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  1. How about HIGH PRESSURE (1932) or PRIVATE DETECTIVE 62 (1933) with William Powell? THE DARK HOUSE (1932) or THE WORKING MAN (1933) with Bette Davis? WINNER TAKE ALL (1932) or HARD TO HANDLE (1933) with James Cagney? THE FAMOUS FERGUSON CASE (1932) or BLONDIE JOHNSON (1933) with Joan Blondell? MANDALAY (1934) or DR. MONICA (1934) with Kay Francis? Haven't seen these in years!
  2. I just wish TCM would strike a deal with Universal and air some of the early 1930s Paramounts. When TCM picks a Star of the Month who was a contract player at Paramount in the early 30s, like Cary Grant or Claudette Colbert, it's really too bad TCM doesn't use that as an opportunity to show those early films. Would love to see THE BIG POND (1930) on TCM, Claudette's first movie!
  3. It's just that the movies they are showing those nights have been shown numerous times in the past. It would have been nice for them to show something new to TCM.
  4. With TCM having nights devoted to Ray Milland and Margaret Sullavan this month, it would have been nice if on one of those nights, they could have shown the 1936 Universal picture "Next Time We Love," starring Sullavan, Milland, and James Stewart. This film has rarely if ever been shown on TV. True TCM would have to go to the trouble of licensing it from Universal, but that shouldn't deter them. Is TCM getting lazy?
  5. I pre-ordered my Grand Hotel DVD from www.dvdempire.com. It arrived 2/3. It's a fine DVD. The transfer is pretty good, the extras are fine. Maybe the making of documentary could have been a little longer; it's only 11 minutes. The Vitaphone short spoofing Grand Hotel was a hoot! I've also watched the Mutiny on the Bounty DVD. Another fine transfer, but this DVD is in need of more extras. An audio commentary on the film would have been nice; they put one on the 1932 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde after all!
  6. "Bringing Up Baby" and "A King in New York" are both getting two airings this week. It used to be months before TCM showed the same movie again; now it's just a matter of days?!
  7. I love Genevieve Tobin! She was awesome in today's "The Goose and the Gander" (1935) and "Goodbye, Again" (1933) from a few weeks ago. I love her big blue eyes and bemused manner, sort of like a more dignified Una Merkel. Hope TCM honors Genevieve one day with a marathon of her movies (her birthday is 11/29). She certainly deserves it! I also love Claire Dodd! It was great seeing Dodd and Tobin together in "The Goose and the Gander."
  8. The guy who owned the book store in "Born to Be Bad" was none other than Henry Travers, Clarence from "It's a Wonderful Life"! I've been catching up on my tapes and just saw a Warren William pre-code, "Goodbye Again" from 1933! This movie was great! Genevieve Tobin really stole the movie for me; she was really sexy! (Joan Blondell wasn't a push-over either). I loved the sexual implications! This morning I watched the remake of this film, 1941's "Honeymoon for Three." It just wasn't the same without the sex! For me, Ann Sheridan was the only reason to watch the inferior re-make.
  9. I just saw, from Fox DVD, the 1934 film Born to be Bad with Loretta Young and Cary Grant. Boy, is Loretta bad in this film!! This is perhaps her best naughty pre-code role! I highly recommend picking it up. The transfer is good and it's only $10. If it sells, maybe Fox will put some of its other pre-codes on DVD. Maybe not, but you never know!!
  10. For me, Jeanne Crain will always be one of the most beautiful women who ever lived. She will be missed.
  11. I'm tempted to buy The Bat Whispers on Milestone DVD just to see Una in a lead role!
  12. It's great seeing TCM honor Una's birthday with a day of her films! I love Una! She was pretty, funny, a great talent. Too bad she didn't get an opportunity to star in many films as the main female character. Seems like she always plays a friend.
  13. TCM has the rights to air the entire RKO, MGM, and Warner Brothers library to 1948. A problem with TCM is that they rarely show lesser-known films that are outside of this package, stuff from Paramount, Columbia, Universal, and post-1948 Warner Brothers. Sure they license stuff like "Lawrence of Arabia" from Columbia, even "Trouble in Paradise" from Universal, which controls all the old Paramounts. But these movies are well-known and/or critically acclaimed. How about movies like "Home Before Dark," a 1958 Warner Brothers film starring Jean Simmons, movies that are good but a bit obscure? They
  14. The usual story, told again on the Treasure of the Sierra Madre DVD, is that Ann Sheridan has a brief cameo in the picture playing a streetwalker who catches Bogart's eye. There's even a still of her in costume. But looking at the scene, I've come to the conclusion that the actress who plays the streetwalker is not Ann Sheridan! The actress doesn't have Ann Sheridan's characteristic face; her cheekbones are too high, her eyebrows too looped. I suspect that a take was filmed with Ann Sheridan in the role but was latter dropped for the final version, where an unidentified Mexican girl was used i
  15. February's schedule is disappointing. Apart from one or two, there aren't any rare films from the 30s or 40s. By "rare" I mean films that aren't on video and haven't been shown on the channel in over a year. Instead, it's the same old, same old..
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