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  1. From what I understand, even though Warner Bros. (or whatever they call it nowadays) is part of the same parent company as TCM, they're treated as separate entities. Warner distributes what use to be the TCM Library and is responsible for providing digital transfers. For legal reasons, Warner has to treat TCM the same as any other channel that license movies from them. TCM doesn't have unlimited access to those movies and must negotiate and pay to show them. It would be up to the distributor to provide the movie in whatever medium TCM requires. That said, and judging from TCM occasionally running an edited version of something or in the wrong format, I've come to the conclusion the TCM doesn't have anyone take a look at what they've received before it actually runs.
  2. My guess would be that at some point the movie was reissued to theaters and since it was no longer the anniversary year that message was removed so as to not make it look like "an old movie". Things like that were pretty common with reissues. If that's the case with ADAM'S RIB than it's likely the digital transfer TCM ran was made from a reissue print and not one from the original release. That's not something TCM has control over.
  3. That trailer makes me want to see it. Looks pretty creative to me. I don't think of it in terms of a "remake" of an earlier movie but simply another cinematic interpretation of the original story. I'll judge it on its own merits.
  4. You pretty well nailed it. One point I will make is that the older MGM, Warner, and RKO titles that Ted Turner bought to create the original TCM Library are now controlled by Warner which is another division of TCM's parent company. Even so, for legal reasons, Warner can't treat TCM any differently than it would any other customer. and, as you pointed out, has to charge them for the going rate they'd charge anyone else. In some cases, TCM may find itself bidding against other networks for movies that at one time it had unlimited use of. You're correct, the term "library" really just refers to the collective programming that TCM has under contract as opposed to a actual structure filled with physical prints or tapes of those films.
  5. I've always thought it was really charming movie too. I became a fan of the story when it first appeared in Reader's Digest. I have the DVD and have watched it any number of times and I can't recall any "crude" language in it. Maybe there could be the stronger version of "darn" and "heck" but that's about it. Trust me you can't go wrong with that one.
  6. I watched Alicia when she was guest co-host with Eddie Muller for ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS and I thought she was very good and showed a lot of knowledge about the film . It's like Sepiatone said, maybe Alicia doesn't seem that great when she's just reading off a prompter that somebody else wrote. When in a conversational setting with Eddie she more than held here own. Perhaps TCM should give more her more chances to show off how good she really might be.
  7. From what I've been reading the studios aren't even going to be providing new movies until July. So while governors may say it's okay to reopen, the big circuits are saying they don't see the point if they haven't got anything new to run. Here in New York nothing is going to reopen until mid-May at the earliest and then it will be in stages. Theatres are not in the first or second round of openings so assuming things go well that might coincide with what the studios are saying. Of course, if there's another spike in the virus then all bets are off.
  8. It was originally planned to star Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke to cash in on the success they had with MARY POPPINS, but she turned it down because she was afraid she'd end up being type casted and only offered similar type films. I always thought of it as a solidly made British film that simply did not click with audiences on this side of the Atlantic.
  9. Sorry to hear about her passing. I'm guessing that the photo was a publicity shot from the original Broadway production. I say that because, the strippers' movie costumes were designed not to show the performer's belly button, which was a definite no-no in movies at the time.. My how times have changed.
  10. I wasn't aware of the book but I am a HUGE fan of both the stage production and the movie so I will definitely will be ordering it.
  11. I worked almost 40 years at a local station that carried ABC and while I can't remember the years they did on occasion run it on Palm Sunday weekend before. I also remember once when ABC showed it as a two-parter. I don't recall if it was a Saturday and Sunday on the same weekend or over two but they did split it. I think they took a hit in the ratings that year and never did it again.
  12. Although I think it gets overlooked by some sci-fi fans, I've always liked ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS. Yes indeed, Paramount's special effects department dusted off the "flying machines" from WAR OF THE WORLDS to use in the picture. I have to admit, I haven't seen it in several years and may just be worth a revisit.
