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  1. HI Everyone, I just found out that Victoria Horne died on October 10, 2003.
  2. Here is a great site to read about up coming DVD releases. Check it out. http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/barriemaxwell/index.html
  3. One of my favorite lines is by W. C. Fields in "The Bank Dick": "OgOggilby ... sounds like a bubble in a bathtub!"
  4. Dear bansi4, OK, I watched the scene you mentioned about 6 times and I can tell you the men (and no woman who could be Mary Astor) around the bar are not the cast of "The Maltese Falcon". Is there another scene that they might be in. I watched the movie again the whole way throught and can not find them. Maybe the listing on The Internet Movie Data Base is incorrect and the cast does not appear in the movie. Or maybe they have the wrong film listed. Can anyone help me find them???? Thanks.
  5. Linda, You can purchase the film at this web site: http://www.erosentertainment.com
  6. Dear bansi4, Thanks for the answer. I have seen that scene about a hundred times and completely missed the cameos. I will check it out tonight. Thanks again.
  7. Someone help me!! According to the Internet Movie Database, Mary Astor & Humphrey Bogart (as well as the starring cast of The Maltese Falcon) are suppose to make cameos in "In This Our Life". I am a major Mary Astor fan and have seen this movie so many times, and I still can't find her. Can anyone tell me in what seen their cameos are in??? I watched it to see if I could even find Sidney Greenstreet (which I would think would be hard to miss), but I still can't find them. It say Bogart's charater is the "roadhouse owner". What roadhouse owner??? And what roadhouse?? Someone please
  8. Hi, Thanks for your answer, but I do have the 1939 version. I am looking for the 1955 live television broadcast. Does anybody out there have a copy.
  9. I need a copy of the 1955 Producer's Showcase production of The Women. It featured Mary Astor, Shelly Winters, Paulette Goddard, Ruth Hussey and Mary Boland. Does any body have a copy? Please let me know.
  10. My favorite is Mary Astor. She is fabulous!!!!!
  11. Hi I remember hearing that John Wayne had the most starring roles (over 150)
  12. Dear whoopigldbrgfan I think the actress is Polly Moran, but I'm not 100% sure. Do you have any other info on the lobby cards? Can you post the whole picture?
  13. Does anyone know what became of Victoria Horne? I believe she is still alive. She did some great movies and would love to here something about her.
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