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  1. No suitable emoji for a quick response. I've seen this video at my library, but have yet to actually check it out. Perhaps now I will, just to see if I agree with your assessment or not?
  2. Thanks for the "Tea & Sympathy" (even if facetious). I am almost gullible enough to want to believe such kind words, but "Totally Scintillating" is way too much, and gave away the jest. Ahhh, you far overestimate my very limited powers over nature and nurture...
  3. Wah Waaa.... comedy, comedy, everywhere, and me bereft of humour....
  4. Oh, her voice is husky, in a sultry melodic way. The generic profile info I already knew. She initiated the first PM. There after it was back and forth replies. So I don't know if it was always that way or not. But now that I think of it, at one point she must have allowed PMs because she wrote of receiving one that had her a little disturbed. So she may have made it dysfunctional sometime later, or perhaps it happened when she decided to "depart" in October. Hmmm. So no way to actually send her a PM these days. I know that at least with the older board format that the posters had the ability to activate and deactivate PM reception. I once tried to PM Dargo and his PM function wasn't activated. So I am thinking that it might have been possible for a poster to send PM's to others while they themselves denied unsolicited receipt of them???? I know that I have thought about deactivating that feature for myself, but in order to do so I must again check my PM status, and that I have been avoiding for going on a year now. Someone once posted that when someone is permanently banned here that everything they ever posted is purged along with their account. But if that is so, and she was mysteriously banned, it appears as if it was a short term thing, as her account and many posts are still with us to ruminate. (Of course I have seen accounts, threads and posts vanish at the posters request as well). So I am inclined to think that she just stopped posting (at least as CG), and (as did TRF) made us a "gift" of the legacy of her past wit to ponder. I too am perplexed... tis a mystery for sure! I would like to imagine that CG is off adventuring somewhere. Someplace interesting, exotic and fun! And that one day (while I'm still around) she'll be back to regale us with wonderfully informative and enlightening tales of it all! The only part about not truly knowing is the fear that something not so fun may have happened to her. Whenever someone regular "vanishes" for a length of time, I begin to get that queasy feeling in my gut. Right now I am also thinking of DownGoesFrasier, Kid Dabb, Laffite, Limey, ChristineHoard, and several others whom I haven't seen around for awhile. And BTW, whatever happened to all of SansFins marvelously cute and funny videos and images from her Off-Topic Cats thread? Edit: To GC & all the posters here: I apolgize for side-tracking the thread to the extent that I did. Sorry. But in the tradition of CG there Really is such a similarity in the OP that I couldn't resist remarking about it.
  5. I looked at one and it was from the person whom I have since chosen to "block." Afterward I stopped allowing any PM's to be forwarded to my email account. And stopped checking any PMs I received. Of course CG was still posting here at the time, so I hadn't really lost the ability to at least publicly communicate with her until October 2018, when she "vanished." We discussed being banned on a few occasions, as apparently we both felt that we might be on the edge of it at different times here. I deliberately pushed the issue with the mods here and got my, umm wish. So I at least know how it feels to be banned, temporarily. CG, may not have gotten along with everyone here, though she presented a brave face. (or rather a few others perhaps chose not to get along with her) "Could she have been banned" that's always a possibility, but I certainly never read anything of hers that I would have deemed warranted "banishment," but only she and the mods here would really know? No I have never asked anyone That would be great Gordie. I have to return some books to the library that are due today, so I will return later myself. Thanks.
  6. Ahhh, but I believe that CG & TRF were one and the same, in different time periods of course. And I read her (TRF) post correcting another who mistook her gender as male. Of course if she really is a true hermaphrodite (an extreme rarity in the world of western medical procedures wherein physicians exercise their "god-like" powers of determining the gender of sexually ambiguous neonates) then she really could swing both ways upon a whim, couldn't she. Yes, as the legend is told, she apparently has cast her siren call upon many "manly men" only to have their hopes dashed upon the rocks of her stony shore. Back when I used to accept PM's we maintained a sporadic "running" PM dialogue, that I very much enjoyed. But during a lengthy reply, I discovered that my post didn't post, and I was briefly banned from these boards due to a misunderstanding with another person here that I have since chosen to block from my sight. However the result of all that is I have denied myself access to any PMs here, including her. So I have no idea where she took off to, if she is alright, or has merely reemerged as an alternate alternate ego. Not that she would have specifically shared those confidences with me even if I could ask her. I feel certain that I was not the only one here fortunate enough to have had such communication with her. But who and how to communicate with them or her upon or outside of these boards is a quandary. Because I have always liked CG, and miss her presence here, I have taken it upon myself to (narrowly) "research" into this as much as time and the multitude assorted postings allow. I hope that if she ever returns to these boards and reads any of this that she will not take offense but rather be flattered that she has endeared such an interest in her particular board persona. Yes, I checked the dates and profiles of the most likely "suspects" and of course (in the nefarious way of the internet) there is no hard evidence to be garnered, and it may all just be circumstantial, at best. But CG is very intelligent, and if she has done this before, it would not be stretch for her to cleverly pre-plan her alternates, and awaken them at a later date of her choosing. And what better way than to choose an identity associated with the opposite sex. But of course this is all conjecture. If you are truly not CG then please do take it as a compliment of the highest caliber. Of the (past & present) posters on these boards your style of writing and posting comes very close to approximating her own, in a slightly more masculine sense of course. I never doubted that she was really a girl (in mind if not in actual physicality).
