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  1. My bet is on "poltergeist" I saw that too, it was on Facebook. But it sorta sounded like a generic response. Neither do I. It's really a shame that someone at TCM might actually reply to something on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site, while totally ignoring their own website. If that is a fact then they should link all queries and responses to a single domain. But they would have to have what the scarecrow lacked to conceive of that idea, wouldn't they?
  2. Hmmmm, good question. Does sorta resemble him doesn't it? But not quite orange enough.
  3. I tried to watch it, but... Two deliberate hrs of Trump, geez, I started rolling my eyes when he started talking about "compromise"... I flipped back to Viva Zapata! sometime after the following.... and then fell asleep. When I awoke, it was all over (thank god) and now I'll just review the "fact checker" rehash of what I was spared. I know that I really should take him all in (to really hear it all from the horses **** err mouth, so to speak). But there is just so much (too much) of him to take. Like, I couldn't really stand watching him before he entered the political arena, and now, he's everywhere and all the time.
  4. SIXTEEN TUMS (parody of) Sixteen Tons | Don Caron
  5. PUTIN AND THE RITZ - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody 🇺🇸💘🇷🇺
  6. Haha, well that is all you'll likely get from "Contact Us" around here. I remember when I first tried (and continued to retry) that supposed avenue of communication years ago. Yep, I was quite the "believer" myself until then. But I was so loyal to TCM that it was hard to convince me otherwise. I called, left verbal messages. I wrote snail mail letters (all quite respectful and courteous) .... and not a single reply to nothing. I finally came to this forum, and read every thread and post seeking an answer. I eventually and quite sadly discovered that there were none forthcoming from TCM. Still a tad bit hopeful that someday, somehow, some way, somebody here might actually get a real reply from someone at TCM. I've got a bottle aging that I'll open to celebrate if or when that ever happens! I thought that you were going to say "Yeah, they never sent me that "Free" TCM Backlot T-shirt they promised".... Yeah, well you are far from alone in that dept. There are numerous complaining threads and posts, even in the GD forums talking about persons never receiving the digital "Now Playing" guide that they were "promised" when TCM decided to stop mailing them out to subscribers. But hang in there, after several months some of those posters have written that they finally started to receive that emailed stuff. Frankly I receive too much email crap from TCM, most just trying to sell me something that I neither need or want. Everything from TCM goes to my Junk folder these days. If the Schedule is important, you can click on the link in the top bar next to WATCH TCM. Or you can save the following links somewhere and just change the time zone and dates as appropriate. Daily Full http://www.tcm.com/schedule/index.html?tz=CST&sdate=2019-2-01 Weekly http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=cst&sdate=2019-2-01 Monthly http://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?tz=CST&sdate=2019-02-01 Yep, and the joke is on us.
  7. That show used to freak me out when I was a kid... that and One Step Beyond. Just hearing the music gave me gooseflesh! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZzjRbNPI1x4kBuXlYJA4g
  8. Hah, hadn't thought about Sgt. Preston, Circus Boy, Sky King, Fury, and the like for quite awhile... thanks for reviving the memories. In L.A. during the same time frame, we had The Popeye Cartoon Show, hosted by Tom Hatten. He'd be casually dressed with a white sailor cap, white T-shirt, white pants, and I imagine is shoes were white too. He had a large sketch pad and would draw cartoon characters between the cartoons. I used to draw along with him and attempt to copy his style. Loved all of those old original Max Fleischer cartoons. TCM sometimes treats Saturday AM viewers to a Fleischer Popeye cartoon, but they seldom make them available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0369000/mediaviewer/rm4217646336
  9. Gosh Tiki, sounds like you were quite the little "*h*o*t*t ie" in the day... Any pics to post? (you can mask out any identifying features to preserve your privacy) edit: come on now, really h o t t i e deserves the *asterisk* treatment? The **** is worse than the word. Good grief Reminds me when I was in my 20's and had a part-time gig at this particular strip club in L.A. On "Ladies Night" the the women really went wild!!!! Suffice to say that they sure didn't behave like ladies....
