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  7. What do we really know about this man who occupies the most powerful seat in the world today? What do we know about his family and the people whom he has chosen to surround himself, and whom influence the direction of this nation under his administration, and for decades to come? All about Donald Trump’s early years, from troubled teen to military academy and business school
  8. That is interesting... But if we want to compare apples with apples, then we both should be using as close to the same equipment as possible. Meaning just a PC (without any "apps") as you described in your previous post. Barring the differences in our OS and browsers, we should be able to see (or not as the case may be) the same things. That is if we could get the timing down. Because (as recently experienced) what works with WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND one day, may not work the next day, and vice versa. Anyway, I do appreciate you taking the time to cross check. I will cut out for awhile and then recheck myself in a few hours. Who knows if anyone at TCM is aware of what's happening and maybe trying to "fix" it again???
  9. Good for you. Heck I clear my browser before and after I watch anything on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. And yes, I sign-in again with my TVSP data for each movie I watch. Just to keep the insidious 3rd party cookies at bay. Extremely cumbersome process but I have made it a ritual just to avail myself to the "good" of TCM (the "classic" movies) while attempting to minimize the potential damage from the "bad" side of TCM. They have become extremely pervasive the last few years, forcing any subscriber who wishes to stream anything from them to totally surrender themselves to any and all 3rd party cookies and tracking. So we do what we can to thwart the corporate beast as best we can. I don't really have a "NEED" for TCM... I survived just fine without it before it existed and I can do so again. It has enriched me over the years... but what I do have (and I think many of us share, regarding TCM) is an addiction! And as most addicts will share regarding their favorite drug, they don't do it because it makes them feel bad. They do it because it makes them feel "good". And the pleasure "reward" is so intense that they endure the "bad" that it causes them. But, there comes a time when one needs to go "cold turkey" and do something more constructive with one's life. So your advice is well received. Thanks.
  10. W T F is going on TCM !?!?!?!?! (Yes, sometimes an implied expletive is sadly appropriate!) SO, MODs, PLEASE DON'T DELETE THIS POST!!! Yesterday afternoon (2/14/2019), I did a "shotgun" assessment and checked around a dozen or so different features scattered throughout the WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND availability list, and everyone of them instantly loaded and began to play. So, yesterday afternoon & evening everything that I tried to watch on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND loaded and played normally completely through. And now, today (2/15/2019), WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND is almost Totally screwed-up again!!!! WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND was "down" (dysfunctional) Tue-Wed this week (Feb. 12-13, 2019). They were "down" the first 3 days of this month (Feb. 2019). They were "down" the First week of Jan. 2019. They were "down" for several days in Dec. 2018 They were intermittantly "down" (for various durations) during assorted months in 2018, (various past threads and posts reflect this) Likewise in 2017, and 2016, and 2015,..... TCM reminds me of a schizophrenic "friend" that I once had. Some days she acted perfectly normal, but on other days (when she was likely not taking her meds) she was wacko! Okay, so TCM has again forced me to check every single feature listed to see if anything loads and plays as it should. Good news is that a few of them do. Bad news is that Most of them don't. No rhyme or reason that I can figure to this... One might load and play okay, whereas those before and after it won't. Exactly the same symptoms I described in the previous dysfunctional post in this thread. Everything at my end