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  1. That is such a weird coincidence! I still have nightmares about the squirrels glaring at me through the window as I read the morning paper last March. My movie habits are changed a bit though, my tolerance for film noir is even lower than normal for a couple of weeks after DST.
  2. Was there ever any doubt this thread would turn political?
  3. *Hey, ydobon, happy Tuesday!* - patful Thanks, patful, that's so kind of you!
  4. Hey, _this_ is my first time in _this_ thread! Great schedule, TCM! Thanks!
  5. *I haven't had any recent trouble with TCM on Direct TV.* It's been 23 months since my last DISH trouble, but I still wonder each December-January if it will happen during long-awaited movies. Shudder... Speaking of shudder, I finally had to go outside last winter to clean ice off my dish after remembering that you said it caused outages. Thanks, Fred. Hopefully I don't have to climb up the side of the house again this year.
  6. *...if that were the case wouldn't it affect more than just TCM reception?* Not sure. I know that TCM and BBC America get the short end of the stick on DISH, thus they seem to have more problems than the other channels. Then again, during local storms, TCM usually will still have a picture when others don't, maybe due to its higher signal strength. *What kind of a fluff package does one have to purchase...* America's Top 200 is the lowest tier with TCM, and it goes for $43/month ($49/month with local channels, which I skip), plus the usual fees added on to raise it to just under $5
  7. *Which time slot is that?* - Kyle Much more grandiose than that, Kyle. A four-hour slot each month to show her movies. All of them in eleven months. :-) I can dream. And it would bring hordes of new members to the Message Boards griping about the sappy, wholesome trend that was dragging TCM into the depths. ;-) Double the entertainment for me!
  8. It might not be applicable here, since I'm with DISH, but the only time a "poor quality signal" message ever appears is when there is bad weather over Cheyenne, Wyoming, the location of their satellite uplink center. Usually right before I lose the picture altogether. Bad weather over my house, no message, just pixelated image, or no image at all. When DISH was screwing up TCM, it was either pixelated or frozen. When I can rule out the latter two problems, I can go online and more than likely will see thunderstorms over Cheyenne. Maybe bad weather somewhere along the line could be causing
  9. It's just hit-or-miss. I think the only slots reserved are for off-the-wall movies on Underground late-night Fridays, Essentials on Saturday evenings, and silents and foreign films on late-night Sundays. Of course, I'm probably forgetting something. I don't recall a sci-fi slot, but I definitely miss the old Syncopation Station, which featured musicals. And I'm still hoping for that long-anticipated Margaret O'Brien time slot... ;-)
  10. I did manage to see the last half of *The Music Box Kid* , and didn't notice any problems. I've had my share of trouble over the years with TCM's picture breaking up, but it was always DISH Network's fault, which they eventually admitted (and fixed) twice. Knock wood. Be persistent with your provider, maybe they'll eventually listen.
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