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  1. Can someone help me with the name of a Red Skelton movie? It's one where Red and his ladyfriend are trapped by the bad guys in a military surplus warehouse and to call for help they start using some walkie-talkies they found. The signals break into radio shows and into the audio of a late-forties or early fifities tv broadcast. I saw this in the sixties on tv and can't recall the title. Thanks!
  2. I'm not quite sure where to post this, but I want to thank the programmers at TCM for showing the East Side Kids movies. Not because they're great cinema, or even fundamentally watchable, but because they are part of film history. TCM has made available to us everything from Ben-Hur to Lawrence of Arabia to (now) Mr. Wise Guy. This is an amazing service TCM provides- commercial free, remember!- and we are fortunate to see even those zero-budget East Side Kids romps. Thank you, TCM!
  3. During the post-broadcast notes n' news for Across the Pacific, Robert Osborne spoke of a scene in which Bogie is tied to a chair in the house near the Panama Canal. Director Huston set up the situation, which was not in the script, and then left to do Signal Corps films. I don't remember that scence in the broadcast: I recorded the movie on my DVR, and searched it a couple of times but can't find the scene. Can anyone help? Thanks,-
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