checks out fine. IT is Solely a TCM instigated problem. How do I know that for sure? Elementary my dear Watson... Some load & play normally while MOST do NOT! Below is the current Evidence! (as of the last 15 minutes) Of everything Presently listed on the WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND website The following features currently load and begin to play "normally." YES (will load & play) All About Eve A Letter To Three Wives The Adventures of Robin Hood Adam's Rib Mrs. Miniver Casablanca The Remains of the Day Lawrence of Arabia The Cowboy and the Lady Love Affair Random Harvest Waterloo Bridge Dark Victory All This, and Heaven Too The Philadelphia Story Father Of The Bride NO (WON'T LOAD at all) The Mark of Zorro The Front Page Ninotchka Tom Jones The Great Dictator My Favorite Wife Mr. Deeds Goes to Town The Sunshine Boys Now, Voyager The Prince of Tides Bonnie and Clyde Dog Day Afternoon The Great Ziegfeld The Story of Louis Pasteur Young Mr. Lincoln The Stratton Story Calamity Jane The Agony and the Ecstasy In the Heat of the Night The Defiant Ones Honeysuckle Rose Romance on the High Seas The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone Travels With My Aunt A Little Romance A Passage to India Royal Wedding Around the World in 80 Days Lassie Come Home The Thin Man The Best Years Of Our Lives The Perils of Pauline Morning Glory What Price Hollywood? My Favorite Year The Band Wagon The Star Inside Daisy Clover The Bad and the Beautiful Naughty Marietta San Francisco On the Town Singin' in the Rain Days of Glory Ship of Fools The Desert Song The Stranger Watch on the Rhine To Be or Not to Be Night Train to Munich Merrily We Live On the Waterfront East of Eden White Shadows in the South Seas The Racket Two Arabian Knights A Woman of Affairs Our Dancing Daughters The Divine Lady Sadie Thompson The Crowd Speedy The Bridge on the River Kwai Under Western Stars Splendor in the Grass Kramer vs. Kramer Dodsworth The Window The Green Years The Little Fugitive Little Women Jungle Book SHORTS YES (Zip!) NO (ZERO LOAD) The Courtship Of The Newt Wedding Worries We Do It Because- Alfalfa'S Aunt The Man on the Rock Microscopic Mysteries The Law and the Lab Trifles That Win Wars The Romance of Digestion A Really Important Person So what can be deduced from this back and forth Worky, No Worky TCM rigamarole ??? I haven't the faintest idea today any more than I did when crap similar to this was happening like every other week a couple of years ago. But whatever has caused it before has never really left. It may go to sleep (or hibernate) for a while, but then it wakes up with a vengeance! WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND is just too damn unreliable. And because I pay big bucks every month to a TVSP just to have access to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND, they are seriously about to loose me as a customer. And I have been a fan and paying subscriber for TCM since it's inception in 1994!!! Yes, it is getting to be that frustrating for me that I am about to hang it up and say goodbye TCM, and good riddance to the aggravation you've caused me ever since you introduced WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. Well, everybody has a limit to their patience, and TCM has done their best (or worst) in pushing me to mine. It would be good for a Mod here to forward this entire thread up the TCM chain so that some CEO that just might (I know that I'm dreaming here, right!) actually pay attention and do something to fix all of this ongoing inconsistency! If for no other reason than it makes no fiscal sense to spend money producing and promoting a prominent TCM feature, when it is allowed to be so dysfunctional that it drives viewer/subscribers away. Not only the newbies mind you (that quickly find out how unreliably bad it can be), but the old timers that have stuck around for years... But the acetone of dysfunctionality is finally eroding the glue that had adhered some of us to TCM for so long. As our wondrously "great???" leader??? might say, "Sad, very very Sad. TCM you are messing up Biggly, really Biggly! In fact, if you were on my TV show, The Apprentice, I would have already said "You're Fired! long ago. Yes, I really would have. And that is No Fake News!"
