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  1. Comedian Randy Rainbow : "Fake News with a Twist" - BBC News
  2. Donald Trump's MANGO TOUR! ✈ A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  3. Randy Rainbow Performs at a Donald Trump Rally
  4. STAND BY YOUR MAN (Donald Trump) - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  5. UNPOPULAR! - 🎶 Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  6. RUDY and the BEAST - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  7. How Do You Solve A Problem Like Korea? - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  8. Randy Rainbow Interviews DONALD TRUMP: Part II
  9. ALL ABOUT HIS BASE - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  10. Randy Rainbow Interviews the New First Family!
  11. Ya Got TRUMP TROUBLE! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  12. BRAGGADOCIOUS!: Randy Rainbow Moderates Debate #1
  13. DESPERATE CHEETO - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  14. A VERY STABLE GENIUS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  15. IF YOU EVER GOT IMPEACHED - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  16. THERE IS NOTHIN' LIKE A WALL - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  17. The Donald Trump CELL BLOCK TANGO (Part One) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  18. My daughter recently turned me on to this character who goes by the name of Randy Rainbow. Yes, he is evidently quite "gay" (in both the literal and metaphoric sense), but don't let that stop you from watching and listening any further (unless you happen to be a die-hard "trumpie" with absolutely no sense of humor), as this guy is also extremely talented, creative, musical and very entertaining. And he has chosen one of our "favorite" subjects to parody. I found these little "shorts" addictively funny and much too good to not share here. And so, without further adieu, I present the original, the one (and perhaps the only).... Randy Rainbow! Trump's Favorite Things! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  19. I admit that when I first saw this movie many years ago, my biggest hurdle was accepting Matthew Broderick as the lead. I too thought that he was miss-cast. But after many viewings since, he has become far less obtrusive to me. And the film is so otherwise great that it overcomes any negativity that his presence may impart to me. I am impressed by Broderick's physical similarity to images of the real Robert Gould Shaw. But yeah, i do understand where you are coming from.
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