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  1. Small Town Girl (Bobby Van hopping around town) Next: prank
  2. I love The Last Wave, and it's the movie I was thinking of! For dystopian future: Terminator Next: divorce court
  3. The Manchurian Candidate (Angela Lansbury) Next: Trustworthy female expert
  4. Testament (1983) Next: prize livestock (not horses)
  5. "Silver Bells" - The Lemon Drop Kid next: advertising jingle
  6. Miss Wonderful looked down at the floor and bit her lower lip. Men liked that, but this Spade character was probably wise to the trick. "The Thin Man is...my husband. Or was. It's complicated. I haven't treated him like a husband in quite some time. You see...oh, he's such a brute, you don't know!" "No, but I can imagine." Miss Wonderful tried the lower lip bite again. "Look, could we go somewhere else to talk? The beach is beautiful tonight." "Wouldn't the Thin Man object to you and me alone on a beach?" "I don't care. You see, I don't exactly have very many... Stars
  7. The Lady Says No (1951) Next: undersea scenes
  8. Ice Station Zebra (watching it now) Next: music lesson
  9. An Alligator for Daisy Next: Doctor-patient romance
  10. Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought the next person was supposed to provide the next title. The next movie is, of course The Thin Man.
  11. “Rhythm on the River” Next: a congratulatory song
  12. Gentle Annie Next: Thomas Mitchell
  13. Men in Black Next: staircase scene (ascending or descending)
  14. Let's get this going again. The cast: Ginger Rogers, Doris Day, Ronald Reagan
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