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  1. Thank you so much TCM for showing "Greed". I am a HUGE silent fan,and have wanted to see this movie for years. It was everything I was hoping for and more.The use of stills flowed so seamlessly with the rest of the movie that after a while I didn`t even notice. I can`t imagine what the 91/2 hr. original showed that this one didn`t. Someone did great editing on this one. TCM is ALWAYS the first channel I tune in to its without a doubt the best network.
  2. gestapospank


    Has anyone here watched the movie"Greed" in its entirety? I know its a nine hour movie, but I was just curious.I don`t even know if its possible unless they still show it in some theatres.
  3. its a name Rick calls Louis in Casablanca.( I just think it expresses what all nazi sympathizers are. I am opposed to EVERYTHING they stand for.)I just think its hysterical.Alot of my friends get called that when they do something I don`t like. Message was edited by: gestapospank
  4. To all of you that truly enjoy silent movies like myself, how great would it be to have a day or week a month dedicated to silent films? (My great aunt played the organ at the local theatre to accompany the silent films and she really was proud of that,each film came with its own score, how cool would that be?) I was very pleasently surprised to see a whole forum dedicated to silent films. I too, watch each Sunday nite.Its like (almost) xmas when TCM has one on and it is`nt 12:00 am Sunday/Monday.Who among us would like to have a day or week a month just for us? Please reply( even if TCM does`
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