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  1. Ah! so, WHAM was a spinoff of SPAM, ha! Thanx Yep! you are correcto! tinned shoulder of pork and ham Spam (as we knew it then) was born in 1937. Fanta, Nazi's, no ****! I just googled it Wow!, I never knew that! Fanta is a global brand of fruit-flavored carbonated soft drinks created by The Coca-Cola Company. There are over 100 flavors worldwide. The drink originated in Nazi Germany under trade embargo for Coca-Cola ingredients in 1940. There is an Urban Dictionary: FANTA definition that may amuse! also here http://slang.org/FANTA-meaning-definition More here https://en.wiki
  2. Is that stuff for real? never seen it before. Reminds me of WHAM, remember WHAM? "If you ain't eatin' Wham, you ain't eatin' ham." Wonder if Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1946) predates SPAM?
  3. LOL, hilarious! Love that joke! That's one I must commit to memory, thanx
  4. Your guess is as good as mine. Once had phone S E X with a girlfriend, but she didn't make me pay "up front" for it... No idea how this "prostitution Spam" pans out? I suppose, if you are really interested, you could apply to that "Prostitute State University" and speak with an advisor?
  5. And the "prostitution certificates" whatever those were?
  6. Great bunch of images Jake. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I remember a chain of "sporting" goods stores called The Big Five. I bought my first rifle there. I remember in that store, on the wall, were the heads of all five of those species mentioned. Didn't think to much about it at the time. But now I'm wondering how many stores were in that chain, and if each of them had the same number of "trophies" on their walls. When I first went to Alaska, I'll admit that I was gung-ho to kill a grizzly bear. I suppose that I considered it to be a sort-of "right of masculine passage," maybe akin to the Maasai warriors in Africa. I found myself working
  8. It began again at 12:37 AM, 10/6/2015, at the rate of about 2 posts per minute. i.e. 태양성카지노【▶『 EAE9.CoM 』▶】태양성카지노 Started by hn012345 , Today, 12:54 AM 태양성카지노 하나카지노【▶『 EAE9.CoM 』▶】하나카지노 Started by hn012345 , Today, 12:53 AM 하나카지노 해외카지노【▶『 EAE9.CoM 』▶】해외카지노 Started by hn012345 , Today, 12:53 AM 해외카지노 코리아카지노【☭『 EAE9.COM 』☭】코리아카지노 Started by hn012345 , Today, 12:38 AM 코리아카지노 월드카지노【☭『 EAE9.COM 』☭】월드카지노 Started by hn012345 , Today, 12:37 AM 월드카지노 They were all from the same "poster" a "new" member hn012345 At the time I looked, only the 1st page of Gen. Disc. was affe
  9. Oh please, let it be a her... Far less embarrassing for me that way.
  10. If we are still talking about LadyKi, maybe you meant to say a cold shower?
  11. Once again, GREAT JOB MODs (and all others)!!!! Hooraaaawwww!!!
  12. Oh, man, they've gone away again... Was I only imagining all this,... or did it r e a l l y h a p p e n ? ? ? ? Are we just experiencing a case of shared mass hysteria? OR will they come back and visit us again...
  13. I just had a thought. What if, I mean really, what if... they are Not of This Earth... What if, They are fans of our old movies, and are trying to communicate with us? Could be, just could be... Dontcha think it could be a possibility?
  14. LadyKi 166, I think I love you.... No, Wait, that's Laddy Ki.... Nevermind!
  15. OMG! Go out for a bite and look what's returned. Déjà vu It's this morning all over again.... Madness! Madness!, I'm beginning to feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day (BTW, I really love that movie). Well, the Mods, et al, know how to relatively quickly erase these posts, would be nice if they could figure out a way to prevent them. In the meantime, anyone who can read Korean or whatever language they're in would be nice to hear what kind of BS they are "posting" about.
  16. I was on a canoe trip once when I was a kid. The canoe carrying most of our supplies overturned and many of the "waterproof" bags proved not to be so waterproof. One provision that was salvaged was a couple of cases of Spam. We all got pretty sick of the stuff by the end of that trip.
  17. I really am impressed with how quickly things have returned to "normal." Kudos to the Mod/s and all others involved in cleaning the mess up. When I first checked in this AM, in a few of the other boards (i.e. Films and Filmmakers, Information Please, Your Favorites, etc.) there were a handful of similar "spam" posts in each, but the lion share was overwhelmingly directed, or funneled, into the Gen. Disc. board. Why that would be, who knows?
  18. Missed those. So you think that those were related? If so, how so?
  19. I agree. Of the handful that I opened none had a single english word. These were organized, rapid fire posts, likely automated, with very few views or replies. Can't recall what .com's were listed, but they were likely coming from a handful of proxy servers anyway. So they could have originated from anywhere. But if they weren't Chinese or Korean, then somebody went to an awful lot of trouble making them appear to be so. Not understanding the context of any of them, there's no way to get a hint of the spammer/s motive/s. To bad we don't have a member who actually understood what they sa
  20. This is the only Martian thread that I am aware of, and it's still there, on page two. http://forums.tcm.com/index.php?/topic/55119-the-martian/ Was there another one during all the "fun"?
  21. If that's the case then this is only the tip of the iceburg!
  22. Oh there are ways of tracing where this all came from, but doubtful our Mods have that ability, that is unless they work for "the company."
  23. Do you recognize Korean, SansFin? Is this what we are seeing?
  24. I hope you aren't describing the typical TCM poster with this description?
  25. My (2015) addition to the above Thank you very much Holden for that input. I really like this movie, another great one from Billy Wilder, and likewise, another great performance by William Holden, and all others. It always amazes me how Wilder, a native Austrian, was able to write such right-on American dialogue in his scripts. But, maybe I shouldn't be surprized, at that. Being from somewhere else sometimes allows a person to better focus on little nuances and inflections that others overlook, or take for granted. Regardless, sure don't want to wait another 4-5 years before TCM sho
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