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  1. If you watch film Noir, no matter how many times you view a film, you can find something new. Laura (1944) is no exception. The insouciant arrogance of Lydecker is amazing. His use of lavish is said with a nonchalant attitude that places himself above everyone. And how about the bathing tub of his. And then the command to the detective to hand me a towel. All of this is setting up the upcoming jousting between those two. Both are almost expressionless with a hint of antagonism in their comments. Setting the stage for a great Noir. And thanks again for the course.
  2. I loved the barrel marked San Quentin. The shots of the barrel rolling downhill from different perspectives while the sirens were going made me believe the person in there would be caught. The barrel landing with a thump and a splash had me wondering if the one inside was alright. The scene in the auto and the too good looking guy was perfect too. Passing the time with questions that led up to the radio broadcast of the escape, and then the driver looking as the characteristics of the escapee were announced on the radio . Yes. it was a good scene. I never saw the film but I have a copy a
  3. I think it interesting to see that Betty was the only woman in the entire scene. Such a serene setting with the full moon (LUNATIC) appearing and then going behind a dark cloud and then reappearing at just the right point. Emptying that pistol and then telling or ordering someone to go and tell the official it was an accident. Looks to me like a passion killing. Again full moon/killing. What an opening!! THE LETTER.
  4. Outstanding opening. No talking - whistling to each other. Mechanization - and all of the sounds that go with it. The tunnel darkness is excellent and the whistle before the train enters. Everything is mechanical and the shadows throughout give this scene a very noirish impact. Reminds me a bit of Burt Lancaster in the film THE TRAIN.
  5. I never saw any of those films. I would like to see Desperate and purchase The Lineup. Does TCM have either or both of those films up for DVDs? Also, Quicksand is an interesting Noir character study. Rooney fills the bill here. I watch it a lot.
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