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  1. I couldn't believe the "historical segment" you aired tonight (6/29/03) with the interview from some old Hollywood cad before your airing of Clash of the Titans shortly before 10:00pm. During this fond reminiscence, some archaic creep laughed about how a young Elizabeth Taylor, "no more than 13 (heavy breath, heavy breath) at the time" had a pet chipmunk that ran down her cleavage and out through the arm of her shirt during a photo-shoot. This person then said, laughingly, that Herman Mankiewicz stated "I sure wish I were that chipmunk." What the bejazus were you creeps thinking when you aired this? Some dirty old man laughing about his stories of "glorious" Hollywood's child molestation and rape fantasies is about as morally low as you can get. That was his punchline too--"I sure wish I were that chipmunk." End of your vignette--like we're supposed to laugh at that with the creep. I was originally disappointed that you ran the great Harryhausen movies late at night because my kids wouldn't be able to see them. After hearing a comment like this, however, I won't be letting my kids watch anything you creeps show for fear of the gratuitous "moral" commentary you artificially have to impose between showings of great movies. My wife and I won't be watching your network anymore either--we'd rather just rent our old favorites now and just give someone else our money. Mankiewicz was a bitter man who spent the majority of his life trying to claim he was the genius of Welles in fits of Oedipal jealousy. Ted Turner is a bitter lasissez-faire Jew-hating capitalist who can even turn an Irish Catholic's stomach like mine. Do you really think you can publicize pedophilia and have no one take the time to call you on it? I certainly hope none of you have kids, for their sake.
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