  11. Still not sure if you went directly from your PC to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND or not? But based on what you have posted I am thinking not. I know that people post on this board with numerous different problems that I may not be experiencing at my end. So many devices, apps, and add-on's out there with the added variables of individual conflicts between TCM and them. Likewise, some confusion when people are watching TCM "on-demand" movies that are available from different deals made between TCM and their various TV Service Providers. They often complain about differing title and presentation issues, etc. and say yeah, this is on TCM "on-demand", but they neglect to clarify that it is from their TVSP and not directly from the TCM website, which is quite a difference. That is why I got into the habit of writing out WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND, to hopefully make a distinction. I use no "Smart" TV or device sticks (not yet anyway) with which to compare. Nor do I use any device other than a PC to stream with. The only "app" that I use is the required adobe flashplayer when watching TCM. I do use an HDMI cable from my PC to the larger flat-screen, but otherwise the only variables between me and the WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND servers is a high-end PC, the browser (and TCM required 3rd party & tracking settings), Adobe Flashplayer, my Modem (and I have a back-up modem), and my ISP. I deliberately keep it as simple as I can because it minimizes the variables when a problem arises and allows me to trouble shoot my end rather quickly. If everything checks out at my end then I am very confident that the problem is coming from some level at TCM. So I cannot duplicate problems that others report here when they are using different devices, apps, add-ons, and what-have-you. But, with enough information, I can verify with a relative certainty whether the problem is originating directly from the WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND servers or not. That is, so long as at least two (or more) of us here have reported very similar problems. Nobody can rely on TCM for any assistance of any kind (outside of their little generic Faq link), so it has always been "users helping users" here. A few years ago, MovieCollectorOH, myself, and a couple of others, would really dig-in to the roots of certain TCM problems here. But because these TCM problems are so repetitive, it becomes fatiguing repeating yourself in post after post and thread after thread. As those informative old trouble-shooting threads and posts still exist on this board, for anyone who cares to go back and look for them (I know that's a chore, so very few ever do, hence the repetition). Most of that old handful infrequently check in here anymore. I generally only do so on occasion myself. And especially if I am experiencing a specific issue and just want to see if someone else is too. I know that the mods do read our threads here (at least every now and then) as they occasionally delete posts and threads of mine. MODs used to occasionally acknowledge that they were aware of a problem and that TCM was "working" on it. Or they would reply that the concern had been forwarded on to someone at TCM... But they stopped doing that awhile back now, leaving us to wonder "are they doing anything at all to help intercede for us these days?" Regarding the TCM promos and intro-outros... At my end WATCH TCM-ON-DEMAND will feature those little promos at the beginning of practically every feature (sometimes they are absent on short subjects and cartoons), then (after the TCM screens and logos) the intro (if there is an intro) will play as part of the ensuing movie stream. At the end of the movie the outro will play. Below the main feature screen, there's a row of assorted little movie clips, past intros, and sometimes a trailer video available to watch even without signing-in. When I am experiencing a problem with the main feature, but can still play any of those clips, et al., then I know that it's not a Flashplayer issue, and generally not a conflict with my browser as well. Sometimes someone at TCM "creates" a browser conflict even when there haven't been any concurrent browser updates. But I save earlier versions of my browser that had worked fine in the past with TCM, and that allows me to go back and double check on those. If an older browser works, and a recent update does not, then I've pretty well confirmed that TCM has a conflict with that particular browser version. So thanks Mike for checking back. We may be able to help each other (and perhaps someone else) out every now and then (especially if they are using the same stuff as yourself).
  12. What Happened to Ham in Space? *Sad Story of Ham*
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  15. Here are a few resource links to help any one who can see, hear, and read, to become ever so much more "Smarter" on about any topic thus far concieved by the mind of man. WORLD LIBRARY LINKS Books https://openlibrary.org/ ebooks & texts https://archive.org/details/texts Video https://archive.org/details/movies Audio https://archive.org/details/audio Images https://archive.org/details/image -------------------------------- Documentary Films https://topdocumentaryfilms.com https://sprword.com/ PBS https://www.pbs.org/
  16. A thread for people who wish to get smarter, or just learn some trivial facts to impress their friends. Enjoy!
  17. THAT'S AMORAL - Parody of That's Amore | Don Caron