  7. Likewise. I always imagined her as a pantaloons sorta girl. But as long as I am imagining, yeah, she does look really good in a mini-skirt. You know I'm "fishing" with you don't you. I am hoping that you will slip up and "bite" and betray your true identity, be it CG, TRF, or whoever she was before she came into our life to enliven these boards.
  8. After all that, this is all I get back? Quite the conversationalist today, aren't you....
  9. Gordie, if we replaced your name with that of CaveGirl on this OP, nobody would recognize a difference between the "two" of you. When I read your words, I hear her imagined voice.... spooky isn't it. Another Great topic BTW.
  10. Saw Caligula during it's first run, was amazed to see such a high brow cast in such a low brow movie. But then again, it was a Bob Guccione production, so I got what I paid for. I keep waiting for you to give us a review of My Friend Dahmer? I read the ummm book, but have yet to see the picture. I hear that it appeals to those with an uhhh, particular discriminating taste. Though not a musical, I'm told it does have a few "comical" moments, a little something for almost every audience to "enjoy." Sounds like a perfect pic to pair with a carafe of nice Lechter red Cannibal Chianti and a side of fava beans.
  11. Grass is better, especially when mixed in a delicious brownie. ummm, with a big glass of cold milk, or a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly day (or frosty night)... Think of that happy scene in "I Love You Alice B. Toklas." You do realize DB, that it is that particular bloggers claim that "Billionaires Claim They Own The Truth." And to her, it's only the other so called "leftest" "progressive" billionaires that manipulate and twist "facts" to suit their own devious self-serving purpose. While those so called "rightwing" "conservative" billionaire "truth" manipulators, have "our" best interest at heart. So their "truth" is somehow more "truthful" than anyone else's "truth." yada, yada, yada. You are really too bright and intelligent to not see the attempt at persuasion and manipulation here aren't you? Perspectives may differ, but facts are facts (or at least they should be), and "truth" is not just a mere matter of ones personal perspective. Use your critical thinking skills. I know from past dialogues with you that you possess them. We may witness an accident at an intersection from different angles and see things differently from our various perspectives. Meaning what you were able to see from your side of the street is not totally the same thing as what I saw from my side. We both witnessed the same accident, but you were able to see some things from your angle, that I couldn't see and had to be told about, and likewise, I was able to see some things that you couldn't possibly see, because I was standing on the opposite side of the street from you. The truth is that there was an accident at the intersection. We each possess some of the facts and part of the "truth" of that accident based on what we were each able to see. But neither of us can possess the whole "truth" until we come together and share with each other what we and other witnesses saw. And the actual whole truth may lie even deeper than that as investigators interview the drivers and determine what caused the accident or why it happened in the first place. Oversimplification, for sure, just like the story of the three blind men which felt the same elephant, but from different positions, and were then asked to describe the animal. One felt only the trunk, one only felt a leg, and another felt the side. Their descriptions varied greatly from a long serpentine firehose, to a tree trunk, to a wall... Each was correct as far as their own perspective allowed, but none had the entire picture. In fact the whole animal was much greater than the sum of their combined descriptions. Truth is like that. It exists, but sometimes we only see in part, not the whole. You are a biblical scholar, right, think of the meaning of Paul's first letter to the believers in Corinth (i.e. verse 13:12). Back to the point of your OP (or rather the blogger's "point"). I think that it is healthy and wise to view all billionaire activities critically. Why? Because in this world money equals power and a great deal of money means a lot of power. Power can be used for personal gain, or public good, but not generally both at the same time. However, there have been and are those that have come by their wealth honestly and wielded it for benefit of the many, as opposed to the few. And many who obtained their fortune by ruthless means, and a few of those that later used it for the greater public good. So as not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, it is important to remember that while the love of money, for monies sake, can be the root of evil in this world. That money can also be a means to perform much good. Off the top of my head I can think of the good works of the charitable Atticus (from Roman antiquity) and the late 19th-20th century philanthropy of Milton Hershey and Andrew Carnegie, to Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry's), and contemporary multi-billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. I know that there are many more that could be cited, but the point being that not everyone who has made their millions and billions has used it just to gain even more millions and billions. There are those that have given it back for the greater public good or world betterment (even before there was an income tax and tax incentives to do so). But these persons of conscience are undeniably not as common as those ruthless captain's of corporate industry that would sink the world, so long as it kept their own ship afloat. Is it possible for one to be selfishly ruthless at one point in their life and universally caring and generative at a later time? Yes, of course there is, but such is a rare case. And we are all complex emotional human beings, and each of us has a darker and brighter side.... But too often, too many of us do not routinely heed those "better angels of our nature" that Lincoln profoundly talked about during his first inaugural address in 1861. So, for the sake of "truth" it is wise to seriously review the track record of any person of vast wealth, and especially so if they seek access to (and manipulation of) political power. To see if they have a credible history of putting their money where their mouth is, and walking the walk of their talk. "Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best." Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings Remember the father of liars is a master manipulator, and mixes in a taste of truth, to allow the lie to be more easily swallowed. Be always an unflinching seeker of truth, and fear not if that truth not always be pretty. Be not confounded by half-truths, and part-truths, but save thy judgement for the whole truth. “Truth? What is truth?” Pontius Pilate, John 18:38
  12. Don't use "twitter," "facebook," or the like. Just my old hotmail email account. Well, I suppose that facebook "communication" is something (not sure exactly what without a follow-up), unless it was just a generic reply??? Funny (in the bizarre sense), how they may reply to someone via these other forms of "social media" while they persistently ignore their own websites forum boards....
