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  1. Since NOBODY has made any posts yet, and I have been experiencing the problem since yesterday afternoon, I am thinking that I might just be the lone ranger.... Gosh I sure hope not???? Late Monday night-early Tuesday morning (2/11-2/12/2019), I was watching Tora! Tora! Tora! on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. No problem except I fell asleep about halfway through the film. I was busy Tues-Wed. So no TV time until late yesterday afternoon (Wed. 2/13/2019). I fired up the PC, connected to the larger TV screen, and settled down to finish Tora! Tora! Tora! But the movie wouldn't load from WATCH TCM ON-
  2. Thanks Princess, for sharing that little snapshot of your life. When examining my extremely eclectic library of nostalgic music I see many of the artists that you have mentioned there. I will seek out relevant music links in forthcoming posts, and surely welcome anyone else to do the same. So keep checking back and you may see (hear) something that you fondly remember from those formative years.
  3. Okay, yeah, that last Randy Rainbow parody was a little too crass for a "family friendly" board like TCM... Even in the politically diversive "Off-Topics" forum. I kinda thought that it might get deleted when I posted it, but decided to test-the-water so to speak anyway. For any mature (or immature) adult who wishes to see the little video in question just web-search **W**T**F**, YOU GUYS!? - Randy Rainbow Song Parody (NSFW) (when doing the search eliminate the *s) So, how about a little SNL intermission... Deal or No Deal Cold Open - SNL
  4. EDIT: 2/17/2019 When I first started posting "Pop" music links in another thread that was not "my own", I was somehow oblivious to the fact that there were already at least two music threads within different forums on these boards (and probably more). Had I actually looked around a bit, rather than jumping the gun, I likely wouldn't have started this thread at all. I have since examined the two earlier ones (linked below), and realize that practically any nostalgic song or music that would be posted here, has likely already been posted elsewhere. So I have inadvertently created a red
  5. I will start off by posting about a song that I first heard in 1963. I had a little 8 transistor AM radio that came with an ear bud, and I used to carry and listen to music from it when I walked to school and back. It was on such a morning that I first heard this very special little tune. Special, because it was in a different language and I didn't understand a single word sung, but the music was so unique and entrancing that it allowed me to imagine all sorts of things about what the song might be about. And throughout my life, even without knowing what the words meant, whenever I hea
  6. MUSIC THAT INFLUENCED "ME" GROWING-UP It has been suggested that I create a musical thread of "my" own. And so I have. Music, as movies, has had a profound influence upon me throughout my life, as I suspect it has for many others. So the "Me" in the title really refers to any one of "US" posting here. My intention for this thread is to provide numerous music links to a host of songs that "We" grew up with and fondly remember. And because we each have been exposed to many different kinds of music I imagine that there will eventually be quite an eclectic list of songs within this
  7. And a couple of more fav's by the Classics Four to help round things out a bit. Stormy - Classics IV (Lyrics on the Screen) "Spooky" (With Lyrics) The Classics IV
  8. Dawn (Go Away) - The Four Seasons - Lyrics Windy by the Association with lyrics
  9. COMMANDER OF CHEESE! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  10. I believe that I have posted in both of the formerly related threads that I appreciated you leaving this one intact. Your earlier posts as well as those of Tom and everyone else who originally posted in your "Abe" thread are still intact here, if you care to review them. Your political persuasion is quite obvious and when you post such a title as above to a thread in a public forum you automatically invite criticism from opposing viewpoints. However I have seen how quickly you can turn practically any discourse into a verbal (or written) slug fest. Considering the "dialogue" that was t
  11. Varies depending on the time of day and weather, as my natural vision can't penetrate low cloud cover.
  12. Yep, liked the Lettermen, their rendition of: The Lettermen - Never My Love (1968) Though of the two, the original Association version is still the iconic best to my ear. Association - Never My Love (1967)
  13. Well, that attitude might have been different if a pretty girl were singing those lyrics into your ear. Liked them, along with their "Rag Doll" And really enjoyed this medley as well. The Lettermen 1968 TV "Going Out of My Head / Can't Take My Eyes off You" WIth Dancers
  14. Well in that constantly revamped (unwanted posts deleted) "Trump Is Beginning to Look Like the Greatest President Since Abraham Lincoln" DB thread, from which this thread was once a part of before he orphaned and re-titled it, the music links that I posted were meant to evoke fond memories and sooth the evolving posted hostility between DB and Tom. Up until the point where DB made the cut into two separate threads, entitling this one as the "Post All The Lousy Music You Want Thread" I actually momentarily fooled myself into believing that the desired effect was being obtained, as the t
  15. FIFTY WAYS WE CAN RECOVER (Parody of) Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover | Don Caron
  16. GRAB 'EM BY THE P***Y! (Censored) 😻 Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  17. WHERE HAVE ALL THE STATESMEN GONE? (parody of) Where Have All the Flowers Gone? | Don Caron
  18. FACT-CHECKER, FACT-CHECKER 🎳💚 Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  19. THE DEMISE OF THE DNC (Parody of) Tangled Up in Blue | Don Caron
  20. What I like about Saint Paddy's Day, is it brings out the real (or imagined) Irish in practically all of us! Green beer and Irish whisky, Lots of ballads about the orange & green, the bloody black & tan, and plenty of carefree and careless dance moves... I'm stocking up with plenty of Baily's to go with my Bryers, and will break-out my mp3 collections of The Irish Rovers, The Chieftains, Battlefield Band, The Clancy Brothers, The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, Cherish The Ladies, Celtic Woman, Aine Minogue, Loreena McKennitt, and more.... maybe even some Enya to help mellow o
  21. Literally so, I'd say. I noticed that some of the images appeared to be deliberately "stretched" vertically, to a achieve a visage of similarity. Though by enlarge, most were pretty close. However you indubitably nailed the Daly / MacArthur twins to a "T" Makes one wonder how close a certain GC and CG would "lookalike" doesn't it???
  23. One of my fav's that I memorized back in my H.S. days. I remember some of my hypercritical "peers" talking some smak, like "Yeah, Steve likes those goofy groups like The Association and The Four Seasons...." But as corny as I may have been, the girls I'd serenade seemed to like it (music and poetry was like magic). And on Friday and Saturday nights I seldom lacked for a "date," unlike some of my so called "friends" back then...
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