  18. She Was SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEEN (Roy Moore Was 32) - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  19. In 1963 (along with "Sukiyaki") I found myself frequently enjoying another foreign language song which I could not understand and knew nothing about, but was none-the-less entranced by the melody and singing voice which transcended the linguistic barriers within my developing little mind. And like "Sukiyaki" I still knew very little about the song, what it meant, and the singer who popularized it until I researched it for this post. But what has stuck with me throughout my years (since 1963) is the melody and the voice which always takes me back to my youth when I hear it. Now that I know what I know, this little song means more to me than ever before. "Dominique" is a 1963 French language popular song, written and performed by Jeannine Deckers of Belgium, better known as Soeur Sourire or The Singing Nun. "Dominique" is about Saint Dominic, a Spanish-born priest and founder of the Dominican Order, of which Deckers was a member (as Sister Luc-Gabrielle). The English-version lyrics of the song were written by Noël Regney. In addition to French and English, Deckers recorded versions in Dutch, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. It was a top selling record in 11 countries in late 1963 and early 1964. "Dominique" reached the Top 10 in 11 countries in late 1963 and early 1964, topping the chart in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It reached the Top 5 in Norway, Denmark, Ireland and South Africa, with the song making it into the lower reaches of the Top 10 in the Netherlands, West Germany, and the United Kingdom. The song reached and stayed at No. 1 on WLS Chicago, for the last three weeks of November, then both the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and "easy listening chart" (since renamed the Adult Contemporary chart) for the four weeks in December of 1963. It was the second foreign language song to hit #1 on the Hot 100 in 1963, the first being "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto. For the next ten years or so, although there were a number of hits with most of the vocals in a language other than English (e.g., The Sandpipers' "Guantanamera", René y René's "Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero", etc.), no other purely foreign language song reached the Billboard Hot 100's top 40 until the Spanish language hit "Eres tú (Touch The Wind)", which entered the top 40 on February 16, 1974 and peaked at No. 9 on 23–30 March 1974. "Dominique" outsold Elvis Presley during its stay on the Billboard Hot 100; it was the second to last No. 1 hit before the British Invasion. Deckers never again reached the same success and continued to lead a colourful, but tragic life. She and her companion of ten years, Annie Pescher, both committed suicide in 1985, as a result of financial and tax problems stemming from the recording of the song. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominique The Singing Nun - Dominique (1963) Soeur Sourire (The Singing Nun) Dominique 1963 Dominique The Singing Nun French & English Subtitles (Literal translation) harmonized English Lyrics by Noël Regney, sung by Mary Ford. Mary Ford - Dominique - English Version - 1964 In 1963, one of the major hit songs was written and sung by a nun. Dominique topped the charts! It outsold Elvis as it stayed for four weeks on top of the Billboard Charts. The nun was invited on the Ed Sullivan show and later her story was made into a movie starring Debbie Reynolds. DOMINIQUE - Debbie Reynolds/Mary Ford - by Paul Siddall (Lyrics by Noël Regney) The Debbie Reynolds version sung in the 1966 movie "The Singing Nun" based on the story of Soeur Sourire otherwise known as The Singing Nun. Debbie Reynolds - "Dominique" (The Singing Nun) This is the last videoclip of Belgian Jeannine Deckers, (The Singing Nun or Soeur Sourire). It's a remake of her smash hit 1963, Dominique. soeur sourire The Singing Nun Dominique (disco version 1982) SOEUR SOURIRE : Dominique [1982] The Singing Nun Commits Suicide - Mar 29 - Today In Music Jeanne-Paule Marie "Jeannine" Deckers (October 17, 1933 – March 29, 1985), better known as Soeur Sourire ("Sister Smile", often credited as The Singing Nun in English-speaking countries), was a Belgian singer-songwriter and for seven years a member of the Dominican Order in Belgium as Sister Luc-Gabrielle. She acquired world fame in 1963 with the release of the Belgian French song "Dominique", which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 and other charts. She was born Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers, in Laeken, Belgium, in 1933, the daughter of a pâtisserie (pastry) shop owner, and was educated in a Catholic school in Brussels. She was a keen Girl Guide (Girl Scout) who bought her first guitar to play at Guide evening events. Though she was thinking about becoming a nun even as a young woman, she trained and then worked as a teacher. In September 1959 she entered the Dominican Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Fichermont, headquartered in the city of Waterloo, where she took the name Sister Luc-Gabrielle. While in the convent, Deckers wrote, sang and performed her own songs, which were so well received by her fellow nuns and visitors that her religious superiors encouraged her to record an album, which visitors and retreatants at the convent would be able to purchase. In 1961, the album was recorded in Brussels at Philips; the single "Dominique" became an international hit, and in 1962 her album sold nearly two million copies. The Dominican Sister became an international celebrity, with the stage name of Soeur Sourire ("Sister Smile"). She gave concerts and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on January 5, 1964. "Dominique" was the first, and remains the only, Belgian song to be a number one hit single in the United States. Deckers found it difficult having to live up to her publicity as "a true girl scout", always happy and in a good mood. "I was never allowed