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  1. Hey, that was quite spicy and provacative for it's day. In fact, it still has a somewhat erotic appeal, don't you think? And so highly functional for swimming too...
  2. No suitable emoji for a quick response. I've seen this video at my library, but have yet to actually check it out. Perhaps now I will, just to see if I agree with your assessment or not?
  3. Thanks for the "Tea & Sympathy" (even if facetious). I am almost gullible enough to want to believe such kind words, but "Totally Scintillating" is way too much, and gave away the jest. Ahhh, you far overestimate my very limited powers over nature and nurture...
  4. Wah Waaa.... comedy, comedy, everywhere, and me bereft of humour....
  5. Oh, her voice is husky, in a sultry melodic way. The generic profile info I already knew. She initiated the first PM. There after it was back and forth replies. So I don't know if it was always that way or not. But now that I think of it, at one point she must have allowed PMs because she wrote of receiving one that had her a little disturbed. So she may have made it dysfunctional sometime later, or perhaps it happened when she decided to "depart" in October. Hmmm. So no way to actually send her a PM these days. I know that at least with the older board format that the poste
  6. I looked at one and it was from the person whom I have since chosen to "block." Afterward I stopped allowing any PM's to be forwarded to my email account. And stopped checking any PMs I received. Of course CG was still posting here at the time, so I hadn't really lost the ability to at least publicly communicate with her until October 2018, when she "vanished." We discussed being banned on a few occasions, as apparently we both felt that we might be on the edge of it at different times here. I deliberately pushed the issue with the mods here and got my, umm wish. So I at least know how
  7. Ahhh, but I believe that CG & TRF were one and the same, in different time periods of course. And I read her (TRF) post correcting another who mistook her gender as male. Of course if she really is a true hermaphrodite (an extreme rarity in the world of western medical procedures wherein physicians exercise their "god-like" powers of determining the gender of sexually ambiguous neonates) then she really could swing both ways upon a whim, couldn't she. Yes, as the legend is told, she apparently has cast her siren call upon many "manly men" only to have their hopes dashed up
  8. Likewise. I always imagined her as a pantaloons sorta girl. But as long as I am imagining, yeah, she does look really good in a mini-skirt. You know I'm "fishing" with you don't you. I am hoping that you will slip up and "bite" and betray your true identity, be it CG, TRF, or whoever she was before she came into our life to enliven these boards.
  9. After all that, this is all I get back? Quite the conversationalist today, aren't you....
  10. Gordie, if we replaced your name with that of CaveGirl on this OP, nobody would recognize a difference between the "two" of you. When I read your words, I hear her imagined voice.... spooky isn't it. Another Great topic BTW.
  11. Saw Caligula during it's first run, was amazed to see such a high brow cast in such a low brow movie. But then again, it was a Bob Guccione production, so I got what I paid for. I keep waiting for you to give us a review of My Friend Dahmer? I read the ummm book, but have yet to see the picture. I hear that it appeals to those with an uhhh, particular discriminating taste. Though not a musical, I'm told it does have a few "comical" moments, a little something for almost every audience to "enjoy." Sounds like a perfect pic to pair with a carafe of nice Lechter red Cannibal Chianti and
  12. Grass is better, especially when mixed in a delicious brownie. ummm, with a big glass of cold milk, or a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly day (or frosty night)... Think of that happy scene in "I Love You Alice B. Toklas." You do realize DB, that it is that particular bloggers claim that "Billionaires Claim They Own The Truth." And to her, it's only the other so called "leftest" "progressive" billionaires that manipulate and twist "facts" to suit their own devious self-serving purpose. While those so called "rightwing" "conservative" billionaire "truth" manipulators, have "our" best interest
  13. Don't use "twitter," "facebook," or the like. Just my old hotmail email account. Well, I suppose that facebook "communication" is something (not sure exactly what without a follow-up), unless it was just a generic reply??? Funny (in the bizarre sense), how they may reply to someone via these other forms of "social media" while they persistently ignore their own websites forum boards....
  14. "Promised"?? "member of this little club" ???? If you are talking about "Backlot" then that is something else entirely. No idea what "promises" anyone receives by "becoming a member" of that???? But regarding joining these boards, I cannot recall that TCM made any "promises" to me about anything. Innuendo maybe. Strong and oft repeated "ideals" that TCM was perhaps better, more professional, caring, and personable, than it really is. Of course many of us don't really discover the falsity of our misconceptions until we actually try to contact them about "whatever" and come to realize t
  15. Black Swan & Quiet Man now load & play at my end. Still none of the others yet. So it appears that someone at TCM may actually be working to "correct" either their own, or someone elses "induced" "problem." Might want to keep checking back periodically.....???? That has too often been the case. It seems to indicate (to me, anyway) that when a string of consecutive features during a specific time frame are on the same fritz (like this) that it would make it easy (easier) to isolate the "problem," be it electronic, mechanical, or human induced. And allow more timely "cor
  16. Confounds the Science - (Parody of) Sound of Silence - REMIX | Don Caron / Linda Gower
  17. MICROWAVES (Are Watching You!) - Randy Rainbow Song Parody
  18. Randy Rainbow Interviews Donald Trump: PART THREE
  19. Isn't she the one that used to call him "Long" Chaney??? (I recall that you shared that with us in another post a few years ago) I remembered it because when I was a kid, that's what I thought his name was too, and I used to spell it that way.
  20. After all my "research" who would have guessed??? Ahhh, I know that you just made that up. But thanks CG errr GC, you know a little encouragement goes a long way with me.
  21. IT CAME UPON A NIGHT OBSCURE (Parody of It Came Upon a Midnight Clear) | Don Caron
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