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  1. The Secret Bride, Gambling Lady, A Lost Lady, Ever in My Heart, Illicit, Ladies they Talk About -- these and a few more are all under WB and still unreleased. They did just put Breakfast for Two out on the archive collection, but i'm not thrilled by the print quality they preview on the site. Of the early stuff, Sony owns about 5 of them pre-1940, and those are important ones for sure that will hopefully be in a Frank C./Babs set that has been rumored for a while now.
  2. Someone PLEASE tell me, why in the WORLD are we seeing an Ester Williams Vol 2 before we even see a 2nd Barbara Stanwyck set? Is George F. smoking crack over there at WB? and the archive collection on wb.com is giving tons of love to Joan and Clark, but very little to Babs. i just don't get it. If anyone has definitive word on an upcoming Babs set, please let me know, thanks.
  3. My source tells me that FORCE TEN is going to be delayed -- problems with the masters.
  4. Didn't see a way to start a new topic here and not sure if we can discuss current films, but I am seeing more and more Blu Rays being released w/out any substantial extra features...Milk and Brokeback Mountain both come to mind. Milk is from Universal, who is once again assuming they can charge $8 more for a Blu Ray w/out offering anything more than piddly little featurettes. I won't be buying either of these dvds until the studios step up their game. In this economy, they should be ashamed of themselves. Univ also tried to charge almost twice the price for the Bourne Collection, and i pass
  5. I think it's fantastic that Universal found a way to make this happen, to at least honor their old movies, even if it's only on an annual basis! I will buy this set, just to support their efforts. This is the best movie news i've read in a long time!
  6. From what i've read on several sites (including probably this one) is that Paramount & Univeral are much more concerned with their TV product, as they tend to make more money on those. The return isn't as high with all the work that has to go into restoring old classics. I would absolutely LOVE to see some Neil Simon stuff that is long overdue on dvd, maybe not as high priority as The African Queen mind you, but to see some Neil Simon stuff, like Chapter Two or Only When I Laugh. The latter was released on VHS as late as 1994, so i'm hoping they'll now get around to dvd, now some 15 ye
  7. This is what i've been saying all along -- the only movies that need the standard dvd release are the ones that have NEVER been released on dvd before. Everything else should be on Blu-Ray from this point forward. My feeling is that when studios double, triple, and quadruple dip, they are pursuing a certain niche market -- the older consumer who probably won't upgrade to Blu Ray now, or anytime soon. It was quite surprising to read on digital bits that the Touch Of Evil double (or triple) dip was name the best standard dvd release of 2008 -- i honestly thought all of the Universal dvds rele
  8. actually, i was trying to be upbeat, to fit in with the overall mood on this site, lol. When i speculated earlier that Fox was gonna cut back, i get lambasted; then when i write something fairly omptimistic, i get lambasted too! lol
  9. oh yes, i am thinking or hoping (as we all are) that the economic slowdown will be thru the first half of 2009, and we'll hope the second half will pick up! I do find that the lower expectations are, it's always a BIGGER pleasant surprise when you read some new classic dvd news!
  10. Actually a contact i have that works on extras for different studios, he said there is a RUMOR that Fox is going to severely cut back on classics. This is not really a shocker, as we can all see what's going on across the board at all studios. The only drastic reductions we're NOT seeing is in Blu Ray production. The releases i'm actually anticipating the most is with Sony (some Capra/Stanwyck releases and also Neil Simon), but it's frustrating to know any of them are cutting back. Fox released some great stuff last year at very reasonable prices, that Western 3 pack mentioned on this site
  11. wow! i'll check again, maybe i missed it on my cable guide, thank you!
  12. There have been rumors of the Harlow one for the past year or longer, but nothing yet. I've never heard anything about an Ann Sheridan one. On a related note however, there are RUMORS that Fox (Harlow set is w/WB or MGM i believe) is going to cut back its classic title releases severely, perhaps to just one per year.
  13. hi, this movie is supposed to be on Dec 16th at 2am...but i'm not seeing it on my cable guide or on the online program schedule. Can anyone help? i already emailed the cust service people. thanks
  14. I've been following the posts on this board daily/weekly,and i'd say i have to agree w/the poster who says that Blu Ray upgrad has NOT been overly enticing to me either. I most surely have the funds and curiosity to upgrade my player in the next 6 months, but if you regularly follow new Blu Ray releases on highdefdigest.com, you can easily surmise from the reviews of most critics that they are not impressed w/the efforts thus far from MOST studios re: blu ray releases. I've read editorials that a FEW studios have stepped up the plate, but that several/most have not re: overall quality. Note
  15. Amen to the upcoming Forbidden Hollywood! my thoughts exactly!
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