to be depressed", Deckers remembered in 1979. "The mother superior used to censor my songs and take out any verses I wrote when I was feeling sad." In 1963 she was sent by her order to take theology courses at the University of Louvain. She liked the student life, if not her courses. She reconnected with a friend from her youth, Annie Pécher, with whom she slowly developed a very close relationship. The two subsequently shared an apartment until their deaths. In 1966, Debbie Reynolds starred in "The Singing Nun", a biographical film loosely based on Deckers. Deckers reportedly rejected the film as "fiction". Deckers did not see much money from her international fame, and her second album, "Her Joys, Her Songs", received little attention and disappeared almost as soon as it was released. Most of her earnings were in fact taken away by Philips, and her producer, while the rest automatically went to her religious congregation, which earned at least $100,000 in royalties. Pulled between two worlds and increasingly in disagreement with the Catholic Church, she left the convent in 1966, to pursue a life as a lay Dominican of the order. She later reported that her departure resulted from a personality clash with her superiors, that she had been forced out of the convent and did not leave of her own free will. She still considered herself a nun, praying several times daily, and maintaining a simple and chaste lifestyle. After leaving the convent, her record company required her to give up her initial professional names of "Soeur Sourire" and "The Singing Nun". She attempted to continue her musical career under the name "Luc Dominique" and pursued social work. Increasingly frustrated at what she perceived to be the Catholic's Church failure to fully implement the reforms of the Second Vatican Council she released a song in 1967 defending the use of contraception called "Glory be to God for the Golden Pill." This led to an intervention by the Catholic hierarchy in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which resulted in one of her concerts being cancelled. Deckers released an album entitled "I Am Not a Star in Heaven." Her repertoire consisted of religious songs and songs for children. Despite her renewed musical emphasis, Deckers' career failed to prosper. She blamed the failure of the album on not being able to use the names by which she had become known, saying that "nobody knew who it was". She also struggled to reconcile her faith with her sexuality. She eventually suffered a nervous breakdown followed by two years of psychotherapy. In 1973, Deckers became involved with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Cardinal Suenens requested that she write songs for the movement, and this led to a brief but successful return to the stage, including a visit to Pittsburgh, where she sang before several thousand people. Under the name "Sister Smile", she released another album in 1979, which she described as containing "honest, religious songs" and commented that the album would help listeners to "know who I really am." In the late 1970s, the Federal Public Service Finance of Belgium claimed that she owed $63,000 in back taxes. Deckers countered that the royalties from her recording were given to the convent and therefore she was not liable for payment of any personal income tax. She then called on her former convent and her former record label, Philips. The sisters gave her what they considered to be her share (which enabled her to acquire an apartment in Wavre, Brabant) on condition that she stopped denigrating the congregation and signed a document that all accounts were balanced, but Philips, which had received 95% of the revenue, did nothing. Deckers ran into heavy financial problems. In 1982, she tried, once again as Soeur Sourire, to score a hit with a disco synthesizer version of "Dominique", but this last attempt to resume her singing career failed. In addition to the other financial worries, an autism centre for children started by Annie Pécher had to close its doors for financial reasons in 1982. After this Deckers tried to make a living by giving lessons in music and religion. Citing their financial difficulties in a note, she and her partner, Annie Pécher, committed suicide by taking overdoses of barbiturates and alcohol on March 29, 1985. In their suicide note, Deckers and Pécher stated they had not given up their faith and wished to be buried together after a church funeral. They were buried together on April 4, 1985 in Cheremont Cemetery in Wavre, Brabant, the town where they died. The inscription on their tombstone reads "J'ai vu voler son âme/ A travers les nuages" (English: "I saw her soul fly through the clouds"). "Dominique" became a worldwide hit in 1963 and was the first, and only, Belgian number one hit single in the American Billboard charts. It is remembered chiefly for its refrain, which goes: Domi-nique -nique -nique s'en allait tout simplement, Routier, pauvre et chantant. En tous chemins, en tous lieux, Il ne parle que du Bon Dieu, Il ne parle que du Bon Dieu. A literal English translation is: Domi-nique -nique -nique went about simply, a poor singing traveller. On every road, in every place, he talks only of the Good Lord, he talks only of the Good Lord. The lyrics of the chorus of Regney's English-language translation are: Domi-nique -nique -nique, o'er the land he plods along, And sings a little song. Never asking for reward, He just talks about the Lord, He just talks about the Lord. Theatrical portrayals In 1996, "The Tragic and Horrible Life of the Singing Nun" premiered Off-Broadway at the Grove Street Playhouse. The play, which was written and directed by Blair Fell, was loosely based on the events in Deckers' life. The production featured several musical numbers and followed the renamed character Jeanine