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  1. Thanks Mike, I am aware that Hulu used to support Win 7, and this 2017 link is certainly closer to the present than 2010. But the reason why I ask is because Hulu's own site fails to make any mention of any Windows OS other than Win 10 in their system recommendations link (and you know how I feel about Win 10). https://help.hulu.com/en-us/supported-computers
  2. Yes, truly. Thanks for reminding me. In this threads reserved post I will include all those "World Library" links that I posted in the "birds" thread.
  3. Would you consider making an exception if only for this thread? I really wish to include you in any discussion, and the little videos that I have lined up may prove to be quite interesting... (at least I hope so) even to one as intellectually diverse as yourself. In fact that is what the aim is, to stimulate all of us intellectually (in an entertaining way of course). And your insightful injections can be beneficial to all of us. Come on Sarge, don't just "go by the book" here. Show some of that initiative you displayed in Beau Geste when you fooled those Bedouins into thinking that
  4. But you do have a PC and can access and watch the videos via the links here right???? The reason being is I have a string of hopefully "insightful" little 'Youtube' videos lined up (on a variety of subjects) that I wish to post (a little at a time, of course). And I was hoping to stimulate others (including yourself) to voice their impressions as well as adding their own to the collection in whatever tangent it leads them to do so.
  5. I figured you were using it on a "Smart" TV. Still, was hoping that you might inquire on my behalf? And then post back whatever the techies at Hulu told you regarding: ????
  6. Hi Lorna, For the last several years I have paid my TVSP big bucks just so I can access WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND. When it does work it is great, however it frequently will not and that is purely a TCM thing. They (of course) are totally non-responsive to any query on their very own website, making subscribers wait and hope that whatever issue will eventually be resolved, but I (for one) am pretty fed up with that routine by now. You say Hulu has "about 86 titles" available from the past weeks live airing on TCM. I did a count last Friday and TCM had a total of 88 movies plus 10 shorts (98 ti
  7. Neither, they are "a counter-clockwise arrow (not a buffering circle) and won't load." As described below. It doesn't "spin" like it's "buffering" and trying to load. The image is static. It is the counterclockwise arrow that shows up After a movie has finished playing. The kind you click to replay the movie over again. Same as slim pickins described in the OP to this thread. Oh I have long ago learned to never expect anything from TCM, least of all "tech (or even Mod) support." Granted, I get it that you and others are able to Watch TCM with different devices and v
  8. Who is Robert Mueller? Special Counsel Investigating Trump-Russia Collusion | NowThis
  9. Who is Rudy Giuliani? Former New York City Mayor Turned Trump Lawyer | NowThis
  10. Who Is Michael Cohen? Narrated by Catherine Cohen & Susie Essman | NowThis
  11. The History of Europe: Every Year (from 400BC-2017)
  12. Thanks Sarge, Good example on the transient "permanence" of Kingdoms, states, and nation states.... I haven't checked the link for accuracy, just looking at the map and using my memory (which may be flawed) to recall what is significant about Sardinia to me. Of course it was populated by indigenous people for many millennia before the Sea Peoples and Carthaginian Empire occupied it. Then, given over to the Romans (along with Sicily and other concessions) at the conclusion of the first Punic War. Jump forward to the late 18th century... I seem to recall that a young Napoleon used his
  13. Thanks Nipper, I too liked the Ventures. One song comes to mind in 1966, "Wild Thing," and the radio was playing both the Ventures and the Troggs instrumental of the same song. Got a little confusing, since they both sounded so much a like. The song was originally recorded by The Wild Ones in 1965, but became a hit in '66 when The Troggs released it. The Troggs- Wild Thing 1966 Then the Ventures came out with this one, which definitely set it apart (in a silly way) BTW, can you recognize the "voice" of the famous actor they are trying to parody in this one? TH
  14. Thanks James, I remember Jeff Beck with The Yardbirds back in '66 And his rendition of two iconic guitar instrumentals: "Apache" and "Sleepwalk" I think that Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page & Jimi Hendrix, had to be among the most talented guitarists ever. The Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things (& Jeff Beck) 1966 The Guitar Gods - Jeff Beck: "Apache" / "Sleepwalk"
  15. Your very welcome James. BTW, I included that little "Sukiyaki" guitar instrumental with you in mind.
  16. Mine was also a GE (I think) at least I remember it looking like the one you posted. Except mine was black, and came with a black leather case and shoulder strap. Hah ha, I have every tune you posted in my "oldies" collection and Yep, first heard them all back in the day as yourself, on the radio. And yep, I remember those pre-bikini days at the beach... What a debt we owe to that little song ehhh. (and of course those "explosive" tests at Bikini Atoll) Thanks for posting your recollections and music.
  17. Interesting little video exposition by Slavoj Quite an animated speaker, but methinks one better heard at a distance (I fear that up close one would be sprayed worse than having a face to face with Eddie Foy). But I think his point could be summed up by stating that taking anything "out of context" to prove a point is altering the truth, and by today's "standards" can easily fall beneath the broad umbrella of "Fake News." And throughout history no one (individual, group, state, ideology, etc...) has ever held a monopoly on the proliferation of "Fake News." Half truths and part tru
  18. In deed! I am quite frankly surprised that no one else has chimed in here, or posted new threads inquiring about this. Could it be that nobody streams WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND just from their PC anymore? Is everybody using some other device with an app that they have downloaded? I'm beginning to feel like I might be a dinosaur around here? OR, could it be that those people that are experiencing this as well are just so fed up, because nobody at TCM responds to them anyway, that they've given up complaining about it and maybe have just left TCM completely??? I can well understand the latter.
  19. Animal Size Comparison - Extinct vs Living
  20. The Island of Shrinking Mammoths
  21. How Did Dinosaurs Get So Huge?
  22. Who is Eric Trump? Narrated by Zack Bornstein | NowThis
  23. Who is Ivanka Trump? – Donald Trump's First Daughter & Advisor | NowThis
  24. Who is Mike Pence? – Vice President of the United States | NowThis
  25. Who is Kellyanne Conway? – Counselor to the President | NowThis
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