TCM is not my nose, it has been a luxury that I enjoyed but can just as easily live without (as I currently am since it isn't working) and especially if they try to force an issue on us. As long as I have alternative options, I will seek them out before allowing any company to willingly have their unfettered way with me. Google and Windows are not "candles in the darkness" to me. They are explosive fuses that I refuse to light. Way, way back, when I first entered the world of PC's, I considered Apple. But I went with IBM compatibles because the software at that time was more readily available in that format and far less expensive to purchase. My first OS was Win 3.0. I still have a PC with that OS on board because the software programs still function the same as always. I used to religiously upgrade to practically each new Windows OS that they released, until I realized that some were real stinkers. Win '95 was a huge improvement in stability but I began to loose backward compatibility with my old and quite expensive software programs. Win '98 was okay, but everything from that to Win XP Pro was a flop. I tried out a couple of Win Operating systems after XP but discovered that XP was better. I stuck with XP until it was no longer supported and then had another retired PC just for the XP software compatibility. Then I moved on to Win 7 pro. Which has proven to be exceptionally reliable, and superior to anything that MS has released since. Win 10 is really designed for full time on-line users, and MS retains control of every aspect of it. Had MS not tried to covertly force it upon me I might have willingly tried it out instead of studying up on it. It was then that I realized that MS had become the "Big Blue" that Mac had long been warning us about. Not that the Apple I-Phones et al are not just as intrusive. But once my eyes were opened to the "big plan" I could not close them again. Some people claim to love MS and Win 10. Some people don't know better. And others don't care... as long as they can continue on, they won't care until MS and Google, et al, bite them in the butt. They have been nibbling there so long that I suppose many folks just think of it as par for the course. I mean if they are on Facebook and Twitter et al, they've already given it all away anyway, so who cares.... Hey, sorry about the rant there big guy. I do appreciate your concern. But I think I know what's going on, and it ain't to pretty to look at. Like I said, and I do believe that I really mean it this time. TCM will either work for me as before, as is. Or I plan to quit them by next TVSP bill day. You know just saying that out loud makes me feel a whole lot better. Thanks Pal.
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  10. Thanks Sarge, Good example on the transient "permanence" of Kingdoms, states, and nation states.... I haven't checked the link for accuracy, just looking at the map and using my memory (which may be flawed) to recall what is significant about Sardinia to me. Of course it was populated by indigenous people for many millennia before the Sea Peoples and Carthaginian Empire occupied it. Then, given over to the Romans (along with Sicily and other concessions) at the conclusion of the first Punic War. Jump forward to the late 18th century... I seem to recall that a young Napoleon used his artillery and the high ground to force the British fleet to back off from the port of Nice (I believe?). [Edit: Close but no cigar. It wasn't Nice, it was the port of Toulon.] Later, he was charged to take control of a bedraggled French army in mainland Sardinia (Savoy?) and defeated the Austrians and their allies in Northern Italy. (I believe that he requested Josephine to join him in Turin, or maybe it was Milan?) Afterwards he "liberated" Milan and Northern Italy, from Austrian occupation and defeated a coalition of several of the small allied Italian states (from the Papal States northward). Making his way to Venice, before turning N. East, in an end run through the Alps, to join with other French forces at the gates of Vienna, forcing the Austrians to temporarily abandon their part of the war against the fledgling French Republic. Jump forward to the late 20th century and and the discovery of Otzi the Ice Man, who walked the earth over 5,000 years ago before being murdered in the Alpine mountains between Austrian Tyrol and Northern Italy. Why Otzi? Well I recall reading that this early Bronze age mountaineer's DNA links him to the existing population of Sardinians. Not that Otzi came from the island, but it is surmised that he existed in a time when his genetic relatives occupied most of the Italic peninsula and beyond. But since that time have been supplanted everywhere else except the island of Sardinia, where his closest matching (albeit distant) relatives still exist to this day. And, as learned from the little video above (about dwarf mammoths), upon Sardinia (as well as several of the Mediterranean islands, and Isles far beyond that sea) have been discovered the skeletal fossil remains of dwarf elephants. Providing numerous examples of insular dwarfism. Oh, and one more very minor (albeit personal) reason why Sardinia sticks in my mind is that when I was staying in a little town south of Munchen, in Bavaria, there was this little family owned gelato shop that I used to frequent in the piazza. The husband and wife were both from Sardinia, but first met each other while going to school in Germany. They fell in love, got married and had a couple of little nationalized "German" kids. But during the winter they close up their little shop for a few weeks and visit their parents in Sardinia, where everything is warm and beautiful. Okay Sarge, I may be a little flaky (precision wise) on my Napoleonic history, but otherwise how'd I do for an impromptu off the cuff quiz on Sardinia?
  11. Thanks Nipper, I too liked the Ventures. One song comes to mind in 1966, "Wild Thing," and the radio was playing both the Ventures and the Troggs instrumental of the same song. Got a little confusing, since they both sounded so much a like. The song was originally recorded by The Wild Ones in 1965, but became a hit in '66 when The Troggs released it. The Troggs- Wild Thing 1966 Then the Ventures came out with this one, which definitely set it apart (in a silly way) BTW, can you recognize the "voice" of the famous actor they are trying to parody in this one? THE VENTURES- "WILD THING"(VINYL) 1966 A year later another funny "Wild Thing" parody was briefly popular, that is up until June 6, 1968. The radio stopped playing it after that. BTW, I shook Bobby's hand a few days before when he was campaigning next door to my H.S. Senator Bobby - Wild Thing - 45rpm Novelty! 1967
  12. Thanks James, I remember Jeff Beck with The Yardbirds back in '66 And his rendition of two iconic guitar instrumentals: "Apache" and "Sleepwalk" I think that Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page & Jimi Hendrix, had to be among the most talented guitarists ever. The Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things (& Jeff Beck) 1966 The Guitar Gods - Jeff Beck: "Apache" / "Sleepwalk"