  10. Previous post deleted by Mods, so we know that they at least read our complaints, even if they do nothing about them except delete some of them…. BTW, with that deletion, you reinforced what I wrote, didn’t you. Since you failed to make a comment, perhaps you might answer which part of the truth in this post you deem so “offensive” to warrant deletion? Hmmmm. Was it just the “itchy finger" requiring scratching again, or perhaps you just aren’t a fan of my little poetic rhyme near the end? If the latter be the case I just couldn’t help myself as TCM was the “inspiration" and the words just seemed to flow and align themselves. In anticipation of this likelihood I saved a copy of what I originally wrote, so I could re-post if need be. So the newbies and oldies here can see and make their own judgement call on appropriate responsiveness on these boards. That is, if they catch the post before you "scratch" it with your "itchy" finger again... Yeah, but for how long??? TCM ended last year (Dec. 2018) this way. Then just over a week into the new year (Jan. 2019) the same thing happened again (only no one at TCM cared to correct anything at all that time). Three more weeks TCM starts Feb. 2019, off doing it all over again.... (Nothing "new" about any of this, This pattern has been oft repeated at varying intervals throughout the years). We TCM fans that actually anticipate what's up next, and watch this stuff on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND catch these problems right away. We then report it here (only confirming what we already know to each other) to no avail, as no one at TCM, not even the board mods here, appear to be listening to their viewers at all, upon TCM's own website. (edit: well the mods here do apparently read our posts, they just do nothing constructive about them). You'd think that someone at TCM would be monitoring their highly promoted product and catch these ongoing problems immediately, as they occur, and promptly apply any remedial actions. Better yet, one would think that they would learn "something" from their ongoing mistakes and prevent them from reoccurring, again, and again, and again, month after month, year after year. We know that they have the ability to make this work (at least some times), because when it does it is splendid. But we also quickly learn that (for whatever twisted logic, or lack of concern) they refuse to make it work consistently. This has been the "TCM tango" for the several years that I have been a regular user of WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. They "upgrade" and then "downgrade" (one "improvement" forward, half a step backwards) regularly.... But without a Quality Assurance (Quality Control) person monitoring, they routinely fail and then ignore us, again, again, and again. And too often, without replying to anything else here, the mods have often chosen to just delete our posts and threads when we point these sad facts out here... Acting as if by doing so they'll prevent any new person upon these boards from discovering the lack of attention that TCM really shows its "fans." TCM behaves as if they have no idea, or rather they really don't care, that most of us (including the newbies) that do come here do so out of desperation, because we have (like practically all of us in the beginning) swallowed the TCM hype, and think that when something doesn't work (as it once may have) that it must be something that we are doing wrong. Then, we eventually and sadly arrive at the same conclusions as the "old timers" here have, and learn that WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND is NOT to be Relied UPON. Use it if you choose, but Do NOT Depend Upon It! When it does work well, it is really quite swell, but then it frequently will fail, and that gives us all travail. And to our cries, TCM denies... their only Defense being the Silence that they ever tell... (Edited above lines into a more "poetic" format) Oh and BTW, Welcome to the boards and the wonderfully frustrating world of WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND! Enjoy it while (and when) you can... Any thing untruthful in the above? Anything worthy of deletion here? I mean it's not as if the newbies here wouldn't eventually figure this out on their own, is it? Truth in advertising means never having to say you're sorry.
  11. Donald Trump, Grow Up! - Randy Rainbow HAMILTON Song Parody
  13. Donald Trump, Grow Up! - Randy Rainbow HAMILTON Song Parody
  14. https://letterboxd.com/mdechirico/list/tcm-underground-titles-so-far/ Per that "TCM Underground" list : 304 movies shown (so far) I believe I've seen 214 (I could at least remember some scenes from them, or at the very least the title appeared very familiar to me). Some I remember first seeing when I was a kid on TV. Some were first seen at a theater or drive-in (remember those?) during either their first or second run. A few I just checked out the VHS tape or DVD from the local video store (remember those?) at some later time. But the majority for sure were seen only on TCM (but not always on "TCM Underground"). Of the latter, most I've only seen once (and some of those I'd like to see again). And of the remaining 90 titles (that I have yet to see) there were several covers that piqued my interest (so I'm hoping that TCM will air them again, sometime???). So either I do frequently watch TCM Underground, or just find myself attracted to some of these somewhat twisted titles???
  15. Back to Nietzsche again... It appears as if he may be your favorite go-to philosopher.
  16. EXPLAIN HIS RATIONALE (Parody of) You Can Call Me Al | Don Caron / Linda Gower
  17. MONKEYS ON A BIG BLUE SPINNING BALL (Parody of) Funiculi Funicula | Don Caron
  18. You're Making Things Up Again, Donald! 🤥🤥🎶 Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  19. RUSSIA TIES: A Randy Rainbow Song Parody (from GREASE!)🎶
  20. But if anyone can muster up to the task it is you, Oh mighty Arturo, our unofficial poet laureate! Keep up the good work and stay the good fight! If we can't beat em, then we'll just hafta outlast the bastard!
  21. Hey, that was quite spicy and provacative for it's day. In fact, it still has a somewhat erotic appeal, don't you think? And so highly functional for swimming too...
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