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  1. just wondering if anyone out there has seen a scene from meet me in st louis right after the trolly song number where judy and tom drake are in the swamp before it becomes the fair and have a 4-5 minute scene talking about the future has any one ever seen this ???
  2. hello fans of coop i once was watching a late movie showing of the general died at dawn and saw a scene i have not seen since just wondering if anyone has seen this it was just before he took the train and madeline carroll had gone to his room to convince him to get on the train there was a 3-4 minute scene i cant remember what exactly went on but the next scene he was on the train in the morning i watched dvd and tape copies and never saw this in any copy also there is a scene when he escaped from the general and a scene with a bunch of doors opening with the dudley diggs character entering holding something and then he and someone else enter thru 2 different doors with the girl dropping a pool ball this scene is cut in numerous versions i wonder if any copies exist with these scenes intact please any info apppreciated thanks
  3. hi i may be able to assist you in reference to colorized films email at george5036@att.net for the info
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