Fou's life from her entry into the convent until her death with Pécher. The New York Times review stated the play "milks much of its comic mileage from the incongruous, and willfully tasteless, pairing of its holy setting and its trashy, Jacqueline Susann-style dialogue ... In dressing up despair in barbed frivolity, Mr. Fell provides his own skewed equivalent of tragic catharsis." The Catholic League spoke out publicly against the production. In 2006, a musical version of Fell's play was staged during the New York Musical Theatre Festival, produced by George DeMarco and David Gerard, both of whom produced the 1996 production. Laura Daniel played Jeanine and received the NYMF Award for Outstanding Individual Performance. The musical featured music and lyrics by Andy Monroe and a book by Fell (who also contributed additional lyrics); it was directed by Michael Schiralli. Films "The Singing Nun" is a 1966 American semi-biographical film based loosely on the life of Deckers, with Debbie Reynolds in the title role and also starring Ricardo Montalbán, Agnes Moorehead, Katharine Ross, Chad Everett, and Ed Sullivan as himself. In 2005 Dutch writer, historian and a psychoanalyst Leen van den Berg, published the biographical novel "Soeur Sourire. Zie me graag" ("Sister Smile. Please see me"), inspired by Deckers' personal diaries and correspondence. The book contains personal excerpts from Deckers' diary and some photographs, material which was difficult to obtain, but which was donated by interviewees to researcher Luc Maddelein, who had researched the film version and who co-authored the book. The book was later translated into French as "Soeur Sourire. Journal d'une tragédie." ("Sister Smile. Diary of a Tragedy"). Van den Berg subsequently wrote the screenplay for the 2009 film Soeur Sourire. In 2009 "Soeur Sourire", a Franco-Belgian biopic, starring Cécile de France as Deckers, was released. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Singing_Nun Cover versions Mary Ford recorded an English-language version that was released in November 1963 by Calendar Records. Sister Adele (a.k.a. Madelaine) also recorded a cover version of the song in 1963, which was released on Diplomat Records. The Cuban artist La Lupe, the Mexican artist Angélica María, and the Venezuelan artist Mirla Castellanos recorded Spanish language versions of this song. The Brazilian singer Giane recorded a Brazilian Portuguese version of this song. Spike Jones recorded a version that combined "Dominique" with "When the Saints Go Marching In", merging both the melodies and the styles of the two songs. Tommy Roe recorded an English version of the song for his U.S. album release, "Something for Everybody" in 1964. Sandler and Young revived the song in late 1966, a version that appeared on the Billboard easy listening chart. The performance was a medley including other religious-themed songs including "Deep River" and "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen". The Czech singer Judita Čeřovská covered this song in 1964 under the name "Dominiku". Soundtrack appearances In the 1966 film The Singing Nun, about Deckers, Debbie Reynolds, playing the title role, sings an English-language version of the song (with different lyrics than Deckers' version). The song is heard in the 1985 film Heaven Help Us. In the 1987 Married... with Children episode "Thinnergy", "Dominique" is one of several songs Peg (Katey Sagal) sings in an attempt to annoy Al (Ed O'Neill). It was used in the 1990 film Mermaids with Cher. The song was referenced in The Simpsons episode "Bart's Friend Falls in Love" (1992), where Milhouse van Houten visits his girlfriend in an all-girls convent school. A nun playing guitar and singing "Dominique" passes along, followed by several equally happy little girls. The nun's character voice was provided by cast member Maggie Roswell, who knew none of the song's actual French lyrics and instead made up her own. In 1999, it was sung in Everybody Loves Raymond by Robert and Raymond when they learn Debra's sister is becoming a nun. In 2009, the song was used in the third series premiere of British teen drama Skins. In 2009, it was also used in Mad Men in the episode "The Color Blue", when Don Draper walks into Suzanne Farell's apartment for the second time. In 2012, the song is featured prominently in US anthology series American Horror Story: Asylum, the events of which take place in 1964. The original Belgian French version of the song is playing over and over in the common room of the insane asylum, and the inmates are punished if they disrupt or stop the song from playing. In season 2 of episode 20 (titled 'Rock n Roll Fantasy') of Just the Ten of Us, it is sung by Heather Langenkamp, who played Marie Lubbock. It originally aired April 28, 1989. In the season 2 episode of the science fiction series Dark Matter, entitled "All the Time in the World", it is sung by Anthony Lemke and Zoie Palmer. Lemke, who is fully bilingual, plays a character who is caught in a time loop similar to "Groundhog Day" and spends his time learning French from the spaceship's android. Samples The musician Poe used a sample of the song in her album Haunted, on the track "House of Leaves". The anonymous Australian rock band TISM sampled the song in the chorus to their 1998 song "I Might Be a C-u-n-t, But I'm Not a F-u-c-king C-u-n-t". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominique
  20. Yes... that is exactly the same thought that I had at the time. The tune does have a slight western like melody of sorts. I don't know if that was intentional or just coincidental by composer Hachidai Nakamura, but to an American kid reared on westerns, it sure made me think of it that way at the time. And I can still hear it that way with those same young ears today. Thanks for injecting that thought.
