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  1. I think that it's a connection problem between the TCM database server and the Movies Unlimited data base server. The Movies Unlimited server is likely down, and I surmise that it will be noted and corrected when they return to work sometime monday. Hopefully I'm correct in my deduction.
  2. Okay, I tried to access moviesunlimited.com and received the same unavailability message. Is it possible that this is where the second page of the TCM movie database lives? If so it is a Movies Unlimited data base problem that we experience whenever the TCM site tries to transfer us there for the second page of movie information. This is actually a good thing, because it affects the Movies Unlimited bottom line. They are losing revenue with this site down so I feel confident that when Monady rolls along they will promptly fix the problem, especially since they are not available late
  3. After I posted my query, I started reading down the thread and it appears that there are several of us who are experiencing this same difficulty getting the movie data base search engine past the first page. If there is any comfort in this misery at least we are not alone. The likelihood that the problem is at our end diminishes with the number of us experiencing the same problem. Hopefully the techno gurus at TCM will identify and correct this problem within a timely manner.
  4. When I enter a movie title in the search engine and click Go it brings up a list of title matches, as usual. However, when I click on the correct title to bring up more information the Internet Explorer says that it cannot display the webpage. I attempt to diagnose connection problems, but Windows tells me that there is nothing wrong with my connection, and that the website may be experiencing problems. This started last night and continues. I have no other internet problems that I?m aware of, just this one. So is anyone else experiencing this same issue, or is it my machine?
  5. Whew? I feel like I committed a mortal sin with that question. Thank you, CineSage jr, for the enlightening information. And thank you lzcutter, for the link. First please let me establish that I ?do not pine for the days of Ted Turner?s colorization efforts,? I am however interested in collecting some of those colorized films. I grew up on black and white, didn?t even see a color TV until I was in high school. In those days the colorization tint had to be adjusted by hand and the best we could do is try to match a green to say what we though was a green tree, or blue to what we
  6. I hope it is not anathema to ask such a question in these forums, but there was a time when Ted Turner was at the helm, that a great deal of energy and money was invested in colorizing some of the older B&W classics. I understand the purity argument against altering the original intent of the artists who chose to make their film in B&W for artistic reasoning, even though color was available to them as an option. However, color in films was an added expense, and some of those early classics were not produced in color simply because they didn?t have the budget to do so. Colorizi
  7. Who knows what guides the mindset of the powers that be??? I too, am a big fan of this film, and consider it one of Brando's and Kazan's best collaborations. It should be as readily available as "A Streetcar Named Desire," and "On The Waterfront." Why it is not, is hard to fathom. As far as I know, it has never been domestically released in DVD format, but once was in VHS format. Some of the purchasers of the import DVD's have complained that they have been unacceptably "re-edited" by those suppliers, deleting portions of key scenes that help to give the film a greater meaning.
  8. You are quite right, of course. That was why I amended the statement with: "Or, better yet, that we had a truly alternate transportable fuel and conveyance system in place so that we no longer have to rely upon petroleum to get around..." It probably wouldn't relieve the traffic congestion, but if we could get off of the petroleum wagon as a transportable fuel, and replace it with renewable, environmentally friendly integrated systems such as hydrogen electric fuel cells with the H2 derived from water and the mass harvesting of wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal driven sources, then we c
  9. Thank you folks for the reply. I understand now. I guess I never thought of TCM in the same genre as other premium channels. I used to watch AMC but got annoyed at all of the commercial interruptions along with the edited format. So many cable channels still have commercials within their programing, including another favorite of mine: The history channel. The only channels that didn't seem to do that were those premium channels like HBO, Starz, etc. So I thought of TCM as a rather unique channel in that its programming is both uncut, and commercial free, and still included in an "expande
  10. Hi, Although I?ve been a fan of TCM for several years now, I?m new to this forum. It amazes me that TCM is able to show its features commercial free. It?s what distinguishes it from all other commercial sites. There are only a handful of stations that I routinely watch, and of them only TCM and PBS are commercial free in their programming. I see that PBS receives its revenue from grants and contributions, but *how does TCM do it?* However they do, I am very grateful and appreciative, and I certainly do not want to look a gift horse to closely in the mouth, but if someone could
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