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  1. I was wondering if there was going to be another Esther Williams collection,I've got the first one and I love it.
  2. I think my favorite of all time is Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland,their chemistry on screen was remarkable,they were so true to one another in their movies,it was as if you would have really thought they were married in real life,but they did so good together on their films,they were excellent! I think my favorite movie of theirs was "The Adventures of Robin Hood".My second favorite screen team was John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara,their chemistry on screen was excellent also.You couldn't beat either one of them screen teams.Even though Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn were pretty good
  3. Musicals is one of my favorite genres,so I've got plenty of musicals I Iike,it also depends on the actors or actresses in the film,for instance I like lively musicals and to me it all depends on the actor.My favorite musicals are the ones with like Gene Kelly,Esther Williams,Judy Garland,and a whole lot of others.Now as for my favorite musicals,here are some of them. 1.Singin the Rain 2.Bathing Beauty 3.Meet Me in St.Louis 4.Easter Parade 5.Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 6.Good News 7.Take Me Out to the Ballgame 8.Anchors Aweigh 9.Royal Wedding 10.Million Doll
  4. You're right I don't think anyone but Errol Flynn could've played it,he is so handsome and dashing in this film and he looks so good in them tights and even though James Cagney was a good actor,I don't think he could've done Robin Hood as well as Flynn.I think this is best version of Robin Hood mainly because of Flynn,the action he created for the part of Robin Hood was magnificent,I don't think anyone else could've came across the way he did in the part.
  5. This is my first time on here and I thought I would say something about the Star of the Month,Frank Sinatra,he not only was one of the greatest singers of all time,but a great actor also,not just in musicals,but also as a dramatic actor.I watched the movies of his they had on last night,I think my favorite out of the ones I watched was,From Here to Eternity,he was excellent as Maggio,the sad part in it was when he died,but each scene he had in there was good,he definitely deserved the Academy Award he got as the year's Best Supporting Actor and him being the star this month gives us a chance t
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