  21. Hey thanks so much Mike for getting back to me about this. Been busy all day and just settled in to see what is going on in this part of my "life." I almost exclusively use WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND as it allows me to see at my leisure what I want to watch from TCM (most of what they broadcast is offered on the WATCH TCM website), and these days I only DVR a TCM "premier" or something that I haven't seen before, if I'm not able to watch it live on the boob. Otherwise TCM WATCH ON-DEMAND is my routine go-to. And it works great WHEN IT DOES WORK. But too often there are interruptions in "service" of varying lengths and intensity, that almost obliterate the "good" days in-between. And (in my case for sure) 99.999% of the time the root of the problem has ended up being some screw-up on the TCM side of the house. I used to go that route when troubleshooting, but have long ago abandoned any browser, etc put out by MS. And anything by Google as well (for much the same reasons). I hate all of the unwanted telemetry spyware that these mega giants feel they can use mine whatever data they can from us (just because they can). And I avoid automatic updates like the plague (often they break something that used to work, and often hide more spyware and manipulative cookies within), I dislike being anybodies unasked Beta tester. I only choose to update when I have read everything I can about the update and determined that it is in MY best interest to do so (as opposed to some companies self-serving interest). Besides, I really don't believe that it is a Firefox or Adobe Flash issue per se, as the trailers and intros played, and (an even more relevant distinction) both the East and West coast WATCH TCM LIVE streams played without a hitch. Could possibly have been a Firefox browser conflict initiated by TCM, but it only affected their WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND ability to function. BTW Firefox also uses HTML. I have Adobe Flash on board only for those antiquated institutions that still use it (like TCM). Adobe constantly pumps out "updates" but again, I do not allow anyone to take over my PC and automatically install anything without my explicit examination and approval. That sounds interesting, I wonder why? As I said, I stopped using Google years ago now. It was a real pain getting rid of some of their intensly persistent "cookies" and they cross infected every other browser that I used to test with back then. Today, whenever I get on-line, I make sure that google.com is blocked from my Firefox browser. Good idea, but they don't listen to us about anything, do they? Nope, not even to watch a TCM movie ON-DEMAND. If that is the only way then I will take the highway. I have chosen to boycott Google, and most anything "new" from Microsoft. MS is just way to heavy handed. They tried to automatically install Win 10 on my PC in 2016. The reason why I use Win 7 Pro, is they stopped supporting XP. With Win 7 I still have some controll over my PC, with Win 10 I sacrifice everything to the "good will" of MS. Win 7 will be the last Operating System that I ever use or buy from MS. I used to let MS push the automatic updates back in the day when I naively believed and "trusted" them to have "our" best interests in mind. These days I only allow the absolutely necessary security updates from MS, and only after I have read them and assured myself that is all that they are (once burned twice shy). I'll only use and support Firefox so long as Mozilla continues to fight the good fight for us. Likewise DuckDuckGo search engine, Wikipedia, NPR and PBS, etc. The day I realize that they have either given up or been conned into joining the dark side, I will leave them in a heartbeat. Too many against "us" and they all have a lot of financial clout. Gotta support those that support me and you, and "us" whenever I can. So does that mean that you accessed them using WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND??? I Just went to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND and gave it another shot. Tora!, Tora!, Tora!, loaded and began playing in a snap, just like it did three days ago. I checked half a dozen different features scattered throughout the playlist, and they all did the same. So yeah, WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND is back up and running for me today. Thanks so much for checking! Don't know when "they" finally "fixed" whatever problem that they "initiated" (could have been anytime after I clicked off late last night to sometime this afternoon). So it was a "relatively" temporary "glitch" only lasting from Tues-Thurs (by TCM "standards" almost nothing at all to *b*i*t*c*h* about). And I would have given it that time and even more before I initiated a post about