  13. TCM has run THE FALLEN IDOL numerous times over the years. If they aren't now, it's possible that their contract for it has expired. If you have access to the Criterion Channel streaming service, it sounds like something they might have.
  14. Think of it as a "period piece".
  15. I know that sometimes if a movie didn't do well when it had a VHS release it never got a DVD release, but with TIN PAN ALLEY I'd find that hard to believe. At the very least it should have been included in one of those sets.
  16. There's a lot of great Fox musicals out on DVD, but oddly TIN PAN ALLEY isn't. It was released on VHS, but never on DVD. I'd love to know the story behind that.
  17. I have to say I'm curious. I'm not expecting it to be a remake of the movie, but rather just a different adaptation of the original story. Still, I'm not about to shell out first-run prices for it. I'll either see it at a local 2nd-run theater that only charges $2.00 on weeknights or get it from the Redbox machine whichever gets it first.
  18. I think it was somewhere in the late 1960's or early 1970's that Paramount rereleased WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE as a double-feature with WAR OF THE WORLDS. Now that was a GREAT show!
  19. If somebody has a DVD player but doesn't want to buy a copy of THE TEN COMMANMENTS, or any movie for that matter, they should look to their local public library. As the saying goes "Libraries aren't just for books anymore". Most of them have good DVD collections, usually available for free , and often can borrow specific movies from other libraries. For example, our county library system has over 35,000 DVD and Blu-Rays for loan. As a cardholder I can borrow any of them from any of the libraries online, and, assuming it's available, I can pick it up at my local branch in just a few days. People should take advantage of their libraries, after, it's their taxes that pay for them.
  20. History has shown that westerns and other genres seem drift in and out of popularity. The public loses interest in a certain type of movie for a while, but then one comes out that, for whatever reason, turns into huge hit and everyone in Hollywood seems to be making them again. Will it be like the old days when it seemed there was new westerns coming out every week? Probably not, that's not how the movie business works anymore regardless of genre.
  21. I have favorites that I can watch endless times, one being SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. Even though I have it on Blu-Ray if I'm channel-surfing and TCM is in the middle of it, I very likely will be hooked and end up watching it to the end. That said, even with my very favorites, there times when I will rest a title and not watch it for months or even a year. Then I revisit it like I'm seeing an old friend again and will appreciate it all the more.
  22. I get TCM from DirecTV, but because I do I can also get it from Watch TCM which is a streaming service I can get through Roku. I never have a problem with the satellite, but every time I try and watch a movie on streaming it pauses or has to reload. The term for that is "buffering". I never have a buffering issue on other streaming channels. I know it can happen if you're using a very slow internet speed, but I'm not. In fact, I recently upgraded to a very high speed and assumed that would solve the TCM problem, but it didn't. I know this isn't going to help you, but it's obvious the problem likely lies at TCM. You're not the only one having problems with TCM on Sling. I've heard that complain from a number of people.
  23. How is it possible to determine the best movie ever made without seeing every movie ever made? Of course, since many films no longer exist that's impossible. The more logical question would be "what do you consider the best movie you've ever seen?" In either case the answer is subjective and depends on the tastes of the person being asked..
  24. In the 1950's it wasn't that unusual for studios to experiment with shooting different aspect aspect ratios and then regardless of what it was make the release prints in the old ratio by cropping off the sides. That's what it looks like here. The top one was what was used for release prints and later TV and the bottom was what was shot. I'd guess that Paramount has made a new digital transfer using the format it was shot in to better match the 16:9 aspect ratio of widescreen TVs. I've noticed other studios doing that too. It'll be interesting to see what TCM runs next time.
  25. "General" should mean exactly that. Discussions about films or film related topic from any era. If people want more on older films, just write more of them. Like it or not, over the past 25 years TCM has broadened the range of what it shows so the discussions should be open to every era.
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