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  1. Swoon-worthy:D Cary Grant William Powell Ronald Colman Dana Andrews Tyrone Power Henry Fonda Errol Flynn Gregory Peck Marcello Mastroianni Glenn Ford Alan Ladd Bob Hope? - LOL! Yeah I know. It surprised me too.
  2. finance, June Allyson's husky voice does not bother me. I think its cute. Hey what can I say. I like Jean Arthur's voice too.
  3. Ray "****" Milland:D I can watch him anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Not only was he an excellent dramatic actor but he was VERY funny in comedies. My dvr has been working overtime. Next up: Jean Simmons on TCM...Im ready.
  4. Happily agree with the Rex Harrison, Eleanor Parker & Jose Ferrer posters. Do not agree with the June Allyson poster. I like her wholesome quirkiness. May I add: Diane Lane - Can't stand her distant/cold/vacant performances. Julianne Moore - I think its her facial expression that irk me to no end.
  5. I personally enjoy listening to Robert & Alec:D At least both gents know what they are talking about and they discuss films with great enthusiasm.
  6. johnpressman Im a BIG Davis & Hepburn fan but my boyfriend once commented that it must have been VERY intimidating for both Davis & Hepburn to exist in a time when many leading ladies were very attractive. And even though both are icons, he would not be caught in a dark alley with either one of them. YES he is still my boyfriend.
  7. All classics: 1. Notorious 2. The Best Years of Our Lives 3. Random Harvest 4. Laura 5. Dark Victory 6. Bringing Up Baby 7. Room at the Top 8. The Adventures of Robin Hood 9. Queen Christina 10. Gaslight (1944)
  8. YES 30srbest! Every James Mason performance irks me to no end. And I gotta add Jack Lemmon. Oh man his performances REALLY annoy me.
  9. my faves: The X Files La Femme Nikita The Wire Bewitched The Golden Girls The Big Valley The Steve Harvey Show Beverly Hills 90210 Sex And The City The Twilight Zone A Different Word Hart To Hart Living Single Remington Steel I Love Lucy Cheers 227 Amen Martin Night Court
  10. The one actress that I can not stand is Greta Garbo. Oh man. Where do I begin? Overrated looks, can't act, boring screen presence...Ha! Ha! Haaa!!!! I just wanted to annoy her loyal subjects. No seriously, BIG fan of Garbo, Bergman & Dietrich. I call them my (3) euro-babes:D Now the real irritants: actresses: Shirley Maclaine Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly Julie Andrews Barbara Stanwyck - her movie career only. LOVE her on the BIG VALLEY. Maureen O'Sullivan Faye Dunaway Shelley Winters Julie Christie Meg Ryan Gwyneth Paltrow - BIG fan of her mom though.
  11. Top Male: Cary Grant Not only was a handsome bloke but his comedic sense of timing was AWESOME. And given the opportunity, he could play it dark...moody...vulnerable too. (Sublime perf. in Notorious). Top Female: Ingrid Bergman Not only was she gorgeous to look at, but no other actress could convey her special brand of on-screen elegance...intelligence...and a sensual down-to-earthiness like Bergman. Favorite Child Actor: Freddie Bartholomew Wise beyond his little years. On-screen he projected high-spirits, sincerity and a continuous gift-for-gab.
  12. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I behold... Ingrid Bergman - something about those liquid eyes and radiant smile. I love her accent too. Ava Gardner - earthy sexy HOT. Deborah Kerr - another foreign beauty that exuded class, elegance and intelligence. Olivia de Havilland - lovely smile and velvetine voice. Elizabeth Taylor - those eyes are legendary. Lana Turner - frosty & fiery beauty. Vivien Leigh/Hedy Lamarr/Gene Tierney - All 3 were born under the sign of Scorpio. All 3 had that dark, feline, intense beauty down pact. Rita Hayworth -
  13. I agree John Boy! Hepburn had excellent chemistry opposite Finney. FINALLY an actor in her age group.
  14. Hepburn + Davis = snarky enemies (of course). Wilder & Dietrich & Lamarr...works for me! Cary & William *deep happy sigh* Tracey can't you see both gents as elegant/worldly/extremely funny con men? On a cruise ship, filled with wealthy travellers and...
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