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  1. History has shown that westerns and other genres seem drift in and out of popularity. The public loses interest in a certain type of movie for a while, but then one comes out that, for whatever reason, turns into huge hit and everyone in Hollywood seems to be making them again. Will it be like the old days when it seemed there was new westerns coming out every week? Probably not, that's not how the movie business works anymore regardless of genre.
  2. I have favorites that I can watch endless times, one being SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. Even though I have it on Blu-Ray if I'm channel-surfing and TCM is in the middle of it, I very likely will be hooked and end up watching it to the end. That said, even with my very favorites, there times when I will rest a title and not watch it for months or even a year. Then I revisit it like I'm seeing an old friend again and will appreciate it all the more.
  3. I get TCM from DirecTV, but because I do I can also get it from Watch TCM which is a streaming service I can get through Roku. I never have a problem with the satellite, but every time I try and watch a movie on streaming it pauses or has to reload. The term for that is "buffering". I never have a buffering issue on other streaming channels. I know it can happen if you're using a very slow internet speed, but I'm not. In fact, I recently upgraded to a very high speed and assumed that would solve the TCM problem, but it didn't. I know this isn't going to help you, but it's obvious the problem likely lies at TCM. You're not the only one having problems with TCM on Sling. I've heard that complain from a number of people.
  4. How is it possible to determine the best movie ever made without seeing every movie ever made? Of course, since many films no longer exist that's impossible. The more logical question would be "what do you consider the best movie you've ever seen?" In either case the answer is subjective and depends on the tastes of the person being asked..
  5. In the 1950's it wasn't that unusual for studios to experiment with shooting different aspect aspect ratios and then regardless of what it was make the release prints in the old ratio by cropping off the sides. That's what it looks like here. The top one was what was used for release prints and later TV and the bottom was what was shot. I'd guess that Paramount has made a new digital transfer using the format it was shot in to better match the 16:9 aspect ratio of widescreen TVs. I've noticed other studios doing that too. It'll be interesting to see what TCM runs next time.
  6. "General" should mean exactly that. Discussions about films or film related topic from any era. If people want more on older films, just write more of them. Like it or not, over the past 25 years TCM has broadened the range of what it shows so the discussions should be open to every era.
  7. Keep in mind that TCM needs some lead time to get publicity out on the tribute. What's the point of doing one if nobody knows it's on. Just like they're getting complaints from people who don't want to wait, they'[d get complaints from others if they ran it too soon. They can't win.
  8. That's not necessarily the case. Cable companies can adjust the aspect ratio on each channel individually. I'm not sating they do it intentionally or that's what happened in the cases sited, but it is possible. More often than not somebody typed a wrong code into the computer that runs the operation.
  9. I wouldn't always blame the channel. Often times the studios and distributors find it easier to simply make everything they release in a 16:9 ratio figuring that it's close enough to 1.85:1 or similar aspect ratios that the average viewer won't notice or doesn't care. Of course, people on these boards don't tend to be "average". TCM has always tried to run films in the proper aspects ratios, but the studios are making harder and harder to get them. I'm sure they're often told "that's the only version we have, take it or leave it."
  10. A lot of people simply don't want or are afraid of change. Sure, sometimes change can be bad, but many times it's better. The way I see it, change is going to happen of regardless of what we want, so let's just see where it takes us.
  11. I guess when somebody does what they enjoy, becomes a master at their craft , and ends up by being loved and respected by audiences and professionals alike, passing away at 94 should be a celebration of their life and not of sadness. When I was a kid, I loved all kinds of movies, except one...musicals. Why? I don't know msybe I just never saw any I liked. One day, when I was about 14 or 15 that all changed when stumbled into the world of Stanley Donen. I had gone to a double feature and in order to see the film I came for had to sit through SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS. I was awestruck at how enjoyable and fun a really good musical could be. That started my life-long love of musicals. By now, I've seen all of his films, some many times, but each time I see one again, I remember that day I first saw SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS and how that started it all for me. Thank you Stanly Donen!
  12. I've probably said this before. Whether we like it or not, as with every other TV channel, TCM's schedule is always subject to change. Most channels do make changes, but I think it's more noticeable here because so many of us look farther ahead and with greater anticipation than the average viewer of the other ones. Having worked as a station movie programmer, I do understand that most of the times the changes have to do with rights or distributor issues that TCM can't control. Having said that, if I was programming TCM, I wouldn't even think of putting anything on the schedule until it was firmly locked up and we had a copy of the movie in hand.
  13. Well, I agree the TV movie of THE MUSIC MAN wasn't nearly as good as I hoped and certainly not in the same league as the movie, or some stage productions I've seen. The biggest problem, I thought, was that Matthew Broderick wasn't believable as Harold Hill. On the bright side, Kristin Chenoweth made a terrific Marion and was worth watching the movie for. Still, because I love the music so much, and even with all it's faults, I do watch the TV movie now and then. I can't explain it, but for me, watching a live TV production of a Broadway show is just more exciting.
  14. I love the whole idea of doing live versions of Broadways shows on TV, but from a practical point I think they have to be the standard classics to draw well although I think The Wiz was a good exception. While shows like Rent and Hair may have been good shows in the own right, I don't think they have the wider appeal that The Sound of Music or Peter Pan did. The Music Man would be a good one, and I'd love to see a live version of West Side Story, but that's probably out because of the upcoming new movie version.
  15. I just caught up with MARY POPPINS RETURNS yesterday. From a technical standpoint I thought it was actually pretty well done with excellent effects, However the score wasn't nearly as good and certainly won't be producing any memorable classics like the Sherman brothers' original did. My biggest gripe about the movie was its whole mood. The first one was a real "feel good" picture while this had a darkness to it that I found unpleasant. On top of that, at 130 minutes it was far too long and could have easily been trimmed by 20 minutes or more.. The best thing in it was Dick Van Dyke's dance number.
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