it, were it not that nobody else appeared to be affected by it. But this "problem" (however minor by contrast) again falls squarely at the feet of TCM, as I had changed nothing immediately before it started and I had reverted back to that "original" browser so that everything at my end was again the same when the problem mysteriously and "spontaneously" resolved (all-on-it's-own ) sometime today. This has TCM written all over it, as these very same symptoms have presented many times before on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND, the only difference this time was that I was the only one experiencing it that posted about it this time around. Anyway, thanks so much Mike for the double check. Appreciate your effort and thoughtful suggestions. I suppose I better get back to Tora!, Tora!, Tora!, before it's time expires tonight! It's not like I don't know how it ends, seeing how it's a historical docudrama of sorts, and I have seen the movie before. But I was in the mood for a re-watch, and by god that's what I'm a gonna do. See'in as how TCM went to all that effort to make it watchable again (just for me).
  22. Since NOBODY has made any posts yet, and I have been experiencing the problem since yesterday afternoon, I am thinking that I might just be the lone ranger.... Gosh I sure hope not???? Late Monday night-early Tuesday morning (2/11-2/12/2019), I was watching Tora! Tora! Tora! on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. No problem except I fell asleep about halfway through the film. I was busy Tues-Wed. So no TV time until late yesterday afternoon (Wed. 2/13/2019). I fired up the PC, connected to the larger TV screen, and settled down to finish Tora! Tora! Tora! But the movie wouldn't load from WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND, not even the spinning little wheel. The screen just looked as it normally does once a movie has finished playing with the re-load/re-watch icon in the middle of the screen. Click on that and the movie doesn't recycle. Try reloading it, same thing. My TCM sign-in tells me that I am good-to-go, but no movie will play. This is the same kind of screen that I (and others here) have seen several times before when WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND is acting up, but when I come to the boards for confirmation, not a single recent complaint to be seen. I checked and the trailers and intros load and play. Even WATCH TCM LIVE East & West Feeds play okay, but not a single movie that I have checked from the entire WATCH list will load and play now, not even those that played just fine two days ago. So I double check to make sure that everything at my end is up-to-date.... Firefox browser (check!), Adobe Flash Player (check!), Downstream ISP speeds good (check!), No problem streaming video from anywhere else (PBS, YouTube, double check!). I became so frustrated that I even reinstalled a couple of the earlier Firefox browser versions that had previously worked fine with TCM (made no difference at all). Since these symptoms are very similar to what we all have experienced with WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND before, I ordinarily wouldn't be too alarmed. But without joint confirmation that others are experiencing the same thing as myself I am becoming truly alarmed. I shut my PC off early Tuesday morning, then turned it on again to WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND Wed afternoon. So whatever crapped out happened sometime between Tues morning and Wed afternoon. Is this happening to anybody else out there in WATCH TCM On-DEMAND Land? PC is the same laptop I've been using for the last three years. Same Win 7 pro OS, Same ISP, Same hardware and software (and all functioning as they should with everything except WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND). In-other-words nothing at my end changed from one day to the next when this happened. Ordinarily that points the finger at TCM. And ordinarily it is me (or somebody like me) double checking and confirming that for somebody else posting on here. But it appears as if I'm either the first to report the problem this time, or else I am the only one experiencing it? How about it folks, can anybody chime in about this same thing happening at their end? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  23. Thanks Princess, for sharing that little snapshot of your life. When examining my extremely eclectic library of nostalgic music I see many of the artists that you have mentioned there. I will seek out relevant music links in forthcoming posts, and surely welcome anyone else to do the same. So keep checking back and you may see (hear) something that you fondly remember from those formative years.
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