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  1. Mongo... can you post some Montgomery Clift candids? Just finished watching I Confess again.. what a graceful and a fine actor he was... and gosh so handsome!
  2. Mongo.... Thank you for posting that picture of Tyrone Power! I had just watched "The Rains Came" and am again reminded how gloriously handsome he was!
  3. I'd just watched this version for the first time today... funny because I was getting ready to leave after watching 'It Happened One Night' when this movie came on, and after five minutes, I couldn't look away. And Charles Laughton is my favorite!
  4. Orson Welles (if someone could help with age/date?) Greta Garbo (what's so funny I wonder!)
  5. Dear Dan, Thank you very much for the response below! I certainly will look into other Powell and Pressberger titles. It was quite an experience when I saw the film, and am glad you took the time to respond so thoroughly. In the future, I hope to find you for my other film inquiries! And also FF and _everyone_ for your input! -Kat.
  6. Clark Gable being sworn in to the Army Air Corps in 1942 Gable with James Stewart, in uniforms in 1943 Loretta Young and Judy "Lewis" Gable with Shirley Temple
  7. I was couch ridden most of today due to the flu, and happen to have catch *The Red Shoes* on TCM today. Perhaps it was the NyQuil or the fever, but I found this movie to be eerie in a very strange and unnatural way. I was able to gather enough strength to research lightly on the actress Moira Shearer, but I because I am a total amatuer when it comes to classic films, but can anyone fill me in on how this movie did when it was released? What did the audience and the critics think of the film of its time? What is your take on it? And why is Shearer's film resume not very extensive because I think she is beautiful and a wonderful actress. (Perhaps she was a ballet dancer and film roles were not open to aspect of her career?) Your thoughts please.
  8. Mongo... thank you for all the Jean Harlow candids! She's my fav.... died so young!
  9. Jean Harlow March 3, 1911- June 7 1937 Carole Lombard October 6, 1908- January 16, 1942
  10. Greta Garbo: Grand Hotel Next: *John Barrymore*
  11. SCRATCH THAT..., TOO LATE... *Richard Egan:* The Glory Brigade Next: (the incredibly gracious and beautiful ): Joan Fontaine Message was edited by: kat_tcm
  12. _Top_: Joan Fontaine Ingrid Bergman Clark Gable Gary Cooper Cary Grant _Bottom_: Audrey Hepburn Katherine Hepburn Loretta Young James Stewart James Cagney
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