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  1. Barbara Stanwyck is a highly regarded actress and she's highest on my list of favorites. Once again, I'm appalled at the oversight in programming for the month of July. I eagerly scrolled down the program list to July 16th, Barbara Stanwyck's birthday and I'm disappointed to see no Barbara movies are scheduled on that day in honor of her. This is an insulting oversight by TCM. I can't believe in this day and age with computers such a reminder would not be entered in the data base of stars' birthdays, especially a star of such magnitude. Yes I can watch my Barbara dvds on her birthday
  2. Hello all. July 16th is Barbara Stanwyck's birthday!! Happy Birthday, Barbara. However, I'm unpleasantly surprised there are no Barbara movies on TCM today!? What an oversight! This lady deserves a movie marathon...she defined film noir with "Double Indemnity". I will watch the dvd tonight!
  3. I would like to know if the festival will include more classic film noir. I see Sunset Boulevard but would love to see Double Indemnity included...would be so cool to attend this with fans of Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray and see this important film on the big screen just like 1944!
  4. Yes, I agree - Tippi Hedren is awesome in both films.
  5. Without a doubt - Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity....and yes, Barbara in just about any movie of this genre!!
  6. I loved the tribute to Frank Capra May 18th on his b'day! Barbara Stanwyck is my all time fave actress & she was featured in 3 movies on that day. What versatility & charisma she has - Barbara inspires me so much. I missed 'Ladies of Leisure' because my recorder didn't work, then I realized my mistake omg how upsetting. I really want to find that movie, no luck so far. Please TCM play it again! Capra's direction is brilliant. Barbara shone as an evangalist in 'The Miracle Woman'. At that time she was only 23 or 24 yet such a strong portrayal & I was crying a bit throug
  7. I've been a longtime fan of TCM and have not posted on this messageboard until today. What brings me here? Double Indemnity - my fave movie of all time! I'm so glad it made the cut in the 15th Anniversary Guest Programmers selections!! This amazing film noir, a brilliant work of art is perfection imo. The suspense and dialogue - everything is so awesome. Barbara Stanwyck is my favorite actress. No one else could have played the part. Seriously I almost worship Barbara's talents as an actress and fine person. Mongo, thanks so very much for picking this movie! I really enjoyed your
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