  13. "Promised"?? "member of this little club" ???? If you are talking about "Backlot" then that is something else entirely. No idea what "promises" anyone receives by "becoming a member" of that???? But regarding joining these boards, I cannot recall that TCM made any "promises" to me about anything. Innuendo maybe. Strong and oft repeated "ideals" that TCM was perhaps better, more professional, caring, and personable, than it really is. Of course many of us don't really discover the falsity of our misconceptions until we actually try to contact them about "whatever" and come to realize that all avenues of communication that they promote (except their sales dept.) are just dead ends. Some of us that actually read up (and check out the "privacy" statement) discover early on that TCM is just another business (part of and controlled by a bigger conglomerate) perhaps no better or worse than any other business. And their primary goal is to make a profit for their shareholders. The noticeable difference between TCM and most other businesses is the "product" that they sell. Many of us invite TCM into our homes because they appear so personable and familial with their hosts, and those old movies that many of us sentimentally grew up with (and that younger viewers are discovering anew). Those warm fuzzys make us think that TCM is really different than some other commercial entity. When in reality they are just really good at selling what they sell, and are one of the few remaining places that offer "Uncut" and "Commercial Free" presentations, no more or less. Aside from that we are viewed by their corporate controllers no differently than anywhere else. We are mere marketing assets to be monitored and manipulated to the best of their ability to and by their numerous affiliates and third party vendors. When we finally realize that, it may bother some of us like when discovered that our parents don't always tell the truth and that there is no santa claus... but, as bitter a pill as that may be to swallow, (I think) it is better to know and enjoy what TCM does have to offer (when it does actually work as promoted), and (despite of) what it is, than to allow ourselves to be disappointed by the imagined "reality" of what it isn't. JMO
  14. Black Swan & Quiet Man now load & play at my end. Still none of the others yet. So it appears that someone at TCM may actually be working to "correct" either their own, or someone elses "induced" "problem." Might want to keep checking back periodically.....???? That has too often been the case. It seems to indicate (to me, anyway) that when a string of consecutive features during a specific time frame are on the same fritz (like this) that it would make it easy (easier) to isolate the "problem," be it electronic, mechanical, or human induced. And allow more timely "corrections" &/or necessary remedial actions to be taken and emplaced to not only "fix" the problem, but either eliminate or help to minimize its reoccurrence. But that would require a TCM QA monitor, which they apparently feel they have no need for. The last time (that I/we here noticed) this happened in January (2019) none of the string of afflicted movies were made playable throughout the entire seven days of their WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND listing.... If the same "person/s" is/are responsible (again being irresponsible) then it is obvious that their training/retraining was inadequate, and unless they are federal employees working long hours without pay, and moonlighting at TCM to make their ends meet, then my TCM sympathy quotient (as a paying subscriber for WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND "product") continues to remain low.... However, (as of this posting) "someone" at TCM apparently saw the "need" to correct at least two of the features from your list. We can (at least) "hope" that (maybe) the others will (eventually) follow before their time runs out. (???) Ha Ha, Considering that this (and other issues) is (has been) an all too frequent TCM "affliction" it is could to maintain a sense of humor.... I tell myself that it has been worse, and could easily be so again. Yep, it apparently was out for at least 8 hrs. There are a couple of threads about it in the GD forum. Of course no one from TCM (not even a board "moderator") has seen fit to chime in about it, or offer any apology, or at least an explanation as to what caused it (i.e. a failure, or maintenance, etc.) so it's all left to our supposition. "Funny" how some things have changed ("degraded," including here) over the years. When I first joined these boards such an occurrence would have elicited an immediate Moderator response. Not so anymore. Maybe those old school mods have passed, or hopefully just moved on to better things than these TCM boards. In either event, I miss their empathetic interaction with us. They were not only "mods" here, but they were also TCM fans as well, so whatever happened they experienced it with us, and were quick to share what they could from their end. Not so anymore....
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  18. Randy Rainbow Interviews Donald Trump: PART THREE
  19. Isn't she the one that used to call him "Long" Chaney??? (I recall that you shared that with us in another post a few years ago) I remembered it because when I was a kid, that's what I thought his name was too, and I used to spell it that way.
  20. After all my "research" who would have guessed??? Ahhh, I know that you just made that up. But thanks CG errr GC, you know a little encouragement goes a long way with me.
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