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  1. Olivia de Havilland and Janet Gaynor, maybe? And I have always thought that Celeste Holm looked like Barbara Stanwyck.
  2. Hi Millie!!!!! Miss you!!!!! Ok, here are my top five: 1. Gregory Peck 2. William Holden 3. Jimmy Stewart 4. Clark Gable 5. Cary Grant
  3. Oh me oh my, it's been ages since I last meandered on over to the TCM site! I know you all must care about what I have to say (I'm being sarcastic), so I decided to post about why I haven't stalked the message boards in FOREVER and how much I miss doing so. Somehwere in between joining TCMFans (thanks to Michaela), getting a blog (special thanks to Milie), joining Miss-Vintage (one again, thx Millie), school, and my nephew being born, I have just pushed TCM to the back of my mind. And I'm not only talking about the message boards, but the channel as well. I haven't watched a single movie in the longest time. The last movie I watched was the very entertaining yet confusing The Big Sleep. That was in the beggining of January! My tivo is stocked with movies dating all the way back to TCM's birthday tribute to Bogie; the oldest being The African Queen, 12/26...sheesh. I guess it's the college process and all my other plans, but I've made time for my blog and Facebook, so why not TCM? I can't believe I let this happen. Especially since my one year anniversary of first watching Roman Holiday falls on the 15th this year. (Yes, I am quel dork for knowing that!!!!!) And I first saw it on TCM... I simply cannot let TCM fall to the wayside, because without it, I would never have discovered all the ah-mazing films I did or the ah-mazing people. Wasn't that just the most loverly post ever? I'm terribly sorry for anyone who had to read that, but I needed to let someone know. I haven't heard or seen Robert Osbourne in about a month!!!! And I simply j'adore him.
  4. The correct spelling is CENSORSHIP. And MLK's dream won, so we shall overcome!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not just MLK, but Medgar Evers, LBJ, JFK and Bobby Kennedy.
  5. Yeah, I guess I see what you mean by one party dominating both houses of Congress but maybe fiscal policies that are more liberal will benefit minorities and the poor poulation. As far as social issues are concerned, I find that I'm not in total support of Obama (his pro-choice stance, for instance).
  6. Today is a historic day, as many know, and one I never thought would come in my lifetime, and I am only 18 years old. Barack Obama is our nation's 44th president, and this event comes on the day after MLK's commemoration; anyone who cannot understand how important this is, has, as one Andy Hiller pointed out, a hard head and a cold heart. I am amazed that Americans came together to elect Obama, and to elect change and hope. Not only blacks, but whites, asians, latinos, Catholics, Jews, and athiests UNITED. We are the UNITED and FREE States of America, and just as we united for this long awaited event, so we must unite in supporting our president, even if we did not vote for him. We must be united, because just as we united to elect Obama, we must be united as we face the volatile world we live in; Obama is one man, and black or white, (well he is both ) cannot change the world on his own. His skin color plays a role because he proved that regardless of one's race and creed, we can aspire to anything in this country; this wonderful, FREE nation, where dreams really do come true. (I realize that sounds corny and cheesy, but the USA can risk it, if it means that we offer the most opportunity for anyone in our own backyard and anyone in the world.) I have not agreed with this Bush administration nor have I been proud of our country's record, but I do believe we can move forward. WE can move forward as a people; we can overcome the barriers of race, the Jim Crow era, segregation, the disgraceful "black face" in those precious classic movies we all adore, the Japanese concentration camps during WWII, and any unequality or injustice, past, present and future; we, as Lyndon Johnson said to countless African Americans and the nation when he passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, shall overcome. GOD BLESS AMERICA and all of you Message was edited by: harlowcutie11
  7. I found this on abcnews.com. It is completely true! Born in the same year and both impossibly beautiful, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were widely regarded as the most stunning actresses of their age. They were also thought to be arbiters of style and taste: if Kelly and Hepburn wore it or did it, it was in. They had a lot more in common too. 1) They both starred opposite much older leading men. Anyone else have any other similarities?
  8. 1) Vertigo 2) Laura 3) The Third Man 4) Gaslight 5) The Spiral Staircase
  9. I really love this movie, and I didn't find it odd at all. Ok, ok, so Bogie was really old, but I love all three of the film's stars so that's why it doesn't bother me so much. And though Bogie acted like an a- hole to Audrey, Bill, and Wilder, it still didn't make me hate him. (I wonder why...) I would have LOVED to see Cary as Linus, but I wonder why he did To Catch a Thief with Grace Kelly, who was actually six months younger than Audrey. I figured the reason was because Grace Kelly looked older than Audrey; if you watch Mogambo, when she tells Clark Gable that she's 27, she does look it, instead of her actual age, which was 23. (Gable was 52; problems with that anyone?) Hibi, what is that deleted scene?!!! It bothered me so much that she forgot about the letter in her father's room. Really, you can tell me what hapens, b/c I'm pretty sure I won't see the uncut scene.
  10. Cool, maybe some will think its creepy. Lena Horne is the only one missing, I think. And I do realize that most of you don't care for the later, more recent stars, but anyway, enjoy!
  11. I've noticed something I wish I hadn't. Beyonce, who bothers me just a smidge, has the same kind of smile as Ava. You know the type? Wide, bright, WHITE, very charismatic and the kind you wish you had? I know I'm bound to be in the minority with this opinion, but it is after all just that.
  12. Here's a very lovely and funny video that all you Ava fans are sure to enjoy. PS MissG, Australia was vunderbar! (German for wonderful)? LOL. I went in the summer, but our summer is their winter. And they totally copied Burger King; they just call it Hungry Jack. It's very Americanized, you know, tall buildings, fast food joints and the like. Its awful good. I mean, I did expect to see kangaroos hopping on the street every five seconds, but we saw those at the zoo.
  13. I loved her in Mogambo and especially in The Night of the Iguana. I think she's one of the most underrated stars in terms of acting ability. People tend to put more of an emphasis on her beauty, which is out of this world, but they don't always remember that she was a very talented actress. Even Gene Tierney said that Ava Gardner stole the show in Mogambo. She said the reason Ava was the real star was not because she was more beautiful than Grace Kelly, but because she could ACT. And the ONLY thing I have in common with BEAUTIFUL Ava is I've been to Australia too. Message was edited by: harlowcutie11
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