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  1. Though I found this satire funny, I Actually think that SansFin's gentle poke at humour (posted link a few pages back) actually "nailed it" much better... And I say that with all due humiliation, being born an "American" (United Statesian) and all. And wishing more and more every day that I could lay that claim to Canada.
  2. H I L A R I O U S I humbly bow to the master of limericks upon these boards. And they are even funnier when illustrated! Speaking of which, you really should consider publishing these gems (with illustrations) and sell it on Amazon alongside "Whose Boat Is This Boat?" Seriously... If you feel guilty about making money off of Trump humor then you can always donate it to a worthy cause. But your talent really does deserve a much wider audience than just these boards. https://www.amazon.com/Whose-Boat-This-Aftermath-Hurricane-ebook/dp/B07HPFY5TM
  3. I take a dump while thinking of Trump, at least once every day. Then I have the satisfaction of watching him go round and round, as he flushes down. But sadly his stink remains, it won't go down that drain. Oh I hope it isn't here to stay... Okay, an Arturo poet I am not, but I can't help thinking that I may have a shot. For I may actually be a poet and just not know it. While my feet may show it. After all, they are Longfellows!
  4. For those that might be a bit confused.... For the sake of context, all the posts in this thread were originally attached to and then orphaned from the below thread.... "Trump Is Beginning to Look Like the Greatest President Since Abraham Lincoln" Too much love where it was, I suppose. I guess DB just couldn't handle it being that close to his favorite "Lover of himself" and "Hater of the People." But at least he allowed the posts to remain. Thanks Hmmmm does DB really think that all this music is "lousy"??? Gosh I hope not, oh "child of vision." Re-link Edit required due t
  5. Wish I was. If I were currently in a Weed legal state I probably would be.... But I find I'm getting a contact high off reading some of your incredibly silly threads and posts, so thanks. Some things just drive people to drinkin, and other people eat funny brownies Back in the day, Alaska was the only state in the union to allow Mary Jane... Just as now, it was still Federally illegal, but the state did NOT enforce those laws if it was only a small amount for personal consumption... Ahhh, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end..... Those were the days my friend
  6. What's a waht? It was a typo, but it somehow seemed apropos so I left it as it was for emphasis
  7. Come on DB, on a "Classic Movie" Website, surely you jest again.... You're just full of the Yuks this mourning aren't you! Waht a nonsensical sense of humour
  8. :lol::P:D :lol::P:D :lol::P:D:lol::P:D :lol::P:D :lol::P:D :lol::P:D :lol::P:D:lol::P:D :lol::P:D :lol::P:D What A Blithering COMEDIAN!
  9. Oh, and If He Only Had some real (instead of fake) C-O-U-R-A-G-E
  10. And If He Only Had A Heart.... to go along with it
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