  13. Your very welcome James. BTW, I included that little "Sukiyaki" guitar instrumental with you in mind.
  14. Mine was also a GE (I think) at least I remember it looking like the one you posted. Except mine was black, and came with a black leather case and shoulder strap. Hah ha, I have every tune you posted in my "oldies" collection and Yep, first heard them all back in the day as yourself, on the radio. And yep, I remember those pre-bikini days at the beach... What a debt we owe to that little song ehhh. (and of course those "explosive" tests at Bikini Atoll) Thanks for posting your recollections and music.
  15. Interesting little video exposition by Slavoj Quite an animated speaker, but methinks one better heard at a distance (I fear that up close one would be sprayed worse than having a face to face with Eddie Foy). But I think his point could be summed up by stating that taking anything "out of context" to prove a point is altering the truth, and by today's "standards" can easily fall beneath the broad umbrella of "Fake News." And throughout history no one (individual, group, state, ideology, etc...) has ever held a monopoly on the proliferation of "Fake News." Half truths and part truths by themselves do not make the whole truth (especially when filled in with deliberate falsehoods). BTW, I am one who believes that "self plagiarism" is a misnomer. Plagiarism, by definition is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another person's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and then representing them as one's own original work. How is it possible to plagiarise from yourself?
  16. In deed! I am quite frankly surprised that no one else has chimed in here, or posted new threads inquiring about this. Could it be that nobody streams WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND just from their PC anymore? Is everybody using some other device with an app that they have downloaded? I'm beginning to feel like I might be a dinosaur around here? OR, could it be that those people that are experiencing this as well are just so fed up, because nobody at TCM responds to them anyway, that they've given up complaining about it and maybe have just left TCM completely??? I can well understand the latter. Sounds likely, as they're only there for seven days after broadcast. If you are going to cross-check, please do so with the movies that I can currently still load and play from bottom up on the "green" list (from Father Of The Bride backwards, as that "load & playable" list is dwindling fast. Pretty sad if TCM is now restricting functionality to only those with apps and devices other than a simple PC with a TVSP & ISP (there are still plenty of us out there that still just use a PC to stream with). Not sure what (or who) is actually causing this problem as it appears the same as has happened repeatedly before. But I'd think that if it were as you suggest (i.e. "DRM glitch associated with a PC & browser") then I wouldn't be able to watch anything that TCM streams, either the LIVE feeds or any of the ON-DEMAND movies, which is obviously not the case, at least not for now anyway... I have gotten into the routine habit of using WATCH TCM over the years because when it does work, it is has been extremely convenient for me. Especially when traveling, to be able to access it and watch most any movie that TCM has aired within the last seven days at MY convenience. I purchased my own DVR years ago and refuse to activate the one on my TVSP receiver and pay rent for something that I rarely use anymore. However, since late 2015 I have been locked into the TVSP receiver's tuner, meaning that my DVR only works on whatever channel that receiver is on at the time. And their damn tuner automatically times out after a few hrs if it senses no recent activity. I have checked and there is no work around with that particular model, so I often must be physically present to actually DVR anything, making it almost useless unless recording something really special for posterity. Another advantage I have noticed of streaming vs the TV broadcast, is frequently there are some interruptions in the latter, i.e. a bi-weekly (tri-weekly...) emergency tests of the system that can occur at any time. Or occasional quality issues, i.e. pixilation, momentary video/audio, freezes, etc. OR even total loss of the signal for whatever reason/s. So the streaming (when it works) bypasses all that. But as I write NOTHING playable has been added to the defective WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND list since Father of the Bride was added. And of that dwindling handful that still do load & play (noted previously) nothing has been added since that will load at all. I can still stream "Live" from WATCH TCM East & West coast feeds, but that is like watching TV anyway, so no real advantage there, except that it continues to confirm that there is nothing at all wrong at my end (with my browser, settings or equipment, etc.) If TCM only (maybe) "listens/responds" to those that report problems on social media sites like Facebook & Twitter, etc. then mentioning anything here (outside of user confirmation) is a lost cause. I have decided to leave the determination of the fate of my on-going relationship with TCM (in general) and WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND (specifically) in the hands of the "gods." It has now been another two days of TCM dysfunction. IF, TCM cleans up it's act by next week, allowing me to actually watch movies from WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND, then I may continue on with them, as before. IF NOT, then I have decided to cancel my current TVSP tier level that allows me access to TCM, and reduce it to a basic tier level. I will then no longer be able to watch TCM at all, and that will be an end to it. The way I see it is, when WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND doesn't work I am paying for nothing anyway, so why continue to pay for that frustration. I may still access the TCM schedule for inspiration if for nothing else. If I see that they are going to air something that I've never seen before or really want to see again, then I will try to obtain that video by some other means, such as an inter-library loan from my local library, or by streaming from YouTube or elsewhere. The only programs that I will likely miss out on are those rare TCM premiers of features that have never been recorded on video tape or digitally transferred into some other medium. But I am willing to live with that. Of course if I can no longer access WATCH TCM then I will be spared from ever coming to this "technical" thread again, and I am sure that the mods here will be happy about that, as they apparently hate having to deal with anyone who complains about the "wonderfulness" of TCM. Of course they'll have to "exercise" that "delete" finger elsewhere without me being around anymore....
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