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  1. Working Girl Field of Dreams Glory The Green Mile Lonesome Dove (mini series)
  2. I would have to go with 'A Chorus Line and the Wiz. For how great the stage versions were and how completely bad these films were.
  3. I'm not sure I missed something in the scene, but in The Two Mrs. Carrolls this morning, Bogart say's to Smith, that she does not need the Rose on her lapel - that she is beautiful enough. He just points to it and I did not see Smith or Bogart remove it. In her next close up as she the is gone. Again if I missed one of them taking the rose off ignore this. It's just that I noticed this today and this old thread was brought forward.
  4. I started out not being a fan of Astaire or knowing that much about Rogers. Once my wife got me into the golden age of films I've become fans of both. As for smoking, it bothers me in todays films, but not in the classics. They did not know as much as they do now.
  5. Ina Ray Hutton, daughter of pianist Marvel Ray, sang and danced in stage revues from the age of 8, culminating in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1934. In mid-1934, she organized an "all-girl" band, the Melodears, featuring hot swing music and Ina Ray's hot dancing in sexy gowns. Ina Ray starred with her band in several Paramount musical shorts, 1935-37, and appeared as herself in a few feature films, but her chief claim to film fame is the starring role in a Columbia musical, Ever Since Venus (1944) (1944). The Melodears broke up in 1939 and Ina Ray organized an all-male band which played through the
  6. I just saw a quirky movie I never heard about. "Lone Star State of Mind" (2002). This movie takes place in some Texas town where the only character that is "normal" is the lead. This just had my wife and I cracking up. It is the type of movie that you'll find funny or stupid - like it or not.
  7. I'm not sure this qualifies: The scene from Twister where the group is taking cover in a garage (not sure if it's a gas station or not) and the place gets ripped to shreds
  8. I really enjoy Cagney but not for his tough guy gangster rolls but for his light hearted/ musical/comedic rolls.
  9. Adventures of Buckaroo Bansei Spinal Tap Raising Arizona
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